How to Make Money Through Facebook Marketing
chad November 24, 2017

Chad Arrington | Facebook Marketing | Social media is a great way to engage people and build your brand. However, it’s only beneficial when done correctly so you need to know what location, and audience to target. By knowing this, you can tweak and create new ad copies which convert higher than others. Personally, Facebook advertising has changed the way I do business because it has allowed me to tap into the right type of audience. Not only that but by studying the data, I know a lot more about my business like what works and what doesn’t. Today, we’ll be exploring what I’ve learned about Facebook marketing and how you can utilize it to convert people into loyal readers.

Let’s get started and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comment box.

Start with a Page

For you to really benefit through Facebook, it’s important you, set up a company page or profile. This is not hard because the cost of joining Facebook is free. When choosing a page name, it’s important to make sure it matches the company or brand you are trying to advertise. As you’ll learn later, your objective is to gain “likes” or “followers” to your page so you can continue to market to them going forward.

Head over to, and set up a free account using your email address and password. Then, head to “create a page” and get started. You will be able to change your page name once, so type to start changing the name of your page. Remember the following when choosing your name –

  • Choose something consistent with your brand
  • Make it short so people can remember
  • Add a profile and wallpaper pic
  • Fill out all other details i.e. name, description, and contact info

To help design your page, you can hire a freelancer to do the work for very little these days. I use the following two networks every time I’m setting up a Facebook page for myself or my client.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing bd

Fiverr – you can find people for $5.00-$10.00 to create a Facebook wall and profile image. If you throw in a few extra dollars, they’ll go ahead and setup your entire page for you. It’s well worth it if you don’t have the time to do it yourself. You can head over to and post a job on their network. They have a lot of freelancers who have been doing Facebook setups for years. Check out their review, feedback and what they bid on your project. Before hiring any of them, I recommend you ask for their portfolio so you can see their work before getting started.

Facebook Insights

One of the best free tools available on Facebook. This tool gives you the information you need to make sure you target the right audience when setting up your Facebook Marketing ads. Facebook Insights was introduced a few years back and it has changed the way that people find and create ad campaigns. Now instead of testing and waiting to find out what works, you have a great indication of what will work because of the insight data gathered. You know what audience to target, area, and interest groups.

When setting up your campaign, use the insight tool to find all this valuable information making sure you target the right groups. Here are some additional tips to help you out –

  • Make sure you start with your main keyword and narrow down the audience.
  • Be sure to narrow down by age group and gender
  • Location is a big help because your product or service might be applicable to specific location
  • Insights will provide you a breakdown of a person’s buying habits too. Be sure to check these out when you are narrowing down on audience insights.

When you have compiled a list of your target audience, make sure you download the details so you have it when creating your advertising campaign. You’ll be able to use this information when viewing the report too.

Setting Up Ad Campaigns

When you’re logged into Facebook, head over to create an ad. This will open up the ad portal and give you a chance to set up your advertisement for Facebook Marketing. Make sure you have the downloaded sheet handy because you’ll be using this information when going through the ad steps. Facebook has made sure they’ve created a setup process which is easy to follow. There are approx. 4 steps with some requiring more thought than others. For example, let’s look at the main setup features you need to pay close attention to.

a) Headline – make this short and sweet. You have a character limit of about 15-20 characters so sell yourself with that short limit.

b) Description – here you have more characters to play around with. I suggest mentioning the two most important points or features of your product or service. For example, if you are trying to get people to input email address into a free Xbox campaign, then mention the following –

  • Free Xbox 360
  • Win an Xbox 360
These would be the main points you are trying to sell when advertising on Facebook.

c) Timing – very important because your Facebook Marketing ad may perform better on some days compared to others. But, in the beginning, I urge you to let the ad run consistently so you can collect the right amount of data. Soon you’ll know what days the ad is performing the best and can continue along that course going forward.

d) Pricing – Set it to manual bidding because Facebook will make sure your ad is displayed for exposure. Setting a low bid will not get you the right amount of impressions. However, to be on the safe side, I encourage you to set a daily and monthly maximum. This will ensure you don’t burn out your advertising budget and still give you a chance to find out what is working on collecting data. Set daily between $5.00-$10.00 and monthly $150.00 to $200.00.

With Facebook, you’ll have the chance to set up multiple adverts and I suggest you do take advantage of this feature. This will quickly allow you to figure out which ones are performing better than others allowing you to cut out the low performing ones quickly. When you do this, it will increase your conversions and bottom-line eventually. This will cost you a bit more money than you planned, but it will be worth it in the end. Before getting started, save up enough advertising money so you can run a campaign with multiple ad copies for 30-60 days. After the 60 days, cut out low performing ads and stick to the ones which are outperforming others.

Collecting the DATA

Facebook Marketing does a great job of making sure you get all the right type of data when you need it. Each day, they will provide you a breakdown of – clicks, cost, conversion rate, and even the ad unit performing the best. Take time to evaluate these reports so you can tweak your ads getting the most bang for the buck (conversions). The reports can be found on the backend of your advertising portal. Play around with the date, check out the cost, and adjust accordingly. Why? Long-term this will save you a lot of money when advertising and you can re-invest this in your product, or back into your advertising campaign.

Facebook Marketing data

Don’t forget the main purpose of your ad campaign – it’s to make conversions and increase profits.

Final Thoughts

Above I’ve quickly discussed how to set up a Facebook advertising campaign within a few minutes. I’ve also outlined a few important steps to follow when joining Facebook. Social media is a great way to market your brand for cheap because the average cost of advertising on social media is cheap then PPC networks. When you’re ready to get started, don’t forget the main points outlined above. Let me walk you through them quickly –

Setup Facebook Account – head over to and set up a free account right now. When you do it, create a page and add all your company information to it. Add a profile and wall picture too.

Start Ad Campaign –” Create an Ad” and go through the setup process by adding a headline, and description. Since you’re sending traffic to your page the URL will automatically add. But, if you’re sending traffic to your website, you will need to specify the URL. Keep in mind, traffic to your page is cheaper than sending it to your website.

Keep an Eye on Reports – these reports provide a lot of useful information. They will tell you what ad units are working, and which ones you should stop running. Remember, you are investing a lot of money in advertising and it only makes sense that you find the highest converting campaigns.

Once you have setup everything up, it’s time to press play on the campaign and start generating income. Test out if it’s better to send traffic to your pages or website with Facebook Marketing.


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