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chad November 24, 2017

Chad Arrington | Mobile Application |  There are so many ways to make money online. The change can be credited to the expansion of the internet and how you have so many opportunities available that were not around before. The internet has connected the online and mobile market allowing you to make money through selling applications. I know so many developers who create and sell applications to earn money. It helps that Apple and Google both offer online stores for you to market your application after it has been created. The only thing you should be concerned with is developing a popular application so you can earn lots of money. I have worked with two people who have successfully started websites and sold mobile application making enormous money. Today, I’ll be going through the steps involved in making money online through mobile applications.

Let’s get started and if you have any questions, please leave them in the comment box below.


If you’ve read my other content, then you the importance I put on research. With solid research, you can learn a lot about the market, competition and what to avoid. Many people I know don’t put emphasis on research and this has slowed down their progress greatly. I, on the other hand, make sure to invest a few weeks into collecting data so I know exactly what to do when getting started. Doing the right research helps me avoid the following –

  • Common mistakes made by others within the industry
  • Find where to focus and helps me narrow it down completely
  • Know how much I’ll have to invest
  • Know what to expect when getting started so I won’t get caught off guard

Once you’ve done your research, you can start to put your website together. You’ll either fall into two categories –

1) You will have your own established website with traffic and loyalty. Or

2) You will create your own website with the focus on selling the application. The site will be created to market your mobile application.

The best way to research when starting out is to visit and observe your competition. See what they have done and how you can make it better. Head over to mobile app stores and view the most popular application because they will provide a great overview of the stuff you should be focusing on. After researching, you can start to develop your application. This is not hard either because you can approach this step in two ways also.

own Mobile Application

Development of Application

The internet has connected people all over the world and this will work towards your advantage. How? You can find freelancers all over the world who will help you with your project. For example, India offers a great selection of freelancers which you can hire and get your application created for a fraction of the price. You just must be clear about what you want and make sure you meet with them online to make sure things are progressing in the right direction. Next,

The two clients have been well-versed in programming so took care of all the work themselves. They could find great resources on the Apple and Google development websites. When developing an application, both Apple and Google have provided a developer portal to guide you. Using the information available on their development site, you will be able to create a compatible application.

Pricing Your Application

The typical pricing for an application is $0.99. Now many of you are probably thinking this is way too low, but consider the sales. If you can get 5 million downloads and purchases per year, you’ve just generated 5 million dollars. Obviously, you need to subtract the marketing and cost for upgrading every few months (we’ll discuss later). Another thing you want to keep in mind is the additional revenue streams a lot of these applications have. For example, games will allow you to purchase weapons and other items. This can all be money in the bank long-term.

I recommend visiting some of the most popular games and observe what they are doing. This will give you a great indication of what you can do to earn additional revenue from your application.

Marketing Your Application

Marketing your application starts with the mobile store. When you are done developing your application, it’s important you list it right away from both application stores i.e. iTunes and Google. Once listed you can start to generate sales almost immediately. For your application to be on the top of each category or listed in the “trending” section you must have either a lot of sales or downloads for the week. To achieve this, I recommend marketing your application on other platforms too. For example,

Mobile Application

1) Paid traffic – invest in some paid marketing and keep an eye on your budget. Try it out and see how the sales generated. This is a great way to gather additional data on how to tweak ads going forward.

2) Website – try to buy some ad space on popular websites. Choose a website relevant to your niche and purchase space for one month from them. See the ROI and how many sales you generate.

3) Social Media – a great way to market your mobile application because you can narrow down the audience on social media. Select interests, gender, groups and more. Again, keep a close eye on your budget.

Your main objective is to generate sales and/or downloads so people will leave reviews. The higher the reviews, the higher your application will rank within the category. Please read the next section on the things to consider when you’ve developed your application and are starting to advertise.

Things to Consider

Creating an application is one of the best ways to generate money, but you must keep a few things in mind afterward. First, you need to invest money in updating and maintenance. If you don’t then when mobile phones update their OS, your application will show errors. You need to stay up to date with the OS so your application runs without any interference. Secondly, it costs money to keep an application moving and functioning. For example, you might need to hire a team and invest in computer servers, etc.

Monthly, the cost for all of this can add up and a new company will have a hard time staying afloat. Third, how will you be able to manage the demand for improvements to your application? I’m sure many of your users will request some new features to be added. This does cost money and you will need to invest in your application again to keep customers happy.

My best advice is to talk to someone who has created an application and ask them questions about what to expect. This will prepare you for what to come.

Final Thoughts

Starting an application website can be lucrative if you put everything together the way. It all starts with research and involve in the application industry. The most time should send researching so you develop an application which people need. Focus a problem because this will make it easier on you’re to attract an audience.

Next, the development of your application can approach in two ways. The first is to hire a team (freelance) to create the application for you. Depending on the country you choose and freelancer, you can get an application created for a fraction of the price. Secondly, if you have the skills, you can take care of all the development. But, pay close attention to the requirements which can found on the Apple and Google app websites. They will provide you a step by step guide to follow when you start.

Mobile Application

If I was going to provide you with the best marketing method, I would suggest social media. Your ability to narrow down your audience will help you greatly in your marketing efforts. Facebook, for example, allows you to choose interest groups, gender, location and provides you with all the reports you need to tweak your campaign. The best thing is that Facebook doesn’t have to be expensive and I’ve paid anywhere around 0.03-0.10 per click. This is extremely low compared to all the other platforms.

With that said, if you not created a Facebook account, I recommend you start right now. Create a business page for your mobile application and create an ad campaign. Even if you have not finished creating your application I would create an account. It will add age to your account which is good when marketing, and allow you to see what kind of things to expect once you do start marketing.

Start right now and please read through the content again. Create notes and then take whatever need for Mobile Application.


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