Making Money Online At Home In Five Easy Steps – Let’s Go
chad November 21, 2017

The internet has been a goldmine ever since it started to expand rapidly in 2000. It has allowed people to build websites quickly and cash in by selling affiliate products, adverts and consulting once you have built yourself up. For this reason, I’ve always encouraged people to start a website as soon as they learn how to setup WordPress. I have around 3 websites all which are Making Money Online At Home through advertising and I regularly post content on them. Since Google updated their algorithm, it’s even more important that you have regular content being published. If you don’t you’ll have a hard time ranking within the SERP’s.

Making Money Online At Home

Making Money Online At Home


With that’s said, we’ll be looking at how to start a website in 5 simple steps and how to build traffic through it using Google, paid advertising and guest posting. After, you’ll have the foundation to keep moving forward and build your brand slowly. Let’s get started and your feedback will be appreciated. If you have any questions, please post them in the comment box below.

Research Niche

If you’ve read my other content, then you know the importance of research and getting into the right niche. Choosing the right niche will ensure you have a high enough demand to market your products, but will also ensure you have very little competition. Essentially, some niches are not tapped into making them better for you to jump into at the right time. So, for you to do research, we can explore three ways I’ve been using for years to collect all the information I need when start.

First, Google Trends is a great place for you to find what’s trending allowing you to get into a market that many are not in. Head over to Google Trends and type in a target keyword and the tool will provide you with a list of keywords not tapped into. Use them to create your blog and to write content making sure you focus on SEO as you continue to move forward. When writing your content, you will want to add these keywords to the content because it will help rank your content.


visit the blogs of your competition and see what they are doing. Think about ways you can do it better because this will help you attract an even wider audience. For example, if my competition is in a popular niche but has forgotten to add videos, then maybe I would like to do this going forward. This is different and my audience my like the fact I have chosen to add videos because it makes it easier for them. Third, Google Keyword Planner is a great tool to find out what keywords are awesome to rank for. Some keywords are known to outperform others so you need to make sure you focus on them. You don’t want to focus on those keywords where there is no search volume because they won’t drive any traffic at all.

Once you have your niche researched, it’s time to focus on getting a domain registered. Here I’ll show you how to find the perfect domain once which is easy to remember and represents your brand correctly.

Find Domain

Keep your domain names anywhere between 5-9 characters because this makes them very easy to remember. You don’t want a domain which is hard to remember because then those visiting your site for the first time won’t remember it. Much of the returning traffic which comes my way is from people who remember my domain name. I also recommend that you choose a domain name which represents your brand accurately. You want people to know what your website is before they even click on it.

Start by heading over to GoDaddy and doing a search with your target keyword in mind. GoDaddy will provide you with many options when displaying available domains. Go through the list and look for the best ones which represent your brand correctly. After, you can complete registration and choose your hosting plan at the same time. In the next section, we’ll learn more about choosing the right hosting plan and what features to look for.

Choose Your Hosting Plan

There are so many hosting packages available so choose one which meets all your needs. For example, I encourage all of you to choose one which gives you great bandwidth, CPU speed, and storage. This will allow you to grow your website and not have to worry about switching plans too quickly. I also encourage all of you to focus on choosing a provider which makes it very easy to install WordPress. This is the blogging platform used by a majority of people and can be complicated to install manually. However, hosting providers like GoDaddy will offer you a quick way to install this platform through one-click which means all you need to do is login into your backend and hit the install and setup button under software.

Choose Your Hosting Plan OS

I’ve been using GoDaddy so would encourage you to do the same. It offers you everything from domains to hosting so you could keep it all under one roof.

Website Design

The cool thing about WordPress is that it gives you everything you need to completely build your website without any stress. When you log into the backend, you’ll be able to scroll through so many cool options all giving you ways to customize your website. For example, the plugins section will give you all the cool options you need to customize the functionality of the website you are building. Through this feature, you can build a membership website, an e-commerce store, add optimization plugins, and even create a website which is secure enough to hold sensitive data. I love WordPress and have built all of my website using their platform. It has made things so easy for me so I can focus on the other things that matter like content and driving traffic to my website.

However, you need need to focus on designing your website so I’ll love to provide you with a few great points to help you start Making Money Online At Home.

Making Money Online At Home


Make sure you choose a template which is easy to customize the drag & drop feature. These templates will allow you to easily put things in place so you don’t need to know any coding.


Choose colors which represent your brand and the colors you choose should be based on your logo. You can pretty much tweak the colors to fit all your needs. Color Choosing is much important for you need to attract visitor for Making Money Online At Home.


Make sure you use a font which people can read easily so that you can easily start Making Money Online At Home. You don’t want to publish content and people have a hard time reading it because this means you’ll have decreased engagement. You do not want this because it will lower your traffic.

Here’s another quick pointer when you’re designing your website. You need to keep the purpose of your website in mind. This will help you create a design which not only represents your brand but makes sure you have made it easier for your audience to engage with it.

Marketing and Traffic

Very important when building your brand and notice for Making Money Online At Home. No blogger is able to create a buzz without knowing how to market and drive traffic to their website. There are many ways you can drive traffic your blog or site let’s explore my top 3 ways right now.

Guest posting

One of the best ways to drive traffic for Making Money Online At Home. You need to network with other bloggers within your niche and publish on their blog. This will allow you to link back to your blog and drive traffic when people read the content. I use this method to build my first blog and generate enormous traffic. Do a search in Google and gather a list of blogs with huge engagement. Contact the owner of the blog and ask them for guest posting opportunities. Write content and start.

Paid Traffic

An awesome way to drive traffic but can get very expensive. You need to have a budget for this use networks like AdWords, Bing to get traffic your website. You need to know your keywords and which ones you’ll like to focus on going forward.

Paid Traffic


One of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog and it’s all free traffic. However, to generate all this traffic does take time and energy so you need to be patient. Focus on building links from high-value websites and using the correct anchor text going forward for Making Money Online At Home. Over time, those keywords on those pages will start gain traction your site will start an increase in rankings. I encourage you to be careful where you build links from. Because low-quality websites will hurt your progress and do you no good going forward. With free traffic, you only earning money, this traffic you not paying and can help your brand enormously.


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