Viral Success Network Scam Or Not: A Review

Viral Success Company

Viral Success Network Review Lets kick off this overview of Viral Success by talking about who owns the company. The owner of the company is a guy by the name of Desmond Akil Smith. When it comes to marketing and sales and making money, Desmond knows exactly how to do it.

What Exactly Is Viral Success Network

Now lets discuss exactly is Viral Success Network. It is quite simple actually. Viral Success Network is a way to get website traffic to convert to solid leads. It is designed to help people create totally unique capture pages. Whether a person runs an online business or an office, getting leads is very important as it can mean major profits. Viral Success creates capture pages that are designed to convert web traffic to leads and from there leads can turn into sales, which means profits.

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What People Get With Viral Success Network

There are a few things that is given with Viral Success. A person who joins as a rookie will receive an email auto-responder, four capture pages, the ability to store up to 500 leads, landing pages, voice broadcasting and even text blasting.

People who join as a pro will enjoy all the things a rookie enjoys but they will also get a higher lead storage, the ability to customize capture page copy and even edit auto-responder messages and they will also have access to co-ops.

Finally if a person joins as an all-star member they will have access to many different bonuses. Some of these bonuses include having all the pro benefits as well as being able to store over 2000 leads. They will also be able to learn how to get 25-100 leads per day from using Craiglist. A person will also enjoy 1-on-1 coaching that will teach them exactly how to get traffic to their capture pages. Another bonus that they will receive is a bonus that will show them how to get traffic from Facebook, the world’s most popular social networking website, and they will have access to what is called the ad vault, which will allow access to some of the most successful campaign ads from Viral Success’s owner.

Home Business Training

My Final Thoughts

I think Viral Success is one of the best legitimate ways to get leads. The potential to make a lot of money is there because the more traffic that goes to the capture page, the more leads will be gathers and that means a person will have the chance to earn some cold hard cash.

Will Viral Success network make a person wealthy beyond imagination? Probably not but it is a very good start. Beginners to making money online and experts alike will love what Viral Success Network has to offer them.

Anybody who wants to gather leads and make some good money will find that Viral Success Network is exactly what they are after.


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