Herbalife MLM Program Review
chad November 8, 2017

Multi-level marketing companies are popping up everywhere so it’s becoming harder to find the right one. Over the last several months, I will be writing about several programs to help you make the right choice. There are many factors you should be looking at when choosing an MLM program to promote and join. Remember, you will be spending your hard-earned money so it’s only natural to be careful where you invest it going forward. Be sure to read my other reviews before looking over this one. I’m publishing 2-3 reviews each week on different MLM companies so check them out. With that said, Today, we’ll be looking at Herbalife and their Herbalife MLM program. I’ll be going over the main features, the payment structure, and the positives.


I’ll also dedicate a part of this content to talking about the negative aspects of the program. Let’s get started and if you have any thoughts, please leave them in the comment box below the content.

What is Herbalife MLM?

It’s a company that sells nutritional products and was founded in the 1980’s. It was founded by a gentleman named Mark Hughes and continues to grow throughout the years even after his untimely death. When people say the success of the company can be attributed to the quality of products and how people feel after using them. For example, high-quality products mean that the company has a great reputation and more people will buy from them. When they saw the company grew because of the response to their products, Herbalife introduced a multi-level marketing program. This program gave people the opportunity to earn money from promoting their products.

I wrote a great piece of content on Amway and can honestly say how Herbalife would be its biggest competitor. Both are MLM companies which produce high-quality products and the growth of both of them is attributed to their awesome MLM program and payment structure. Before I continue, here is what the company sells and what they are known for –

  • Personal Care
  • Weight management
  • Energy and Fitness
  • Targeted Nutrition

You can check out their complete line of products on their website at www.herbalife.com.

Their distributor or MLM program is called the Gold Standard program.

The Payment Structure

This is a multi-level marketing company which only offers a tier-2 type structure. By this I mean, you will make money for the products you sell and those sold by the people you directly bring in. Some MLM opportunities will allow you to make money from those people brought in by people directly underneath you. But, with Herbalife, this is not the case so you do have to work a bit harder than others. So, how does the payment structure work and what do you need to know –


you will be paid a commission for everyone you bring into the program. The commission will be paid on the difference you make from the sale of a product. For example, when you join the Herbalife program, you will be able to pick up their products at a discounted price. Then, when you are selling them, you will be able to mark them up to make a profit through each sale. However, you need to make sure when marking up each product, you take the time to stay competitive because if you don’t then someone else will steal your customers. But, this is not the only way you can make money because you’ll be able to earn a commission through other people you bring into the program.

However, before I continue, it’s important to mention that you have so many ways to market your product. For example, these days you can be marketing online, direct mouth to mouth, and through paid advertising.


Each person you bring into the program, you paid for a commission for the products they pick up from Herbalife MLM. This is a great way to earn money because you paid for the effort you put into people to join the program. If you get enough people into the program, you’ll be able to earn a great commission which will earn you a lot of money going forward. The amount you paid depend on the amounts of products that purchased by the person you referred to the program. However, the more people you have referred to the program, the more sales you’ll be getting because they all will be buying. This will be amazing for your bottom-line.

How Much to Join?

To join Herbalife MLM and become a distributor, it will cost you $59.00 for a membership. With this membership, you’ll get some training material and a discount on the products you will be purchasing. However, the investment will be more because you will need to pay for the products too which will cost you money. With that said, I would say you should have at least $4000.00 to start with because this will allow you to not only purchase the membership but will give you a chance to buy the right products that people want to buy. Another thing I know is that just like with any products, you’ll soon learn what is selling and what is not so will only be investing in products which you know you’ll be able to sell in return for a profit.

The Pros

Just like with every network, you want to be selective depending on the pros and cons of each. For this reason, I will be taking some time right now to go over the benefits of choosing the Herbalife MLM program. So, here are the pros that you receive when joining the Herbalife MLM program.

First, you have a great selection of products in various categories. This means you have a better chance to sell products since you are offering a wide range of them.

Secondly, the products offers are high-quality products and credible which increases the likelihood of making a sale. With high-quality products, you’ll be able to not only get new customers but will be able to keep the old ones coming back. Third, the pricing is very flexible and you’ll be able to set the price going forward. You will be picking them up for a fixed price but will be able to set whatever price you want going forward. This means you can continue to shift them around to remain competitive against others. Fourth, Herbalife is always expanding their selection of products so you’ll be able to offer your customers new products which are not only high quality but cutting edge.

Now that we have talked about the positives about the program, let’s look at some of the negatives associated with Herbalife MLM.

Herbalife MLM

The Cons

There are only two negatives I’ve noticed about the program which I’ll like to go through right now.

First, you’ll have a lot of competition when you join this program. It’s been a long-time and has been marketing to a lot of people over the years. People know this as selling high-quality products A lot of people are always joining this program. This means you need to compete with others and have a high likelihood of someone taking your customers. Secondly, you have other programs that are popping up similar with Herbalife. The problem is many of these new programs which are popping up are learning from Herbalife so are offering something better.

There might come a time that you’ll build a business and Herbalife closes down because they can no longer compete with the newer ones entering the MLM market. Right now this is not a problem, but you want to always keep an eye out on how your business is doing And what new changes are making around Herbalife?

Final Thoughts

I’ve always been a big fan of multi-level marketing program because they offer you many ways to earn money. Herbalife is another program which has proven itself to be a true player in the MLM game. They are on the list of 50 top MLM companies to associate with and continue to grow each year. As a matter of fact, they are number 3 on the list because of their authority. With that said, there are a few things you need to keep a close eye on when starting with Herbalife MLM. This will help you stand clear of making any mistakes. Here are my ultimate pointers –

First, I encourage you to do your own research when starting. This will allow you to see what MLM is all about and completely understand it before the start. Secondly, don’t start by investing your entire life savings into MLM because for some this will be a new project. Take some time to learn the programs and what it takes to be successful. Third, always make use of the training material that’s provided when you join. This will help you learn more about the program quickly.


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