How to Boost E-Commerce Sales Very Quickly – Proven Methods
chad November 27, 2017

Chad Arrington | E-Commerce Sales | The E-commerce game is amazing and when done right, you can put a lot of money in your pocket. However, I’m surprised at the number of people who don’t know how to utilize e-commerce the right way. They do the same old stuff over again and this slows down their overall progress. In 2007, I did run an e-commerce website and learned a lot about driving traffic and how to increase conversions. I think it’s important if you are going to be starting your own E-Commerce Sales website that you take time to figure out the most advanced strategies.

e-commerce sales

You don’t want to be doing the same things as your competition because this will slow you down and your overall conversions. High competition means you’re fighting for the same audience and this is not good for your bottom line. You need to find a way to give your shop an edge over your competition. This is the way to stand out and attract people to shop with you and no one else. It’s amazing what you can learn by doing research online. So, here’s what I’ve decided to do today –

E-Commerce Sales

Today, I’ll be talking about quick ways to boost e-commerce sales. By implementing these strategies, you’ll be able to gain visibility and exposure. You’ll be able to attract an audience and build loyalty. This will help generate sales and increase your bottom-line. Let’s get started and if you have any questions, please post them in the comment box below the content.

Existing Customers

If you have an E-Commerce Sales website that’s been around for years, then the best way to increase your bottom-line quickly is by targeting your existing customers. Hopefully, you have created an email list of your past clients so now it’s time to re-market to them. It’s time for you to go through your list of customers to see what they have been purchasing then segment your email list. By doing this, you can send out different types of emails depending on the type of product your sending. From my knowledge, I know that whenever a customer places an order their email address will be kept in the backend. Take advantage of this feature and start sending email messages about specials, discounts, and new products.

e-commerce sales existing clients

If you, prefer to integrate another email service provider then download an application offered by your e-commerce hosting solution. For example, when I had my E-Commerce Sales store in 2007 I was using Volusion so integrated AWeber which was the ESP I was using at the time. This is a very easy process to accomplish and there are a lot of videos provided in the backend that show you how to create the integration.

Trustworthy Environment

People love to feel safe so provide everyone who comes to your website a secure feeling. For example, I’ve spent enormous time making my website secure by adding verifications seals, etc. You need to keep in mind that people will be using their credit card on your website so want to know their information won’t be hacked. Think about the amount of time you’ve arrived on a website and left without completing a transaction because the site didn’t look safe to you. So, you can imagine how people will react when they arrive on your website and can’t find any verification symbols.

Here’s the good news, you can buy seals from your hosting provider and switch to SSL very easily from within your hosting provider. If you are using an E-commerce hosting plan, then watch the tutorials in the backend where they walk you through the process of securing your website.

Video Work Very Well

Many times, people are unsure about making a purchase because they don’t see the benefit of the product immediately. So, they go a search around for a while until they are sure the product they are looking at will provide a benefit and the product is just right for them. One way to close the sale right away and increase your conversions is by creating videos. These videos are based on products from your inventory and show the customers an in-depth look at the product they are interested in. If the customer can find all the information they want on your website, they will go and checkout right away. This will increase your conversions and your bottom-line.

ecommerce video

High-Quality Images

Above I talked about the power of videos and high-quality images will help too. Quality images are important because they show fine detail about the product. A customer can also see through the image that it is the exact same product they are looking to purchase. I can’t count the amount of time that I’ve arrived at an online store and the image pushed me from purchasing the product. I simply couldn’t tell if it was the same product I’m interested in buying or if it’s a completely different product.


This day and age, you need to pay close attention to mobile devices and how this generates enormous sales for you. Google even knows the importance so rolled out the mobile update several years back. This gave everyone with a responsive website a quick jump in the rankings. But, if you are running an e-commerce website then it’s more important because you generate sales and trying to increase your bottom line. If someone can’t see your store using their mobile device, then they leave and not come back. It will leave a bad first impression, so these people will refuse to come back and complete a sale on your website. With that said, make sure your store is mobile responsive by running a test in Google.

mobile responsive ecommerce website

However, from my knowledge a lot of these E-Commerce Sales hosting plans will give you access to mobile responsive templates, so you don’t need to worry about making the change anyway. But, go ahead and run a test anyway so you know the store is fine.

Top Selling Items Section

I know how some people will love a brand and not want to spend hours skimming through a list of products. For this reason, I encourage you to take time to create a best-selling section, so customers can see what’s hot on your website. This will save people time since in most cases people want to buy the hottest products trending anyway. E-commerce hosting solutions provide an easy way to implement this feature because all you need to do is create a category…that’s end. The backend has been configured to keep track of the hottest selling items so all that’s left is for them to be displayed.

Holiday Promotions

Rest assure your competition will be cashing in when the holidays enter so be prepared always. No need for your sales to slow down because your competition decided to offer great discounts and you didn’t. Gather discounts from your distributors and offer them to your customers. This is a great way to build loyalty and continue to build your brand at the same time. The way I look at it is –


The higher your customer count and email list, the higher your overall conversions because these are people who have already purchased from you and trust your brand. Next time, you’ll simply have to shoot them an email message and you’ll be ready to generate sales. Trust me this was one of the ways I generated enormous sales when I was running my e-commerce website.

Different Payment Options

People have so many different preferences when it comes to making payment. It’s important for you to offer them all to your customers. If you don’t, your customer will end up placing an order where they will accept their payment method. I recommend you visit your competition and see what payment methods they are using and the fees they are charging. Then incorporate the same ones into your store. This will ensure you get the sales because the customer will be able to complete their purchase.

paymentway e-commerce

Final Thoughts

Running an E-Commerce Sales store can be tough especially when you are starting out. However, you can learn from those before you. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love competition because I can learn a lot from them. I use them to gain insight into the marketing methods which work and how design effects engagement. Also, I encourage you to do the same because you’ll save enormous time and money by learning from some else’s mistakes. Above I have listed some cool methods on how to generate sales quickly. Start to implement them in your store going forward and don’t forget to collect the data too. This way you’ll find out which methods are working the best and generating the most sales for you. Soon you’ll see a pattern developing which will help you increase conversions.

If you have any thoughts of your own, please leave them in the comment box below. DO any other methods belong on our list?


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