TVC Matrix Review: Benefits and Advantages

TVC Matrix Review Making money on the internet is quite easy but you have to know how to get the right opportunities. That where the TVC matrix marketing opportunity seems like a hot potato. We decided to do a TVC matrix review just to assess the benefits offered by the program. We evaluated the websites, the benefits offered by the website, the products on the company website and the profits you can make from them. So here goes-

The TVC Company

The TVC Company was first set up on 14th February 2005 and the company is owned by a parent company located in Oklahoma, USA. The TVC Company is also a registered subsidiary of the Virgil Coffee Company but not much is actually known about this company or the founder of the company. There is not much information about how the company was set up and how the profits work. You can set register with the website and they will let you know additional details though.

The TVC Matrix Products

There are no products listed on the TVC website but it is a marketing program for the Motor Club of America. This is also referred to as the Auto Club of America. The membership deals are quite good as you are offered a range of packages. When you register with the TVC Matrix company, you have to promote and upsell these products to consumers and they are really useful products. For example, you can encourage members to register for the MCA Security Motor Club, MCA Security Plus Motor Club, and the MCA Total Security Motor Club. Registration with these clubs offers a range of benefits like emergency roadside assistance for young drivers and female drivers, trip planning travel discounts, nationwide discounts on maintenance and servicing, new and used car buying services and $1000 or more trip guarantee coverage. Apart from this product, the company also offers the SBCA Small Business Club and the TVC Pro-Driver opportunity.

The TVC Marketing Opportunity

Membership with the Motor Club of America is a good idea and your job as an affiliate will be to sell these memberships. Members get as much as 200% commission on the memberships that they bring in. You can enroll for the opportunity with a purchase and with $9.95 to $19.95 a month to become a member. Once you are a member, you can promote the TVC Matrix to other interested candidates. There are two different types of commissions that you will get. Discount commissions are paid when you sell a product and retirement commissions are paid every time the product is repurchased by the consumer. Discount commissions are paid weekly while retirement commissions are paid every 15 days. The members you recruit have to pay 2 months membership fees upfront. They pay about $39.90 and you will earn $79.80. When they renew the membership, you get more. You also get $6 for each member you personally recruit and 66 cents for each member that is recruited in your own line. As a result, there is a very good chance that you will be earning a neat sum for a very long time. The company also offers Matching Retirement and 2nd Matching Retirement Commissions but you will have to enroll with the website to learn more.

Our Final Thoughts

This appears to be a very good deal and members are selling legitimate memberships to a very good service. However, the exact payment process is not listed on the site and it’s difficult to verify whether payments are actually made. It does work but you will have to recruit new members and their payments will make up your commission.


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