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chad November 24, 2017

Chad Arrington | Welcome to another tutorial on how to make money online. Today, we’ll be exploring how to make money using email marketing. This can be very lucrative if you know how to collect and market relevant material to your subscribers. Email marketing has been used for years to build blogs, websites and overall engagement. It is an invaluable tool when things are done right so before getting started, I recommend all of you do your research. Today, we’ll be exploring how you can use email marketing to make money online. We’ll be going over the fundamentals required to get started.

If you have any questions or concerns, I would recommend you leave questions in the comment box below. However, the steps which I will be outlining are very straightforward to follow.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing blogs


Again, as always, my tutorial will get started with research and make sure you take the time to understand what niches have the best ROI. Take some time to visit other competitor blogs and communities to understand what people are talking about. For example, what questions do you hear people asking more than others, and what trends do you see developing over time. This information will allow you to narrow your focus especially if you are just starting a blog right now. But, if you already have a blog then obviously focus on the niche which you are in. Hopefully, by now you’ve been blogging for several years and have a very large readership.

Here are some tools to use to discover how the trends are changing over time –

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Trends
  • Niche communities
  • Other blogs and competition
  • Buzzsumo (great to find the popular content you can share on your list afterward).

Once you’ve completed your research, you can start to implement tools to make the marketing process easier.

Email Marketing Tools

Almost every ESP (email marketing provider) will give you all the tools you want, either way, it’s important you know what to look for when signing up. I know from my experience that you want an ESP which makes your life easier and provides you with all the information you need about your campaigns. For example, here are my top 5 things –

Templates – one of the most important things when choosing an email marketing provider is to make sure they provide a lot of templates. This will make your job easier and allow you to send professional emails. Many of your subscribers will appreciate a professional email message and it will add credibility. That’s the bottom-line.

Scheduling- it takes time to continuously go in and set up your email messages every day so make sure you choose a provider who allows you to schedule messages very easily. After creating your message, you should be able to go in and set when you want it to go out. Set the time and date so this process can be completely automated.

Drag & Drop – from experience, one of the hardest things is to put together a well-written email. By this, I mean to have an email with proper headings, paragraph, and spacing. Many of the email marketing providers to provide you with an easy way to put everything together which is a drag and drop interface. This will make things easier for you and allow you to spend less time setting up your email messages.

Reporting –

make sure you get a complete report of your email marketing campaigns. You’ll be able to learn what’s working and what’s not. This is important in understanding your bottom line and then making tweaks to your email campaign. To be honest and from my experience, many of them will provide you with all the reporting as part of your email marketing package.

Now that you have done your research and chosen your email marketing provider, it’s time to put everything together. But, how can you make money without knowing what to send? So, let’s look at top converting products to send to your email subscribers. Wait, first, I’m going to quickly talk about collecting email subscribers.

Collecting Subscribers

Collecting subscribers is not hard because you need to add forms to your blog. Email providers will give you 2-3 ways to increase your opt-in rate which we’ll be discussing now. Let’s look at the following –

  • Popup forms
  • Inline forms
  • Top banner forms

Popup- these forms are timed forms which appear once a visitor arrives on your website. They blacken the entire screen and are very visible. You can set them to show up after a visitor arrives on the page after a few seconds or even minutes. Statistically, these do have the highest opt-in rate.

Inline forms – these are placed in the sidebar of a page and convert very well too. When you’re using a blogging platform, they will appear on every single page so are very visible. These also have a very high conversion rate.

Top banner forms – these forms stay on the top of the page even when the visitor is scrolling. These types of forms are new but have a high conversion rate.

Try all three types of forms because you never know which ones will convert the best to your readers. As mentioned, your ESP will give you complete reports so you know which ones attract the highest subscribers.

Email Marketing blog

Sending Products

For you to start making money through email marketing, it’s important you know what products to send to your visitors. The rule of thumb is that you should always send products or services which are relevant to your users. By this I mean your readership. For you to increase conversions, you want to make sure you send your readers the type of content or products they’ll enjoy. For this to happen, you need to know about your audience and this isn’t hard either. Here are two ways –

First, research your competition and skim through their blogs. You’ll understand what type of content and questions they are asking. You can then create something better or even a product you know will provide a solution to them. Secondly, add Google Analytics to your blog because over 30-60 days, you’ll learn about their habits. For example, you’ll learn what time they come to your website, what they read and what they click. This will eventually give you a blueprint for the types of stuff they want to receive.

Either way, here are a few quick things to consider when doing your email marketing.

  • eBooks
  • Free trials
  • Niche relevant tool
  • Case studies
  • Tutorials
  • Products

These will offer you a way to convert your reader into a buying subscribers. I suggest trying each of them and keeping track of the data. We’ll explore how to do this in the next step…

Email Marketing

Analyze the DATA

You have set everything up, purchased an email marketing plan, and narrowed down the products you want to send. It’s time to start analyzing the data to ensure you get the highest conversions rates. With that said, here are a few things to keep an eye on when analyzing the data for optimal conversions.

Install Google Analytics – the best free tool to install because it will give you all the useful information like location, landing pages, bounce rate, and how long they stayed on the page. This will give you a great indication of what content they (audience) loves to read.

Email reports – as mentioned, the ESP you sign up with will provide you with a complete report into the inbox, opens and click through. Make sure you use these reports wisely because they provide a lot of useful information. These will help you schedule the best sending times, message types, and anchor texts within the email.

Products – the main thing you can pull from analytics is the highest converting products. For example, by analyzing the reports, you’ll have a better idea of the type of products and content you should be sending. The better the product, the higher the conversions.

Final Thoughts

Email marketing is huge for your bottom line. It’s a great way to engage your subscribers and increase conversions. However, you need to know what works and what doesn’t by analyzing your audience. This is why it’s important to test everything out and keep an eye on your reports. Above, I have provided a straightforward game plan for you to follow.

Go through and read the content again so you understand everything properly. Then, you can start to implement everything over the next week or two. Start sending the value to your subscribers and analyze the data as it starts to come in. Tweak your strategy by making adjustments to the way you market to your subscribers. Soon, you’ll be able to find out what works and what doesn’t, Again, it’s all about trial and error. If you have any questions, please list them in the comment box below and I’ll get back to you soon.



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