Young Living Review (MLM) and Breakdown
chad November 27, 2017

Chad Arrington | Young Living Review | There is huge talk about MLM programs and many of them have become very popular in recent years. MLM also was known as multi-level marketing has changed the way that people make money online. However, you need to make sure you join the right program because there are a lot of scam programs out there. Over the years, I have spent enormous time trying to find the right programs to join and try them out. My mission has been to provide you with all the information you need to make the right choice when joining an MLM opportunity.

Today, I’ll be exploring Young Living a company which has been around since 1993 when it was started by Gary Young. It offers members a great way to not only make money by selling their products but purchase great products for themselves to use too. With that said, I’m going to be talking about all the amazing awesome benefits and provide both pros and cons in the end.

Young Living Review

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What is Young Living

It’s a company with several farmlands cultivating lavender, peppermint, and other essential oils. It’s amazing because the company has grown because of the awesome trends they are offering in terms of organic oils. Organic living has become so huge in today’s world that companies are making millions of dollars online doing it. Young Living has been on the forefront of this type of industry and has excelled because of Young Living Review by customers. However, they have become more creative in recent years offering different membership options and more ways for people to make money. The company has grown and so has its profits.

The Memberships

Once you have generated enough sales after joining the regular membership levels, you’ll be added to the Diamond program. Here you can go up a few more levels into the following – Diamond, Crown Diamond, and Royal Crown Diamond. In one of these ranks, you are outshining all others within the program and continue to grow. At this point, you are coaching others and making enormous money from those beneath you. You get to take part in retreats and you’ll also have further discounts more than the regular members. However, the way you use these discounts, it totally up to you. You can pass them o to someone below you and or drive sales on your own. It Also increase Young Living Review of your membership.

Facts About Young Living

So, you better understand this company, here are some awesome facts about the company. First, Young Living is the worlds leading organic oils company and has built itself on brand recognition. Because of this popularity, many people in the program have an easier time selling their products. Secondly, there is a huge market growth for organic oils because “organic” living is known to be healthier so companies are cashing in. For this reason, Young Living has expanded their product line. Third, Young Living started in 1993 in Utah and has expanded globally to 100 other countries. This is proof that others trust the company and Young Living Review proof that.

Young Living Review

Fourth, in 2013 they wiped their entire executive team and hired a whole new entire team. Some people didn’t have the same motive in mind so the company wanted to get back on track. They wanted to remain current with the trends and because of this have been able to grow much more quickly than before. Finally, did you know that the company is mostly run by women? This was the plan for the company because when it comes to skin oils “women” are leading everyone. They know what matters to their skin so want to share it with everyone. They do by inventing products which appeal to them.

Young Living members

I wanted to share some important facts about the company because it helps show how the brand has evolved over time. The more the brand has evolved, the better for all of you who are joining.

How Much to Join Young Living

You have two options when joining Young Living. Read the Young Living Review, You can join the single oils line or the premium doTERRA line. The fee for the regular line is $159.00, and the fee for the Premium is $90.00. The reason the fee is lower for the premium line is that there is a small selection of products for you to sell on the premium line. It is recommended to join both lines so you have a huge selection of products. With that said, it’s important to note you get a huge selection of advertising material when you join the program.

First, you get coaching where you get help when you are just starting off. This coach will walk you through the best sales tactics, so you have not a walking start, but a running start after joining. Secondly, you get banners and other advertising material which you can use when you are marketing online. It’s no secret a lot of marketing is now done online and you can drive enormous sales through online marketing. The banners have been tested to work and convert helping you close sales. These come free once you join the program.

Third, you have a lot of free resources to help you learn about the products you are selling. For example, there will be a time that someone asks you about a product so it’s important you have all the information available. These resources provide you with everything you need to know about the products, so you have the answers when you need them.

All of the above will be available on the backend of your user control panel. Log in and you’ll be able to access everything.

The Pro’s – 1

When talking about a program, it only makes sense to talk about the positives…right? So, here are the awesome things about the program you can look forward to Young Living Review

The Brand – Young Living is an awesome brand and has been around for years. For this reason, it’s easier to sell their products. This helps you because you’ll be able to generate sales quickly. The brand is what people trust and so they trust their products too

The Products – The organic essential oils are exactly what people are looking for these days. The trends are changing towards a more healthier lifestyle which is now being provided by Young Living. With a huge selection of products, you will have no problem selling products because you’re giving customers a huge selection to choose from.

Marketing – Unlike other businesses which tell you to do all the marketing on your own, Young Living provides you with everything you need to get started They provide you with product resources, banners, and advertising material. Not only that, but they continue to add new marketing materials to your backend. They even coach you how to use some of the popular marketing channels to generate sales.

Young Living

The Pro’s -2

Commission – Young Living offers a pretty cool commission structure. In essence, the more you sell the more you’ll make which is an awesome incentive for you. This motivates people to keep selling and it has worked.

Growth – The cool thing about this company is that they continue to grow and have no slow down in site. In 1993 the company started and now is in 100 locations. With each level of growth, they offer more commission, resources, and awesome products. This just helps you when you’re trying to sell products.

Customer Service – Young living has an awesome customer service team. Any issue a customer has with products or payment, Young Living’s customer service team will handle everything for you. This way you can focus on your bottom line which is to generate sales and promote the products.

The Con’s

Now that I have talked about all the cool things about Young Living, it only makes sense that I talk about the negatives too. I can only think of one negative and it’s the following –

Competition – the company’s popularity has led to many people joining. With more people coming into the commission program it makes it harder for you to sell products. You are fighting for the same customers and this can get in the way of business. For this reason, you will need an angle when selling your products so that your customers stay committed to you and don’t leave to go to your competition.

Final Thoughts

From what I’ve read, Young Living provides customers with an awesome option if they’re looking to join an MLM program. It’s relatively cheap to join compared to some of the other programs available. Not only that, you have a lot of help after joining like free coaching, marketing, and selection of products. I encourage you to give the program a try and if you are not happy with the overall structure, then you can cancel anytime you would. However, you need to join to figure out if the program is right for you. Go ahead and give it a try.


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