A Motor Club Of America Review: Does The Affiliate Program Actually Work?

Motor Club of America Review Having a car means dealing with car breakdowns and mechanical problems. Most drivers have roadside assistance programs with the AAA but the Motor Club of America is equally well known for its club and roadside assistance programs. The Company now offers three separate roadside assistance programs that are very good value for money and we decided to do a motor club of america review to evaluate the earning potential of the program.

The Motor Club of America

The Motor Club of America was established in 1926 and it has been going strong since then. The club offers a range of roadside assistance programs that are affordable and easily accessible. These programs are very attractive as they offer a range of beneficial features. Direct sign-ups are possible through the MCA website and the roadside assistance program starts immediately.

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The Roadside Assistance Programs Offered By the MCA

At present, there are three programs offered by the MCA. Drivers can enroll for the Beginner program that costs about $9.95. The Security Plus Member program is the next level of program that costs about $14.95 per month and the best program offered by the MCA which is referred to as the Total Security Program. Each program has its own features but all of them offer 24-7 roadside assistance in the form of battery boosts, fuel refills, delivery and tire changes, locking services, towing and temporary housing. For stranded drivers, the club membership also has $500 in the form of arrest bonds, $25,000 in the form of attorney fees and stolen car insurance as well. This is a very good deal for such a low membership amount. Along with roadside assistance, you will also be eligible for discounted dental care, discounted prescription eye glasses and outpatient emergency care. Drivers can sign up for the club membership directly or use an affiliate program set up through the TMC Matrix.

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Marketing Opportunities Offered by the MCA through TMC matrix

At present, the MCA program offered through TMC matrix is the only one being offered online. The program encourages drivers to sign prepay two months membership fees. When they take on membership, they are also eligible for the TMC matrix affiliate program. The MCA offers a deal by which you can double the registration fees of the new members that you have bought into the MCA. For example, if you have bought in two members who registered for the $14.95 plan, they will have to prepay for two months. You automatically get double that amount at about $120 commission on these sales. The site also has a list of registered MCA agents that you can enroll with to be eligible for the matrix program.

Our Final Thoughts

The affiliate program seems to have really great commission charges but there is a drawback. These commissions are just paid out once and you will have to keep enrolling members to get a regular income. As a result, you will have to market the MCA membership to friends and family. It’s a useful program and it offers a range of benefits but if you’ve never done any kind of marketing, we suggest you learn a few marketing skills. There are thousands of internet marketing courses that you can register for online and they will teach you the tricks of the trade. If you are interested in building your MCA business for a lifetime income, join an internet marketing course rightaway.

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