Why You Should Never Over Think When Blogging
chad November 10, 2017

Blogging is awesome and it can make you a lot of money when things are done correctly. One of the hardest things is to find out what’s working and sticking to your game plan. I can count the number of times I’ve had a game plan and was unable to complete it because of overthinking. In the end, I learned the hard way that over thinking will do you no good so you need to be focused at all times. I’ll admit it, it can be very hard coming up with a game plan and then switching it once you find out it hasn’t been working. This is way I have always encouraged my clients to take the time to research before getting started in any niche. It will help you remain focused and choose the right course of action. For example, one of the best things you can do for yourself when starting out is research because you’ll find out what’s working and what’s not. These days you have so much information available to you so make use of it. Take your time and read my other content paying close attention to the research methods I have mentioned previously. With that said, I’ll like to go over a few of them right now –

First, use Google Keyword Planner which is a free tool to find out what keywords are popular and which ones will drive the most traffic to your blog. This tool will also give you a breakdown of the related keywords which you can implement into your content when writing it. This will help you rank within the search engines. Secondly, use Google search because this search engine has become more sophisticated over the years. This means when searching you can find out a lot about the content available and what keywords they are focusing on. Create a list of these keywords and don’t forget to use them when writing content. Third, you’ll want to research other blogs learning about their play book. I love competition because you can learn a lot from them and what they have been doing. Going forward, I recommend implementing some of their tricks into your blogging strategy.

After, you have done your research you’ll have an easier time putting together a game plan without overthinking. This will help you remain calm and NOT overthink what’s going on. However, here are some other reasons why you shouldn’t be overthinking.

Slows Your Growth

When you overthink, you will slow down your growth because you’ll stop taking actual action. I remember I would have a plan ready to go and then “boom” start to think about something completely different the next day. This means I wouldn’t act on the plan which would hurt my overall growth. I encourage all of you to follow through on your plan and remained focused. My doing this you will act on your first instinct which is normally the right course of action. Here’s the thing, I recommend writing won your plans so you have a clear blueprint in front of you. With a clear vision you are more likely to stay on track and this is always good when you are building your website and/or blog.

Another good strategy is to move forward and take action because now you have committed yourself to making sure the job gets done. When you decide to do something, it’s important to take action right away.

You Stop Writing Content



You have a plan and then get side-tracked by overthinking. Remember, you started a blog and have been writing content on a regular basis. When you start overthinking you stop writing and your readers no longer have the awesome content to turn to that you have been writing. Overthinking is the number one reason why you stop writing content because you can’t narrow down a topic. When you can’t narrow down a topic you stop writing and your engagement suffers. Low engagement means less social media engagement lowering traffic. Avoid all this by gathering a list of ideas and writing content. Stick to your game plan which should be a list of topics for the month. When you plan ahead you know exactly what you are doing and will continue to punch out awesome content.

There are some awesome tutorials on how to write content and to keep a scheduling time table. This will indeed help you stay on track when you need it most like when getting started.

You Get Tired

Overthinking makes me tired and it forces me to stop growing as a person and in my business. Your human and overtime will run out of energy which is way overthinking will get you in trouble. The worst kind of energy to waste is that which is divided among several situations. This is why it is important to focus on one thing and give it your very best always. Your full energy means you’ll put 100% effort into it actually making progress. With that said, the next time you feel tired, you should ask yourself this question – Is it because I am overthinking? If you answer “Yes” then you should step back and come up with a different game plan. Lear from what you are doing wrong and make tweaks so you make progress. Trust me, you’ll be so much more happier and will have enormous energy left over.

Your Competition Isn’t Overthinking

That’s right. Your competition has been in the game long enough to know what to do and what to avoid. This means they are not overthinking getting ahead of you so it’s time to buckle down. Remember, when you are online you are going to have competition with some of them being in the game longer then you. They are constantly writing content and sticking to their game plan so you should be doing the same. Always have your plan ready and stick to it no matter what. If you don’t then you know your competition will be getting an edge over you driving all the traffic to their website. Here are a few tips to keep your mind clear and focused –

Follow your competition – by following your competition, you will continue to stay motivated not falling below your competition. You will see them and want to stay ahead of them at all times. Start following them on Twitter so you get an update whenever they post new content.

Stick to your plan – this is one of the best ways to remained focused and know what needs to be done always. By now you should have a game plan when it comes to writing content so stick to it.

Learn from others – if you ask around and have been networking then you know there are many who can teach you about staying focused. There is a lot of information available too so use what’s out there. For example, when of the greatest guys to have focus was Steve Jobs. His ability to stay focused and remain on the task did allow him to release some of the greatest products ever. You can learn more about this by doing a search in Google and reading content on others.

You’ll Give Up

When you over think you slow down your progress and the likelihood of giving up climbs. I’ll admit I have started many blogs but failed to finish them because my overthinking got in the way. You need to stick to your plan because this will encourage you to keep pushing forward. It’s human nature to get disappointed when you don’t see progress so don’t overthink because you will stop seeing progress. This will stop you dead in your tracks.

Final Thoughts

Over thinking can be very harmful to your bottom line so try to avoid it where you can. I know if you just started blogging, it can be something which happens all the time. For example, I have provided some examples of how overthinking affected me when I first started and the opportunities I lost because I couldn’t control it. But, if you can get a grip of it then you’ll be able to outperform your competition in no time. With that said, here’s what I encourage you to do going forward. I want you to read through this content again and start to apply some of the strategies mentioned here. For example, create a schedule and start marketing down what needs to be done to help you stay on track.

If you do a quick search in Google, you’ll be able to find other useful strategies too. Go through each one and learn what some bloggers are saying about distractions. These will come in handy as you begin to grow your blog and start to become a major player through your content. With awesome content, you will start to create even more engagement driving enormous traffic to your blog. Leave your thoughts below.