The Internet History and The Struggles
chad November 22, 2017

Chad Arrington | The Internet History can make you a lot of money and can change your life very quickly. The expansion of the internet has allowed people to start a blog, and write content promoting their brand quickly. In the end, this leads to enormous profits which can be made within a short period. However, for you to take advantage of the opportunities available online, you need to make sure you’re in the right niche. You must do your research so you know the niche you’re in will make you money. For this reason, I always start by doing research and then proceeding to set things up so I know I’ll gain traction online. But, just like with everything, you’ll have a lot of struggles so I’ll like to go through some of them right now.

Internet History

Let’s get started and discuss some of the struggles you’ll have when starting out on the internet. By knowing them, you’ll be proactive in coming up with strategies.

1) Research Problems

With so many options available to you, it’s hard trying to conduct the right research. When I first started, I didn’t know where to focus my attention and what keywords I should be looking for to search Internet History. This slowed down my progress and I couldn’t get started as quick as possible. What didn’t help as there are a lot of tools available which will confuse you, even more, when getting started? My advice is that if your looking to do research and find the best possible opportunities, then stick to using Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, and by studying your competition. All the options I’ve just given you are available for free and will provide you with a whole lot of useful information.

Throughout my career, I’ve could work with a lot of people and found the three tools above are the best when getting started. If you’re just getting started then don’t waste time looking anywhere else because no other options will give you the results you’re looking for.

2) Domain Struggles

Another huge struggle when getting started online is finding the right domain for your business. You want a domain which is easy to remember and sounds great, but this can be very hard. Only one person can own a single domain and this can force you to think outside the box when starting your business. For this reason, I recommend, you create a list of domain names before you start your search. This way you have a list of alternatives if your unable to find the one you are looking for when getting started.

Another awesome strategy is to use target keywords as your main domain. Because it might help you rank easier in the search results from Internet History. You can find target keywords by doing a search within Google Keyword Planner. Before you start doing any searches, it’s a good idea to have some main keywords in mind and understand your niche a bit more.

3) Hosting Plans

There is so many hosting plans available sop finding the right one to fit all your needs can get very tedious. At one point, only one would offer all the features you need, but now with affordable advancements, you have so many options available and this can get very confusing. Here’s my advice when choosing a hosting plan for your business –

First, look for which plan offers you the most in terms of features. For example, where are you getting the most bang for the buck? Where are you getting the most storage, bandwidth, and other CPU speed? Secondly, read the reviews online and listen to what others are saying online. The good thing about the internet is that you’ll be able to find a review on almost anything. So read each one and make sure you visit not one website but a few and search Internet History. Third, I’m sure you’ll be using some of the popular software like WordPress and PHPBB…right? You want to make sure you have these available in the backend and can be installed with the click of a button.

From my personal experience, you should focus on HostGator and GoDaddy because they have dominated the hosting niche for many years. However, depending on what you’re looking for, I suggest doing your own research and read what others are saying. Some providers will offer different plans when purchasing a VPS and Dedicated server. In short, you have so many options available to you so make sure you take advantage of them, but only after doing your research.

4) Building Traffic

This is another huge problem because building traffic is hard especially with so much competition online. For years, I struggled to try to find a combination of traffic techniques that work. And finally narrowed it down to 3 high-quality sources. However, the reason this is such a struggle is that there’s so much competition and the cost can go up quickly. But, to guide you in the right direction, I encourage you to use the following platforms when generating traffic to your website –

Internet History

Internet History

Google AdWords – depending on your budget, you can generate a lot of high quality leads to your website. But, it this network can get very expensive so it’s important to keep an eye on your budget with Internet History. Google has always been ahead of everyone else in advertising so make sure you check them out.

Banner Advertising – by reaching out to niche relevant websites, you can set up an opportunity to buy advertising space from them. BuySellAds is a great place to check out advertising opportunities and build long-lasting connections. There fixed price plans and you can pay per 1000 impressions too.

Building Traffic

Guest Posting – one of the best ways to generate a whole lot of free traffic. Start by doing research online and locating blogs relevant to yours. I would suggest looking for the top 4-5 blogs in your niche because these will have the most relevant traffic. Contact the owners and ask them if they are accepting guest posts. I would recommend you pitch them a few ideas at the same time. Writing high-quality content is a great way to secure long-term posting opportunities which will be great for your bottom line and to generate traffic. Start now by doing targeted searches on Google and creating a list to follow.

Building traffic can be hard because there is so much information available online to throw you off. But, by focusing on the three methods above, you’ll save a lot of time and headache.

5) Staying Consistent

This is one of the hardest things ever because there are going to be days where you’ll just want to give up. It doesn’t help that you left on your own to write content, research without any supervision. This means no one is around to keep you on track which can cause a lot of problems for you in terms of staying consistent. At this point, I would recommend you take some time to create a schedule for yourself and try to stick with it. I’ve learned that over the years, you’ll try different schedules and some will work better than others. If you are having a hard time sticking to a schedule, don’t worry about it because over time you’ll find something that works.

7) Competition

There are going to be some bloggers who have been in the industry then you longer. This is going to be a huge struggle for someone who is just starting out. People who have been online longer tending to have more traffic and exposure online which can get very frustrating. But, you need to stay consistent and find creative ways to outperform all your competitors. I would recommend connecting with them and working with them so you are partners instead of competitors. This way you can gain their traffic and learn a lot from them at the same time. Remember, they have been in the business longer. So can provide a lot of great insight into what’s been working and what’s not.

Final Thoughts

Starting an online business can be very lucrative, but can be tough at the same time. You need to prepare for the struggles you’ll face when gett start. For this reason, I have put together this content to help you. Stay on track and keep a close eye on the small elements you need to focus on. Start by reading this content again and making notes which are easy to follow. Implement whatever strategies you can and have a tool in place to keep track on your bottom line. This will help you filter out what’s working and what’s not. This will also help you stay consistent and push forward even when faced with adversity. Start now and if you have feedback then please leave it in the comment box below the content. Analysis your Internet History to track the results.



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