5 Essential Marketing Hacks for Startups and Small Business
chad November 23, 2017

Chad Arrington |  Starting a new small business is tough because you’re in unexpected territory. Many people love to start their own business because it can lead to freedom and prosperity. For example, some people who have their own business are making more money now than they did for the last several years. This is very attractive because it gives them the freedom to do what they want to do. With that said, the internet has made it very easy for people to start an online because it’s so affordable. For example, you can have a website up and running within a few minutes. I have done several tutorials where I show people how to set up a website in under 4 minutes. It’s amazing how far the internet has come and the control people have when starting out online. With that said,


Small Business

When starting a business, it’s important you have all the information you can find. The good news is the internet provides you with so much free information to help you get started. But, the bad news is that it can get tiring trying to sort through all the information. I’m here to provide the latest tips to you so you don’t have to go searching through trying to find it on your own. Let’s get started exploring the 5 essential marketing hacks that you need to pay close attention to. If you have any feedback of your own, please leave it in the comment box below.

Have a Plan

You’re a business if nothing is you don’t have a plan to make sure you do your research. Many of the mistakes people make are jumping in without knowing what direction to go in. This burns them out and they lose a lot of valuable time trying to find their way back. Do your research and always consider the worst-case scenario so you’re ready. Here’s what I like to do when I’m getting started…

First, know what I’m getting into and know that it’s going to be a struggle for the first 2-3 years. I recommend getting involved in something you are passionate about so even without the money, you continue to push forward. Secondly, understand your competition so you know what to expect and can learn from them on how to do things better. By looking at those before you, it’s easy to protect yourself from the common mistakes being made by others. Third, know how much it’s going to cost you so you can stay afloat. The last thing you want to do is burn your money because you didn’t expect certain things to come up. Think about the marketing, set-up costs, and inventory (if any).

Research online and get your plan ready so you know what to expect. This will protect you going forward and will not burn you out when getting started. Once you have your plan in place, you can start with the next step.

Social Media

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in because you need to set up a social media account. Social media is a great way to connect with others and drive traffic to your website for free. It’s a way for you’re to network with other people in your niche who can provide value and increase your overall conversions. I recommend you focus on the major networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google +. These networks have a majority of traffic and focusing on them should be enough to get you closer to your bottom line.

small business social media

The cool thing is these networks are free and can be setup within minutes. When you register your account, add the correct details where applicable. Fill in your name, business details, and description. It’s also a good idea to add images representing your brand.

Once you’ve set up your social account, you can proceed to the next step which is to write awesome content.

Compelling Content

One of the most important things when starting your website and blog. There is a lot of content online, but a huge lack of high-value content. People attracted to high-value content so if you can provide it to them, you’ll be able to build a connection very quickly. So, make sure all the content which publish on your website is of value and solves a common problem within your niche. Here are a few tips you can follow right now to produce the best content possible for your readers.

a) research your competition and learn from them. It’s easy to find out what content is performing the best by visiting your competition and looking at the content that gets shared the most. You can look at other information like total comments, social shares, and how often the topic is written about.

b) Visit a community based on your niche and find out the common question being asked by the members. This is a great way to find out what hot topics are trending and going forward, you can write on them. The more value you provide, the more engagement you’ll get on your content.

c) through trial and error. One of the best ways to find out what content gets the most traction is by posting random content. Soon, you’ll have a breakdown of the type of content people love to read. Going forward, you can produce similar content because you know it will generate engagement.

Always Collect Subscribers

One of the best strategies used to generate traffic and loyalty is through email subscribers. That’s right! Through email marketing, I brought people back to my website and this helped me a lot in the end. I didn’t have to keep paying for people to another form of marketing like PPC, and banners. I just had to pay for them initially, and once they arrived on my website, I was able to get them to subscribe. This meant each new update about my website meant a simple email message being sent out through email…that’s all. I suggest you start collecting email subscribers from day one because the value is amazing. Here’s what you should do to start…

small business subscriber

a) sign up with a reputable email marketing provider. I recommend Aweber because I’ve been using them for years and the interface is awesome. They also provide you with everything you need to start.

b) Create and add a form to your website which is easy to fill out. For example, only ask the visitors for the information they need to start. I ask for the name and email address of the subscriber…that’s it.

c) set up an autoresponder sequence so all the new members joining will be sent the older messages. This means all the new members will get a notice about older content to your blog. This will increase engagement with the old content and social media activity.

Join a Community

Many of my mentors in the game started off by answering questions in a community. This was a great place to build credibility and show people you know what you’re talking about. I would focus on the big forums because this is where you’ll find the most people. Be a regular poster and share your experience with everyone. Over time you’ll notice how people will tell you to start your own blog because you have the experience that many of them are looking for. With that said, here’s something else you want to keep in mind,

A forum is only a good place if you have the experience. Spamming will get you remove from the community and this can hurt your overall reputation. Not only will this affect the rate at which your blog grows, but can hurt your credibility. As mentioned all my mentors were gurus in the niche when they were posting in the community.

SEO Matters

Make sure you do your on and off page SEO. This is very important because search engine traffic is free and can lead to enormous conversions. Do research online and find free resources that are available to you on how to do SEO correctly. Optimize your pages, URL’s, and focus on the body of your content too. The good news is that a lot of free information is available online and on YouTube to help you start. Make use of all the information that you have at your disposal.

Final Thoughts

Starting a business can be time-consuming, but if you get through the initial phase, it can be very rewarding. However, do your research before the start because you’ll learn a lot from others and the mistakes they’ve made. This will protect you from making the same mistakes saving you both time and money. Go through the list of 5 hacks which I’ve listed above and implement them into your small business.

Please leave your thoughts in the comment box below this content. I’m sure many others have an opinion too.

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