TVC Matrix Promoting the MCA Or The Motor Club Of America scam?

Motor Club of America and TVC Matrix The MCA is a well-known company but in the last few years, some people believe that the Motor Club of America scam is being rumored to be on the inter. These rumors of a scam started when the TVC matrix tied up with the MCA and created an affiliate program to promote the MCA program. In order to find out whether this TVC Matrix – MCA program was real, we did a complete review of the program.

The Motor Club Of America Company

The MCA is a well known company with decades of experience in dealing with drivers and driving problems all over the US. The company has its own agents that offer membership to the automobile club. All you have to do is register with the club and pay the monthly fees. The company has direct agents who are authorized to register members into the club. The company is over 86 years of age and in an effort to raise awareness about the program; it created the TVC matrix program which is an affiliate program associated with the MCA.

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The Products Offered by the Motor Club of America

There are currently three different programs that are registered at the MCA website. The first program is called the Basic Package that costs about $9.95 per month. A slightly higher level of package is retailed at about $14.95 while another Total Security Package is offered at about $19.95. These packages are very useful for drivers as they offer accident insurance, 24-7 battery boosts in case of problems, travel assistance, $500 car rental payments in case your car is not working, towing assistance, meals and lodging costs and even a $500 arrest bond in case of arrest. We feel that these package deals are great for young and female drivers who might get stranded on remote locations. You can sign up with the MCA company directly through the website. However, if you sign up with through the TVC program, you are offered a range of benefits. For example, when you are enrolling through the TVC matrix program, you will have to prepay two months fee of the advanced package. This will come to about $40 approximately. As soon as you pay the fee, the package starts working and you will roadside assistance in case of problems. There is no other registration fee which automatically assures you that the rumors of a motor club of america scam are completely false

The Motor Club of America Opportunity

The TVC matrix opportunity is quite simple. As soon as you sign up for the MCA, you are offered the opportunity to register more members into the MCA club. For every member that you bring into the MCA club, you get paid double the amount they have paid. For example, if you advise a person to register for the $9.95 package and they register for two months, you automatically get paid $40 as double the amount they paid. The only problem we see is that although TVC matrix is promoting this affiliate deal, there is no mention of this scheme on the MCA website.

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The Bottom Line

At present, no other auto club has this type of affiliate membership pattern and this could be the reason why rumors of a scam are floating around. But one very important point to remember is that everyone has a car. And cars do break down occasionally. Having a roadside assistance plan from MCA could prove to be invaluable.
You can enroll for the deal and you can profit from it as well by promoting it to friends and family. The more people that sign up, the better the earnings and profits for you. In fact, to make the best of this opportunity, it would be great to get additional sales experience that will help you market the program better.

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