Lessons from The Top Bloggers Online. Learn Them.
chad November 10, 2017

You have a choice because blogging can be either easy or hard, and it comes down to how you approach it. Over the years, blogging has changed a lot and you need to stay on point to get the most out of it. It’s changed because people are always creating new content, blogs and the competition is higher then ever before. This doesn’t mean you can’t do well, but means that you’ll have to push harder then you did several years ago. I have ben very fortunate because over the last 10 years I have worked with many bloggers in different niches. This means I was able to pickup lessons from everywhere which helps me expand and not make the same mistakes. With that said,


I decided to research the web and find some of the best lessons provided by authority bloggers. It’s amazing what I learned and amazing how you can apply these easily. Today. We’ll be talking about 5-6 of the best lessons learned online and why you should implement them into your blogging right away. If you have any questions, please list them in the comment box below the content. Let’s get started.

1) Research

This was one of the first things mentioned by several bloggers and I totally agree. These days research is very important so you know who is your competition and you can gather the valuable information you need when writing content. By doing research, you’ll be able to figure out what people want to read, where they go to read it, and what you need to do to outshine them. Research will also allow you to create some of the best content online which is important if you want to outrank your competition. With that said, here are the three places you should start with –

Google Search – a simple search will provide you with loads of free information. Make sure you do targeted searches and see what other keywords come up. These will be awesome topics to write about.

Google Trends – a great place to find trending keywords which are untapped. By being the first to write about them, you’ll have an easier time ranking in the search engines. However, make sure when researching on Google Trends, you use the main keywords based on your website.

Quora – this is a great community to read question and get answers to questions. You should use it to find what questions are being asked the most so you can create a valuable piece of content from it.

2) Outreach

This has changed the way I blog and how long it takes for me to build momentum online. What use to take several years to grow my blog now takes a few days depending on the network I have. But, for you to take advantage of outreach, you need to make sure it gets done correctly. With that said, here are some of the best tips online about outreach and how you can make the most of it –

First, you want to make sure the bloggers you reach out to are as close to your niche as possible. This will ensure that when you do outreach and are successful, you’ll be able to get the full benefit from the momentum. Secondly, you want to know how each blogger can help you out. For example, you want to search for guest posting opportunities and see if they can help share your content too. Third, be genuine in your approach meaning that you want to see how both of you guys can help each other out. The more benefit you are able to provide the blogger, the better for you long-term too.

Once you have done your outreach, you can start to contact each one seeing how you can help each other. With that said, let’s move onto the next tip.

Quality Content


Many bloggers have been spoiled because they think you can write any type of content and build your brand. The reason they are under this mentality is because this was the case years ago but has now changed. Nowadays, you need to focus on the quality of your content and make sure you publish your best work. If you don’t then keep in mind someone else will come out and outshine you. With that said, you need to focus on putting together the best piece of content online and should research before starting. For example, here are some of the best tips provided when it comes to writing content for engagement –

First, choose topics that people want to read. I’ve noticed some of the best content solves a common problem within your niche. If you can write content which solves a major problem, then you’ll have an easier time outshining your competition. Secondly, make sure your content is easy to engage with so reduce clutter where you can. For example, space it out and make sure the font you choose is easy on the eyes. Third, make sure it’s full of substance and includes images because this makes it easier to engage. For example, some people prefer to pull out the value from images and not text. Make sure you add the right amounts of images to your post. Here’s the thing,

Use the research strategies which I have outlined above to help you find the best topics to write about. Look for a pattern on how often these questions get asked.

Use Social Media

Social media has changed the way we interact with people and the world. It’s also allowed bloggers a channel to build themselves through content marketing. A single tweet can boost traffic within a short period and this has even grown the popularity of social media. It’s a cost-effective way to build yourself and engage your readers with very little work. But, you need to make sure you are doing it correctly. Here’s what you should do step-by-step in simplistic terms –

First, join the biggest networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Setup your account and include images, description and other details. Start following people so they can start to follow you back. Promote your best content and try to automate the process by using some of the fancy tools available to you. Remember, share your best content so people always see the awesome value they are gaining by following you. For more social media tips, you should search on Google and go through some of the awesome case studies.

Consistency Matters

You are going to have readers who depend on your content to provide them with solutions. They have come to your blog to find value which you have been providing them over the last few weeks. It’s important you keep providing this value to them and make sure content is posted following a solid schedule as you’ve always had. You don’t need to post everyday, but it is recommended to post 2-3 times per week. Make sure under no circumstance do you change this posting schedule because you have people who have gotten use to your posts getting published 2-3 times per week.

Here are some tips to help you stay on schedule –

If your using WordPress, you’ll be able to install a plugin which keeps track of your posting schedule. This will help you remember what you have scheduled and on what day. Next, you can always hire a freelancer to help you do some work just in case you don’t have time to write content. This will help you stay on track and remain focused when you are busy and don’t have enough time. Third, if you are overwhelmed and can’t afford a freelancer, then you might want to consider reducing the amount of time you are posting. For example, instead of posting 3 times per week, you can only post twice because it’s easier for you.

Email Marketing


Bloggers will never down play the importance of email marketing. It’s important to collect subscribers from day one and have a follow-up sequence setup for them. This way they remain in the loop and remain loyal readers. By letting them know when new content is posted, you’ll be able to direct them to your blog and have them share your content. This not only increases traffic but will build your brand too. There are many email marketing services available so do a quick search in Google to find some of them.

Final Thoughts

If you are a blogger or are deciding to start one, then these are some tips to help you out. These tips will help guide your focus so you know exactly what you should and shouldn’t be doing going forward. If you need any more tips, then do a quick search in Google and you’ll be able to find a whole bunch of them quickly. If you have any questions, please post them in the comment box below the content. Thanks and good luck.