The Power of SEO Copywriting When Blogging
chad November 7, 2017

The power of SEO Copywriting when blogging should never be underestimated. Many people fail to do creative copywriting when blogging and this lowers their engagement enormously. However, the good news is, you can always learn to copywriter as time goes on to perfect your content and increase engagement. With content marketing getting bigger each year, it’s important you have a solid content and copywriting strategy in place. With that said, here’s what I’ve learned over the years –

SEO Copywriting

Content marketing is changing the way people interact online. Through your content, you are able to precisely engage the people you want to. For example, I can add keywords into my content to target a specific audience. This will lead to more conversions going forward. Next, content marketing is something you’ll learn over time and it is worth learning. By engaging your readers through creative writing, you’ll be able to build a special identity for yourself. Third, content marketing is what search engines are looking for so you can’t live without now. Even Google has mentioned the importance of content marketing and having the ability to be a magic copywriter.

Finally, content marketing is not going anywhere and will continue to become even more important over the years. For this reason, it’s important you integrate it into your blogging. With that said, we are going to be exploring the following – the importance of SEO Copywriting in terms of blogging. You’ll learn what’s so powerful about it and what you can do to make sure it is part of your writing strategy.

Let’s get started and if you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comment box below the content.


SEO Copywriting will steer your content writing. Knowing the importance will ensure you take time to research the right keywords. For example, creative SEO Copywriting has made me more aware of keyword research and pushed me to focus on research before writing content. I’ll admit before I knew about this important, I didn’t spend too much time worrying about it because I didn’t think it mattered. So, the next time you are sitting down to write content, you need to take time to focus on the following – research. Here are some ways you can ensure you get the right type of research done.

Google Search

Always do a search using your target keywords to find out what comes up. By doing precise research, you’ll be well able to find out more about your competition and the type of keywords they are focusing on. Not only that, but Google is a great way to find out what others keywords you should be focusing on before starting your content writing. I use Google search to collect awesome keyword ideas which I know will help me rank within the SERP’s.

Google Trends

Google Trends –

Another awesome tool to find trending keywords with very little competition. This tool will give you related keywords to your target keyword which have very little competition. That’s because they are just beginning to trend now so use this to your advantage and write content based around them before anyone else. Google Trends is a free tool so it’s something worth checking out for sure.

Another bonus tip is to pay close attention to your competition and learn from the content they are writing. You’ll have an easier time writing content and learning tricks if you explore your competition because they have been doing it for years before you.

Increased Conversions

That’s right! When you are a master copywriter, you’ll enjoy the benefits of higher conversions. This means more money for you because it’s all about the conversions. One of the hardest things when blogging is your inability to increase conversions each year but once you learn how to write content with targeted keywords, you’ll have no problems getting them. As a copywriter, you’ll learn where to add keywords, so they convert, and you’ll learn how to add them I just the right place. For example, from my experience having them in the title, description and within the URL is a possibility the best place to add them. Keep in mind, in step number one I talked about keyword research and this is why it’s important because you need the right keywords to place them in the right place.

Increased Conversions

As a copywriter, it doesn’t matter if you are writing content or even creating landing pages because overtime, you’ll be able to perfect the art of SEO Copywriting helping you meet the bottom line. The good news is there are so many free guides available online to help guide your content writing so utilize them by doing a quick search within Google. After, you can focus on optimize your content to increase overall conversions.

Social Media Dominance

Social media has changed the way people interact online and you need to make sure you stay on top of the changing trends. It allowed people to build their brand very quickly and this was something which was impossible years ago. But, for you to benefit from this trend, you need to make sure you know how to utilize social media. For this reason, I encourage you to study SEO Copywriting in social media. Over the years, I have learned the following about social media and how it helps increase your overall value when you are an SEO Copywriting expert. Let’s look at a few ways right now to help you the next time you are on the top social media platforms –

Competition –

Take time to study your competition and learn from them. Take time to see what type of headlines they are using and what they are doing to attract their audience. This will help you prepare when you are online too.

#Hashtags –

Take some time to look over the type of #hashtags your competition and others in your niche are using. This will ensure you are using popular tags known to accumulate enormous traffic. You have awesome free tools you can use to help you out like

Join the Best –

When referring to the best, I’m referring to the social platforms which offer you most of the traffic. You’ll notice through your research that there are about 3-4 social media networks that provide you with the traffic you need. I encourage you to use them because they provide high-quality traffic to you.

Collect Data –

Install Google Analytics on your website so you can find out about the right timing and day to post. For example, you’ll notice in your niche that some days work better than others. I encourage you to find out what day’s these are so you can continue to post on these days.

Sending Email Campaigns SEO Copywriting

Even when sending email campaigns, it’s important you have the right SEO Copywriting skills to create engaging messages. Email marketing is one of the best ways to keep your loyal readers in the loop and engage those who are still not loyal yet. You need to create email campaigns and messages which stand out compared to your competition. I’m sure they have been on many lists before and don’t want to keep reading the same old messages. The good news is that there is a lot of free information available online which will help guide your email marketing progress. With that said, here are a few things you will want to keep a mind on when getting started –


This stands for email service provider and you want to choose one that’s reputable and gives you everything you need. For example, you want to choose one which provides you with a drag & drop builder, etc. The less time you spend learning how to use the ESP, the more you can focus on engaging your readers.

Headline –

Even when sending a message, the most important thing will be your ability to increase your open rate by sending messages which are attractive. You want to send messages which catch the readers eye just like you would when writing content for search engines. You’ve probably noticed that when writing for search engines, you want to stand out compared to your competition.

Description –

Even when sending messages, you want the “from” and “subject” fields to stand out. This will just help increase your overall open rate. This is huge when you’re trying to build brand awareness.

The Body –

This is very important in email marketing. Because through the body of the content, you’ll be able to engage the reader to click-through to your content. Depending on what’s written in your email message. The reader will either open it and click through to your offer will not react at all. This is why testing your messages is so important, so you find what works and what doesn’t.

Email Campaigns

Final Thoughts

In blogging, you need to be an awesome copywriter. If you’re not, then you’ll lower your conversions, and this will hurt your bottom line. Take time and try out different things.


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