Make Money Online Fast Without Paying Anything
chad November 28, 2017

Chad Arrington | The Internet has expanded and there are so many ways to make money online fast without spending anything. However, it’s important you explore the market and find something you are passionate about when getting started. This will ensure you continue within the niche and don’t give up before you see a return on your investment. With that said,

make money online fast

Today, we’ll be exploring the top ways to make money online without investing anything. I’ll go through the list and discuss what I have been throughout the years and from being within this profession for over 7+ years. If you have any recommendation, then please leave them in the comment box below. Let’s get started.


One of the best ways to make money online fast without putting any money down. There are several free sites that you can join and start offering your services. From the top of my head, I recommend you join Fiverr, Freelancer, and Odesk. But, just because they are free doesn’t mean you don’t have to work hard at obtaining work. For example, you need to sign up and set up your portfolio correctly. These sites also required you to take online quizzes so they know your experience and skill level to showcase to the employers. Either way, here are a few tips which will help set up your portfolio.

Make Money Online Fast

1) Sign up for all the networks because this will improve your chances of getting some work. Visit, Freelancer, Odesk and Fiverr to set up an account with all of them.

2) Be as detailed in your skills because employers are very precise in what they are looking for. Take your time and write out the skill section. I like to write over 2-3 days because this will ensure I haven’t forgotten anything. The more you write and explain your skills, the higher the chance of finding employment.

3) Always take the online quizzes because they will grade you and display the results within your portfolio. Whenever employers are looking for someone with a specific skill set, they will view the quiz results to understand a little bit about yourself.

4) Apply to as many jobs as possible because when starting out, you will need to build your reputation. This means you might have to do some additional jobs to build your portfolio and credibility.



Freelancing is a great way to make money and not invest anything at all. There are some sites available which have done all the work for you connecting employers and freelancers. If you are looking to make money online fast, then take advantage of these networks and start signing up right now.

Selling Advertising Space

If you have an established blog, then one of the best ways to make money online fast is by selling advertising space. It requires nothing on your part, but the fact you have a blog which is already generating money. The good news is that expansion of the internet has allowed for you to quickly find people looking to advertise on your blog. For example, the platform connects advertisers and buyers so they can exchange money for space. But, for you to benefit from this, it’s important for you to have a high level of traffic. This will ensure you can get more money for space on your blog. Here are a few tips to help sell your space and create an enticing blog –

  • Make sure there is a lot of content on your blog because this means more pages (impressions). Sellers are looking for blogs which offer a lot of impressions when purchasing space.
  • For you to find the best advertisers, I recommend you join the best networks. Right now, I can think of the only one which is It’s free to sign up and you can access a lot of advertisers right away. After you sell space, you do pay 25% to the network, but they provide you with everything you need.
  • To ensure the blog remains consistent, I encourage you only accept those advertisers who represent your brand.

This is a very lucrative opportunity for you and depending on the success of your blog, you can make a lot of money. Again, traffic and relevance are key so make sure you have a popular blog because this will increase your bottom line.

Selling Affiliate Products

An amazing way to make money and it doesn’t cost you anything (if you have a blog). Otherwise, you will need to invest in some marketing, but the ROI can be huge if you know how to market properly. To join affiliate networks is free and they all pay you different commission rates. If you have an established blog then you can just add some affiliate links to your blog and hopefully, the traffic will generate income. But, to increase your chances of conversions, relevance is key so make sure you add only those links which will stay consistent with your overall message.

Many blogs will list links for products that have nothing to do with their message and this hurts the overall user experience. When you hurt the overall experience, you will lower the user engagement and this is when you start to decrease your bottom line.


This is becoming more popular as blog owners start to establish themselves online. With experience, your overall value is increased and you can ask for money to consult smaller blogs getting in the industry. The funny thing is many of the smaller blogs will pay you a lot of money to avoid the same mistakes you made when getting started. In other words, they will pay a lot of money for your knowledge and experience…it’s that simple! So, what are some areas you can consult?

consultant money mobe

Let’s look at the top 3

First, many people hire consultants to learn about blogging and how to get started. They ask for a breakdown of the things to avoid and what things to focus on. Since experienced bloggers have been through all the steps, they can provide valuable insight into how to start a blog. Secondly, consulting can be done from anywhere in the world so is accessible to everyone. This means there’s more money available for those consulting to make. You can attract customers from North America, Europe, and even Australia. Third, getting paid has become very easy and you can accept payments within a few minutes. For example, you can accept payments through PayPal. This is the most well-known system of getting paid accepted all over the world.

Finally, consulting is NOT decreasing and is growing throughout the years. As you continue to gain experience, more people are searching for ways to make money so need someone with experience by their side. If you are in the consulting phase, then you can make a lot of money providing your expertise and insight to everyone else.

Remember, for you to get started with consulting, it’s important that you take time to learn the industry and become experienced. It’s only then that you’ll be able to sell your skills and knowledge for a good amount of money. But, trust me when I say it’s well worth it and you can make a lot of money doing it.

Connecting People

By this, I mean connecting people within the same niche and taking a cut for making the introduction. This can be very lucrative if you know the right people in similar niches. Many times, you’ll know someone that another person in a similar niche will like to know. For this reason, others will pay a lot of money for the right introduction to take place. You’ll be the middleman in the introduction and this can make you a lot of money going forward. But, again it’s all about knowing the right people so you can make a lot of money.

Connecting People

I like to call this form of introduction “outreach” because you are connecting with others through email and working to a network for a better cause. Maybe the outreach will get you a guest post, free trial or even investment. However, no matter what it is, you should be focused on connecting people who are relevant to each other and getting paid for your effort.

Final Thoughts

There are so many ways you can make money online fast without investing any money. But, it all comes down to what you love to do and following your passion. This business is all about following your passion because you’ll stay consistent and make more money over time. Go through and read this content again, and implement the options available above. See what works best for you and what has the highest ROI because this is the industry you ultimately want to end up working in. I hope you enjoyed my 5 ways to make money online fast without investing any money in start.


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