What Will Happen if You Stop Using Social Media
chad November 21, 2017

No one denies how social media is massive. It can do a lot for your bottom line of getting your message across. I encourage everyone to have a social media plan in place so they can benefit from all the perks. With that said, you need to know how to implement the right social media strategies to gain all the benefits. But many bloggers don’t know. And, if they are already on social media then they forget how important it is to their bottom line. They simply stop using social media as a vital tool and instead focus their attention somewhere else. So, instead of talking about what exact benefits you gain from social media. We’ll be exploring what will happen to your overall marketing if you stop using social media.

Social Media

I have worked with hundreds of clients all over the world helping them create solid social media strategy. I have also noticed how many of them a removed social media from their marketing with poor results afterward. I’m here to explore the top negatives that happen if you decide to stop your social media strategy. Let’s get started and your feedback will be appreciated in the comment box below the content.

1) Decrease Exposure

That’s right! By stopping your social media strategy. You’ll have decreased exposure and your content won’t get in front of the right people. One great thing about social media is you can choose how and where you want your content to appear. This means you can get it in front of the right type of people. Which will not only increase your brand exposure but drive a lot of people to your website? For example, you’ve noticed when you sign up on different social media platforms. You’ll be asked to describe your business and select relevant people to follow at the same time. Many of them will follow you back. Over the years, have a chance to keep following people relevant to your niche or brand. As you continue to share content. You’ll gain exposure from all these relevant people which is awesome for driving traffic to your blog.

However, When you stop utilizing social media you will reduce exposure because you won’t have followers. But won’t be sharing your content with them either. I recommend you keep utilizing social media so it helps increase your exposure online. Others who are relevant to your niche will get a chance to see the value in your content too. Social media is a great way to increase exposure to your brand and content.

2) Decrease Link Opportunities

By Using Social Media, I was able to gain a lot of link opportunities which otherwise would NOT be available to me. The fact, I was able to get my content in front of so many people on social media allowed others to read my content and link out to it for their readers. It’s amazing how a simple share has led to some of the best link building opportunities. You’ll learn how this translated to higher rankings within the search engines. But, for now, the exposure provided by social media is great for link building and letting people see the value in your content for that reason. Here’s how it’s played out several times,

I would share content on social media to my followers, and they’ll in return continue to share until it gets in front of someone who has authority within the niche. They share the content on their blog with readers which not only drives enormous traffic to my blog, but it’s an external link to my page. The person who shares my content has been in the industry for a blog time so their domain authority is very high adding value to my blog.

If you decide to stop social media, then you’ll be letting go of some very high link opportunities which helps increase your rankings within the search engines. How does this happen, let’s look –

3) Lower Search Rankings

Google has dominated the search engine market because of the way they’ve structured their algorithm. It ranks website accordingly to how many links are pointing to the page. The higher value each link has, the more value it provides to your page and this increases your rankings within the search engines. The text they use when linking to your page will be considered the anchor text you’ll be ranking for when your site is displayed on the search engines.

By sharing your posts on social media, you increase the likelihood of someone creditable reading your post then linking to your blog page. I did describe the process above and how sharing on social media can be very lucrative when done right. So, set up your social media account and start sharing your content right away. Make sure you follow the right people and connect with them on a regular basis by tagging them within your post. Over time, it’s important to keep adding more people to your followers so you can continue to build niche relevant people.

4) Your Competition is Using Social Media

For you to stay competitive, it’s important you pay close attention to what your competition is doing and what methods they are using to increase traffic. If you visit the websites of your competition, you’ll notice how each of them has a social media account on the major networks. For this reason, I encourage you to do the same thing and keep posting on it so you stay competitive in your niche. Here’s the thing,

If your competition has social media and you don’t, then they’ll be stealing your traffic and audience which means lower conversions for you. Lower conversions will affect your bottom line making it harder for you to stay competitive and generate sales of your products, etc. So, get started now by visiting your competition and their social media accounts to see what they have done and learn more about their followers. For example, look at the type of content they are sharing, and what type of people are following them. Remember, these people are the same types of people you are trying to attract your business too. Many bloggers will fear competition, however, I love it because it’s a great way for you to learn so much about your business from others before you. It’s a great way to learn what’s been working and what things to avoid going forward.

5) Lose What’s Trending

By removing yourself from social media, you’re going to be losing out on what’s trending and what’s hot within your niche. Whenever I’m on social media I see cool content and updates being posted which is awesome for ideas. I know what trends are taking place in my niche and I can focus on them going forward. This helps me put together awesome content for my readers which not only get shared but a lot of engagement on. But, by removing yourself from social media, you won’t be able to see what others are sharing and won’t be able to ask questions gathering more knowledge before putting together your content.

Something which is better. If you don’t believe me, then log into social media right now and skim through relevant accounts and you’ll notice how a lot of what your reading is trending news and very interesting. This is stuff you can utilize when you’re putting together content for your readers.

6) Slower Overall Growth

Without Using Social Media, you’ll have slower growth then if you were on social media. Social media has been ranked the top 5 ways to drive traffic to any website. The number of people on social media can boost your presence very quickly which is why it’s a must you stay active on the major platforms. Here’s a breakdown of the positives –

  • More exposure in a shorter time increasing traffic
  • Social media is great for your brand
  • It’s a great way for you to network with others
  • Social media is growing so you’ll always have new people to connect with
  • Social media provides a hub for you to find link building opportunities

social media

Final Thoughts About Using Social Media

Social media is massive so it’s important you always continue to use the platform when promoting your content. Many of your competition will be using it to get a competitive edge over you and attract your audience. For this reason, you can’t afford to NOT use social media. Here’s what you should be doing going forward –

First, without Using Social Media, you’ll have a hard time growing your brand. Secondly, social media provides awesome opportunities for you to find relevant outreach opportunities and link building campaigns. Third, social media is a great way to find out what’s trending online. Fourth, social media is not disappearing and will continue to grow over the years.


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