How Can I Make Money Online – Quick Guide
chad November 29, 2017

Chad Arrington | Welcome to another part of my series where we’ll be exploring how you can make money online. It’s amazing how the world of internet marketing is changing and how you can so easily make money online. But, you need to know what’s working and what’s not so you don’t waste your time doing anything which doesn’t give you an ROI. With that said, I’ve already talked about starting a blog and writing content to attract readers. Today, we’ll be talking about starting a blog and simply just marketing to sell affiliate products.

Money Online

This is a very lucrative niche too if things are done the right way. It’s important you do the right kind of research to make sure you are getting involved in an industry with lots of demand. Your profit depends on your ability to attract an audience and convert them into buying customers. Let’s start.

Money Online

To save time, I will conclude that you own a blog and have a decent amount of traffic. This way I can jump right into finding the best products and marketing channels.


Everything started with research and you should take a few weeks to make sure it’s done correctly. By understanding the market, you’ll be saving a lot of money not getting involved in something without demand. The lesser the demand, the less money you’ll be bringing in. With that said,

Money Online research

Visit communities, forums, and other blogs just to find out what they are talking about and selling. I would also visit shopping sites like Amazon and eBay to see what kinds of products are on the bestseller lists. Write down what information you have found and then you can start to visit sites which offer an affiliate program to start promoting relevant products. From my own experience, I’ve found the health, wealth, and romance niches are a great place to start. Everyone is always looking for ways to make money, stay healthy, and are looking for love.

Create a list and then move to the next step…

Joining Affiliate Networks

Over the years, the work for you has been cut in half because you need to join 2-3 affiliate networks which will provide you with all the products you need. For example, Amazon has a great affiliate program that gives you access to all the products you need. You go through copying the product links and then pasting them into your website. You can join Clickbank which is a great network if you are looking to sell digital eBooks to people. A lot of people do prefer this type of reading because they can access it through their mobile phone. Next, Commission Junction is a great network which has done all the work for you. They have partnered with some of the biggest brands in the world and provide you with all the marketing tools you need to generate sales.

You can also do a quick search on Google and see what new platforms have entered the market. Many of these networks are free to join so apply to as many as you can. It will give you more choices when marketing products.

Choose the Right Products

For Making Money Online One of the most important things is to choose the right products. You don’t want to sell low-end products because this will hurt your reputation and buyers will opt to refund the product. In the end. This will hurt your overall success and people will stop buying from you. Here are a few things to pay close attention to when choosing the right products –

  • Commission rate – you want to make sure you are getting paid a fair commission rate for your efforts. No point in selling a product which pays you 2% commission. I recommend looking for products with a commission rate of 10%-15%.
  • Choose a product high in demand and popularity. Many of these networks will give you a great indication of popularity and average sales per day. The more, the better the product so pay close attention to this statistic.
  • Do your own research and by this, I mean do some research on Google to see what others are saying about the product. The better the reviews, the higher chance that someone will buy the product. This will also ensure more people are happy with their purchase and will most likely not refund the product.

Add Links in The Right Place

Before you can start to market your products, you will have to add links in the right place. The best approach is to write high-value content and then embed links within the content. This way you are providing value and offering the product as an additional resource. This strategy has worked very well for me in the past and I recommend you use the same approach going forward.

If you are linking directly to the product, then it’s important you have some sort of landing page. A landing page will allow you to collect email addresses so you can continue to market your product going forward. To find out more about the creation of landing pages, do a quick search in Google for “build landing page” and start to skim through all the content. With landing pages, it about trial and error until you find an optimal conversion rate. It’s recommended to stick to a conversion rate of 10%-20% because this will ensure that you will turn a profit even when paying a lot of Money Online for marketing.


The most important part of affiliate marketing because without traffic you won’t be able to generate any sales Money Online. The good news is, you have so many options available to you when it comes to marketing. I’ll list the 3 most valuable traffic generation option you have at your disposal.

AdWords A great traffic source because the people this network attracts are very high quality. They are always ready to buy something and with the right marketing strategy (ad copy), you can generate a lot of sales. The only negative is that depending on the niche your involved in, you can be paying a lot of money per click which could be a lot of money for someone who is getting started.

make money online

With AdWords, you have the option to do contextual ads and banner.

Social MediaFacebook offers a great way for you to communicate with people all over the world. Not to mention, a lot of people are using Facebook each day. This means with the right marketing strategy, you can generate a lot of sales on social media. Through Facebook Insights, you can find out a lot about your audience which is invaluable when setting up ads on other platforms.

The cost is cheaper than AdWords, but again you want to keep a close eye on your marketing budget. It’s very easy for you to carry away with your spending if you don’t budget it monthly and cap your daily spending.

OrganicOne of the best ways to generate traffic and it’s free. If you get into the right niche, you can rank high in the SERP’s in a very short period. But, again, you need to be in the right niche for you to drive organic traffic quickly. With that said, SEO is a very timely progress and requires patience and relies on quality link building. It’s recommended your build links slowly, and continue to network with other bloggers for guest posting opportunities. This will help build your reputation and help you drive traffic quickly.

Links from high-quality blogs through guest posting are valuable to your bottom line. Start by doing research online and finding high-quality blogs within your niche. Contact each owner asking if they accept guest posts.

Final Thoughts

Making money through affiliate marketing is huge for your bottom line. But, for you to cash in, you need to know the basics involved. Above, we talked about the research process, joining affiliate networks, embedding links and then finding the right marketing channels. It’s time to start, but don’t forget how important the research process is in this entire process. Without research, you won’t be able to find what products are high in demand and will burn both time and money without any solid ROI in the end, After, you have narrowed down the right product line, you can start to put the rest of the process into play.

There are several resources available online which you can view to find out more about affiliate marketing. A great place to start also is by visiting This platform has a lot of free material that’s available for viewing by everyone. It’s important not to deterred because everything is a learning process and it does take the time to figure out what’s working and what’s not.

Please read through this material again and make some notes along the way. Start applying each strategy and narrowing down which ones work best for you and start making Money Online.


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