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chad November 23, 2017

Chad Arrington| Viral Content | Content is the backbone of every successful blog. If you look at the difference between a successful blog and one which can’t attract a following, you’ll notice it must do with the difference in value. If you do a search online, you’ll learn how all the top bloggers mentioned “value” as the number one factor in creating their brand. This was also the one thing I had to change to be very successful in my blogging efforts. I want to clear up one thing though –

Viral Content

I’m a freelance content writer and have 2 of my own blogs. I could secure contracts online by writing great content. I struggled before that before I didn’t understand the value of quality content until late in my blogging career. Next, my 2 blogs started to pick up momentum when I started to write high-quality content for my readers. This allowed me to start out and offer something my competitors were not. Those are the two important things you need to keep in mind before moving forward. With that said, today let’s look at the following – how to make money by creating content which goes viral and attracts an audience. Let’s get started and your feedback will be greatly appreciated in the comment box below.

Viral Content


Everything starts with research. By doing research, you’ll know where to focus your attention so you can produce the content people are looking for. By writing content which solves a common problem within your niche, you can guarantee that your audience will engage with it. This about it, doesn’t the content you read provide you some sort of value or solution? This is what makes it so attracting and you connect with the brand. What that said, make use of the tools you have at your disposal. Here are a few you should use –

internet history

Google Keyword Planner –

This tool is free and will provide you with a breakdown of the keyword trending. The trending keywords are the ones you should be focusing on people they are in demand.

Google Search –

A great way to find out what people are typing within the search field. You’ll notice when you start to type in a search phrase that Google will generate other phrases automatically. These are related terms which are gaining popularity so will be great to focus on when writing content. After doing your search, scroll to the bottom of your page because you’ll find the “searches related to” section with great ideas.

Google Trends –

Another awesome tool where you type in your target keyword and it will generate keywords gaining search volume. These are very low competitive keywords and are great to write content on. Because they are low competitive keywords, you will be able to gain momentum easily within the search results generating a lot of free organic traffic. But, remember to do your searches based on your “target” keyword so you find the most relevant keywords for your content.

Now, let’s get some actual tips proven to help your content go viral.

Odd Number Content

When writing headlines, add odd numbers because people love lists. These days people are looking for content which will provide them value quickly. What better way than to write content which is a list. For example, “20 ways to” or “25 new weight loss tips.”. Statistically, this type of content has been known to outperform all other types because it provides people with quick step-by-step explanations. What’s also intriguing is that if you’re going to be using numbered list, then add an odd number, not even. A case study done by Conductor showed a 20% increase in CTR when the last post included an odd number.

For more tips on a list-type post, do a quick search on Google and you’ll find loads of awesome tips. Examine these posts and check out their format so you can create something similar.

Shorter URL’s

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why shorter URL’s convert better than others, but statistically, they do. From the top of my head, I think they perform better for the following reasons –

First, they contain the main keyword within them statistically placed without too many other keywords around them. Secondly, they look cleaner and when people view them it builds confidence leading to a higher CTR. Third, they don’t get cut off in the search results again leading to a clear looking URL. This builds user confidence leading to a click-through which otherwise would not be performed. I want you to do an experiment right now by heading to Google and typing in a search phrase. You’ll notice how a most of the results which appear have short URL’s and they don’t get caught off in the search results for Viral Content.

The next time you are writing content, I recommend shortening your URL’s so they can be cleaner and visible in the search results.

Short Introduction (Not Long)

That’s right! Many people think that because their writing longer content, the introduction must belong too. However, statistically shorter introductions perform better than longer ones. When people are looking for information, they are trying to find it quickly so don’t want to read long introductions of Viral Content. They want to jump into the main content and start pulling out the value right away. When your writing content, I recommend putting most of your effort when writing the body of your content. Keep the introduction and conclusion as short as possible. Here’s a quick strategy that I use to focus more on the body then the introduction.

Write the introduction last after completing the body of the content. This will allow you to compress the introduction as short as possible because you’ll be straight to the point. Many times, we end up writing long introduction because we are a bit confused about what our focus would be. Finishing the content than writing the introduction is a great way to keep the introduction as short as possible.

Viral Content bd

Include Infographics

Infographics are amazing because they provide enormous value quickly. They are displayed as images, charts, and graphs all telling a story about the topic at hand. Not only that, but they look great when shared on social media i.e. Facebook and Twitter. I suggest you make use of infographics when creating content because this way you can provide a lot of value quickly. You can also share the infographic on social media after doing outreach to generating shares and traffic. At one point, infographics were hard to create and required you to hire someone with image editing skills, but now they can create within minutes. Tools like Piktochart is one of the most popular infographic tools on the market. It’s also very cheap and gives you everything you need when start to Viral Content marketing. Here are a few additional tips –

  • Stay focused on your message and topic idea
  • Use all the images and charts available at your disposal
  • Don’t forget to share once you’re done
  • Do your research before gett start because you can gather a lot of cool ideas to use when creating your infographic.

Study the Times You Publish Content

Viral Content marketing and email marketing are alike timing. You want to publish or send emails when you know they will get the highest conversions. This reason, it’s important you study the engagement times of your content and you do have tools available at your disposal. For example, Google Analytics will provide you with everything you need to find about your content engagement. An example, they will give you a breakdown of location, pages, bounce rate and engagement times. Use this information to post and share your content at the times where most people will interact with it.

The more people interacting with your content, the higher likelihood that others will share your content building momentum to your page quickly I recommend studying the engagement times for 30 days so you know what is the most optimal time to publish your content going forward.

Final Thoughts

Once your content goes viral, you can start to embed smart affiliate links that will earn you a commission. Keep in mind, the Viral Content marketing business is all about gaining traffic and then converting them into customers earning you money for each sale. Use the tips outlined above to get a start and don’t forget to keep track of your DATA. Content marketing is about trial and error finding out what works best for your audience.

Take time to read through this content once more and apply each of the strategies. See how each one help your bottom-line so you can continue to utilize it going forward. Start now and don’t forget to leave your comments in the box below. If you have any other content marketing tips, you can leave them below too, start now.


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