Here Are the Most Effective Ways to Generate Leads for Your Business
chad November 28, 2017

Chad Arrington | In business, it’s all about being able to generate the right types of leads. Without solid leads, you won’t be able to convert your readers, and this will hurt your bottom line. However, finding the right methods to generate leads can be tough because you have so many options to decide from. Not only that but with so much information available online, it’s hard to find what works and what doesn’t. I’ve taken some time to summarize the best content online so you know what methods you should be using going forward.

Generate Leads

Taken the time to go through everything and make sure you only get the best possible content for lead generation. I’ve gone through the content and came up with the following list of awesome lead generating content. Let’s start and if you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comment box below the content.

Generate Leads

Actionable FB Ad

This is one of the best ways to generate leads because you are inviting people to take action. Many people fail with their advertising because they don’t push people to take the right type of action. I discovered that those who are new to the internet or simply use it to find information need to be told what to do next. For this reason, always add a call-to-action whenever you are creating an advertisement. However, this method has been known to work best with Facebook because you have so many people using that platform daily.

The more traffic available, the more people are willing to take action on your ad. But, you need to make sure when you create an ad that you use a call-to-action for them to take. For example, with your advertisement, I recommend you add a download button or click now text. Both have been known to work very well.

Twitter Advanced Search

This is another awesome method to generate leads because you’re using the advanced search method to find people who are interested in your brand. The more people are interested in your brand, the better for you because they will end up taking action. Head over to Twitter and use the advanced search option. You’ll type in relevant hashtags or keywords proven to attract the right type of people. For example, here’s what I do to find the right people especially those I know will take action. I use another tool first to find the right #hashtags, and the tool name is . Type in a keyword within the tools search bar and it will provide you with relevant hashtags with popularity, correlation, etc.

Twitter Advanced Search generate leads

Then, you can head back to Twitter and do a search using these hashtags to find just the right people those who will take action on your post. Remember, Your goal is to generate leads so I encourage you to create posts and use the right hashtags which you know will appeal to the right people.

Value Proposition

That’s right! You have an easier time generating leads if you can show the reader what they’ll be getting when they arrive on your page. Whenever I’m creating an advertisement, I’ll always make my landing page better. I’ll make sure on my landing page I have summarized everything the customer will be getting by opting into my form, etc. If you notice some of my landing pages, you’ll notice how I’ve created a point form list of the value you’ll receive, and all you need to do is opt-in to receive everything.

When setting this up, you need to create an awesome ad and landing page. Both will play a crucial role in getting the conversion and leads. I recommend you take some time and research what others are doing so you can learn from them. It’s a great way to find what works and what doesn’t. Head over to Google right now to start your research.

Always Have a Blog

If you don’t have a blog on your website, then it’s time you set one up. These days it’s so easy to create one so if you don’t have one then you’re missing out on a great opportunity to generate leads. One of the best ways to generate enormous leads is through content writing and marketing. Through your content, you can provide your readers with so much value that they will opt for almost anything once you build that trust with them.

Here’s what I suggest you do when setting up your blog –

I recommended finding out what type of content works well with your audience. You can do this by visiting competitor blogs and reading the comments and viewing social shares for each. By looking over this information, you’ll be able to figure out what content you should be focusing on when you start to write. If you already have a website, then all you need to do is add a blog link and start writing content. From my experience, you’ve probably created your website using WordPress which is a blogging platform.

Have a Blog Generate Leads

So, it’s not going to be hard at all adding a blog link to your main website. Once you have your blog going, you need to focus on creating high-quality actionable content. The more value you provide with a call-to-action, the easier it will be for you to generate leads and have people opt-in. Going forward because your writing content, you’ll have an easier time knowing what content works best for your readers. I suggest using Google Analytics to look at the traffic and what pages people are visiting the most. Google Analytics will give you a breakdown of all the top content pages so use it to find out where to place your opt-in forms, so you can generate leads more quickly. Keep testing until you find a winning combination that works.

Outreach is Amazing

The power of outreach should not be underestimated. Through outreach, you can connect with a lot of influential people who not only will drive enormous traffic to your website but will increase your conversion rates too. However, for this to be effective, you need to find the right people to network with then get started. For example, I use the following tools to find the right people I should be networking with –

AHREFs – Amazing tool to find what content is popular and on what blogs. When you know a blog is influential, you can then proceed to reach out to the blogger and connect with them. By doing this, you are opening up the doors of communication and the possibility of getting a link back.

Google Search – I love their search engine because they make it so easy for you to find every type of information possible. By doing a targeted search, you’ll be able to find blogs which are popular and worth connecting with. Your goal should be to find blogs with enormous traffic so when you post on their blog, you’ll be able to drive enormous traffic to your blog leading to higher conversions.

Outreach Generate Leads

With outreach,

I recommend you do the following. Connect with bloggers and pitch them a few content ideas. Hopefully, they will like one of your pitches and will ask you to write the content for them. When you do this, you’ll be able to place a link inside the content or even in the author bio section. The key is to make sure you place a link to your landing page so when people link-through to your blog, they’ll have an opportunity to opt-in to your conversion page.

Paid Advertising

Above I talked about using Facebook to generate leads. You do have other options too like Google AdWords, Bing, and others. I recommend you try these other networks to see how the traffic is and. If you could generate leads through them. If you can then use them and try out different landing pages to see which ones convert the best for you to generate leads. However, paid advertising can be expensive so you should always set a monthly budget. So you don’t go over it at all. If you don’t then you’ll be surprised how quickly, you’ll go over your budget and this will burn cash quickly.

Advertising Online Generate Leads

Final Thoughts

Above, I have listed some of the best ways to generate leads quickly and build your brand. I recommend you start off slow and then build your way up. To find out which method works best try them all, but don’t forget to keep an eye on your statistics. Through your statistics, you’ll be able to find out which method works best for increasing your leads. Once you have your leads coming through, you can make small little tweaks to increase overall conversion rate. From experience, it does take time to test and finally find that winning combination. But after about 30-60 days, you should know what’s working for you. If you have any questions, please post them below.


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