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chad November 17, 2017

Chad Arrington | Email Open Rates | Email marketing is huge and can do a lot for your bottom line. When done correctly, it’ll drive a lot of traffic to your blog and build loyalty too. When I first started online one of the biggest mistakes I made was not collecting email addresses. This delayed how quick I was able to build loyalty among my readers and slowed down the growth of my blog. However, if you haven’t started to collect email subscribers then you can start doing this right now by following these simple steps listed below. For example, what you’ll be learning below if how to research the right email marketing providers, set up your form, create your messages, and what you can do to increase the opens.

email marketing statistics

Let’s get started right now and you can post any questions you have below.


Everything I do is always started with the right research because you’ll learn where you should focus to Increase Email Open Rates. A simple search in Google will provide you with a list of email marketing providers which give you everything you need to run a successful campaign. For example, some things which matter when getting started with email marketing are –

  • Ability to build forms easily
  • Send autoresponders
  • Keep track of messages sent
  • Tweak and optimize your campaigns
  • And affordability

In the end, you want to find an email marketing provider who will provide you all of those above for an affordable price. The good news is that many of the ones I’ve researched will provide you with all of the above features. I suggest going through the list of providers which show up during your search and selecting the one you are comfortable with. You’ll also be able to sign up for a free trial which is a great way to find which ones work the best for your purpose,

Adding a Form

When you sign up with an email marketing provider, you’ll need to add forms to your website to start collecting subscribers. Many of the providers do offer you pre-made forms which you can implement quickly to get the best result for Email Open Rates. I recommend using them when starting out so you can be up and running in no time. But, if you do have some additional design skills, then you have the option of customizing them too. The next part you need to worry about is where to add these forms for optimal conversions. For example, there is no point in having formed on your websites if you are not able to achieve conversions. For this reason, I will like to offer you the following advice –

First, add forms below your content so that’s the last thing the reader see’s before leaving. Hopefully, after leaving your content they find you credible and sign up. Next, add forms on the sidebar of your website because it will appear on every page giving readers a higher chance to sign up. Third, you can even try adding them as a pop-up so that’s the only thing they see when they arrive or before this leave. This has been proven to increase conversions too.

The final advice I will provide is that it’s important to try a different place and collect data because some areas will work better than others when going for conversions. Collect data for 30-60 days then make your final decision on where they belong.

Email Sequence

Very important for Email Open Rates, when building loyalty and engaging your readers. Through a solid email sequence, you’ll be able to keep your readers informed and even increase sales. Email marketing is also a great way to increase engagement because the more content your readers will read, the more they’ll share. With that said,

You should set up an automatic email sequence to go off once someone is added to your subscriber list. Messages should be sent automatically and you should plan what needs to be included. For example, what content you’ll like to include when you’ll like to send them and other elements to increase engagement. The good thing about setting up an automatic sequence is that you’ll soon figure out what’s working and what’s not. This way you can tweak the messages for higher engagement and for building loyalty. Here are a few things you want to keep an eye on –

  • When the messages go out and how often they should
  • How you’ll be keeping a track on click-throughs and performance
  • If you should change the form around and the placement
  • The subject line
  • The text you’ll like to include in the body

Email Open and Click-Through

Once you have your email marketing sequence in place, you need to collect data so you know what’s working and what’s not. Personally, from my own experience, I know there are two very important areas which matter when you are creating the most engaging email campaign with best Email Open Rates. If you can master these both, then you’ll have an email marketing campaign in place which not only gets opened but which gets clicked. Let’s explore both of them now –

Email Open Rates

Opens – you want to make sure your email messages get opened because this means they are getting read by the recipient. There are two ways you can do this. First, you want to ensure the subject line is attracting triggering the person to open the message. Second, you want to ensure the “from” field has the optimized so the person doesn’t think it’s spam. For example, I like including my first name and company name because this shows professionalism.

Click-throughs – you want to keep an eye on the body of the message and what you include. Make sure it matches the purpose and links out several times throughout the message. This will give your reader a higher chance to click-through to your website. You also want to make sure you keep the text short and right to the point. You want to ensure the reader gets the point of the message quickly without having to read too much before reaching the call-to-action.

Once you have perfected your message, you can move to the next section which is to analyze the data and make tweaks where applicable.

Collecting The DATA

After about 30-60 days you’ll have enough data to analyze what’s been working and what needs to be improved for results. You are looking for specific data like Email Open Rates and click-through rate. Many of the email marketing providers will provide you with a control panel where you’ll be able to analyze the data from the backend. All you need to do is login in and go to the message which was sent out then analyze. It’s amazing what this type of information will tell you about the quality of your messages.

After you have enough data, you simply need to make adjustments to increase conversions. For example, if you have low open rates then you know the subject and “from” lines need to change. However, if the open rates are high and CTR is low, then you need to make changes to your message body and the links which are embedded. Overtime once you have all the major statistics and play around with the interface, you’ll know exactly what needs to change and what you can do to improve the success of your email marketing campaign quickly.

Get started now by observing your statistics and make whatever changes you can make.

Final Thoughts

Email marketing is huge and can double your conversion rates when done correctly. However, you need to make sure all the elements of your email marketing has implemented right. For example, you need to start with the right email provider. Because choosing the right one will give you all the features you need. For example, it’s even easier to implement a form. And collect subscribers when you have premade forms, tracking, and simple code to embed into your website. Next, you want to test out the different placements on your website to find out which ones show the highest conversions.

You are trying to find out if adding a form to the bottom of your content, side or a popup has the highest ROI. Third, the autoresponder sequence should automate and triggered when someone opts into your form. This can do in the backend and should also teste for conversions. After, you’ll have a chance to make adjustments to your messages. And change them so they are more effective at engaging your readers.

Email Open Rates

In the end of it all, you need to make changes where applicable. So collect as much data as you can so you can tweak it correctly. From my own personal experience, it takes anywhere from 30-60 days to gather the right statistics. Which will provide you with enough insight. The good news is everything you need can found on the backend of your email service provider. So, pay close attention to the stats and adjust where you can to get a higher ROI.


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