USANA Nutritional MLM Review
chad January 4, 2018

Chad Arrington | Multi-level marketing has been blowing up over the past several years. It’s amazing because if you look back, the concept of multi-level marketing would not exist or be as popular. However, in recent years USANA Nutritional MLM programs have been a major source of income for many people, and the growth has not slowed down. I don’t expect it to slow down anytime soon because of the amount of money invested in these programs. With that said, here are a few things you need to know about multi-level marketing programs.

First, for you to be successful with USANA Nutritional MLM programs, you need to invest a lot of time and money yourself. This is not a bad thing because you can make a lot of money in return. Secondly, many of the MLM companies will provide you with the marketing material you need to get your business off the ground. This is very important to those with limited experience in multi-level marketing. All they need to do is log into the backend and they’ll be able to find everything they need. Third, multi-level marketing is a great source of first and second level income. That’s right! If you get started and do well, you’ll be able to make enormous money in a very short period.

USANA Nutritional MLM

With that said, I’ll go over the USANA Nutritional MLM program, so you get a better feel for the program. I will go through what it is and what products are being offered. This way you can make an informed decision and don’t have to worry about finding this valuable information on your own. Let’s get started and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comment box below the content.

What is USANA Nutritional?

This multi-level marketing company USANA Nutritional was founded in 1992 and was started by Dr. Myron Wentz. It’s a company who focuses its attention on nutrition and wellness. They have their own line of products because they know how the industry is growing massively over the years. For USANA to make the best products, they have opened several laboratories all over the United States which has propelled their growth quickly. The company has been around for several years so have their whole line of products. For example, USANA Nutritional have a line of shampoos, diet pills, shakes, and other personal care items.

USANA Nutritional

Over the years, USANA continues to grow so many of the customers are loyal and even the partners love to stick with them because they are always offering something new.

What is the USANA Commission Plan?

This is the most important thing you should be looking at when you are joining an MLM program. You want to make sure the effort you are putting in gives you an awesome ROI. Not all MLM programs are the same and for this reason, you want to do your research. In the end, some will pay you less but give you more bonuses while others will pay you more with very little bonuses. You want to factor in where you’ll be making the most money because this will determine which program you’ll join. With that said, let’s look at the compensation plan for the USANA program.

USANA Affiliates

The way USANA affiliates make money is by selling their products. When you go into their backend, you’ll find a series of products all allowing you to make money by selling them. For each sale, the affiliate will be making 10% of the item sold. The way this works is by the affiliate buying the product at a discounted price then selling it with a small markup afterward. The commission usual is anywhere between 8%-10%. This is amazing because the commission being paid out can either be more or less determined by the product being sold. This method of selling is direct selling because you’ll be approaching people and selling them directly. Next,

You can also earn enormous commission by building your team and sending them out to do all the work. The fact that you worked hard at building your team, you’ll get paid 20% commission for all the products they sell. If you ask me, this is the way to make the most money because imagine having 20-30 people on your team and they are all selling products. You can make a lot of money and won’t have to do any of the direct selling yourself.

How to Join The USANA Program?

When joining an MLM program, you want to make sure the investment is affordable for you. To join USANA, you’ll have to buy the basic membership for $29.95. This will give you access to the backend where you’ll be able to buy a starter kit as an upgrade. This is amazing for those who have little experience in the MLM marketing domain. However, I suggest that you explore your options before investing. This will make sure you can afford the marketing and other things involved if you will need to.

The USANA Pros

When writing a review, it’s always a good idea to write about the positives and the negatives. I’ll start with the positives of the USANA nutrition MLM program. Here are some of the positives of the program –

Huge Product Selection – This is one of the best things about the USANA program. Many of the MLM programs I’ve encountered before have very little product selection. With very little product selection available, it makes it harder for you to make sales. However, this is not the case with USANA because they have a huge product selection. The more options available in terms of products, the better for you and how much you can make. This is positive with the USANA program because you do have a lot of products so have a broader chance of makings sales.

Marketing Starter Kit – When you join the USANA program you’ll get a marketing starter kit. In the kit, you’ll get everything you need to set up a marketing campaign. For example, many newbies have a hard time designing banners but in this starter kit, you get many of them. You also get a complete walkthrough of marketing campaigns, etc.

Great Brand

USANA has been around for many years so you know it’s a brand which resonates with people. It’s a brand people trust so you won’t have a hard time selling the products at all. One major problem I’ve noticed when joining MLM programs is that many people do not trust the company. There have been many scams in the past and finding a credible MLM program is tough for people. However, USANA has been around for years and this means you are joining a program credible with customers.

Team CommissionMany MLM programs don’t give you a chance to make commission off your team. But, USANA will reward you for people you get to sign up with you. You will not only have a team working for you, but you’ll earn a fraction of their commission too. The team structure is amazing because your earning are unlimited with no maximum. You can earn enormous money without doing a long of work. USANA also has a direct sales model so you can make sales on your own too.

USANA Nutritional

The USANA Con’s

When mentioning the pros of a product or MLM program, it’s important to mention the con’s too. With almost every MLM program, you’ll have many positives, but you’ll have negatives too. I’m going to take some time to go over some of the negatives or con’s involved when you join the USANA MLM program. Here they are –


That’s right with such a popular MLM program, you are going to be faced with huge competition. Since this company offers enormous products and it can be a benefit towards people, you’ll have others wanting to join and sell their products too. However, you need to find ways to outsmart your competition which I believe will be done through marketing.


This is another problem I’ve seen with people getting involved with MLM programs. Sometimes it can be very hard to know where to focus especially if this is your first time in the business. I mean where do you start without getting too overwhelmed with all the information and products being offered to you in the backend. However, I believe most of this can be attributed to the learning curve and after a while, you’ll have no problem marketing and knowing where to focus your attention.

Bad Reputation

That’s right! Even though USANA Nutritional has been around for years, you’ll always go running into those who believe MLM programs are scams. This is because many other programs have given them a bad name. However, you need to do your own research and stick to what you believe in. Get involve in a program you know makes sense and you trust will give you the best ROI.

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