Guide to Making Money By Blogging
chad November 15, 2017

Making Money By Blogging | Chad Arrington | Blogging has put a lot of money in the pockets of people especially because they have been able to use a website to make enormous money. The fact that blogging is so affordable now is allowing a lot of people to start a website quickly and within a few quick minutes. However, you still need to know what to do and have a game plan when going forward. For this reason, I have put together this guide to give you a walkthrough of the entire process. I know many of you have never started a blog before so don’t know where to start and it can be very confusing.

But, if you use this guide, you’ll be able to learn all the necessary steps to help you get started within a few quick minutes. So, what will we be going through today, let’s take a quick look –

Making Money By Blogging

Making Money By Blogging

First, we’ll be exploring how to find the right niche and choose a category which is competitive, but where you can make a lot of money. Secondly, we’ll be looking at choosing the right domain name and hosting plan. Third, we’ll look at the fundamentals of design and what factors matter when creating the perfect website. Fourth, we’ll be exploring writing content, and finally how to market your blog without spending a lot of money.

Let’s get started and your comments will be greatly appreciated.

Researching Niche

This is the first thing you need to pay close attention to because you need to choose the right niche for Making Money By Blogging. Being in the right niche will provide you with a strong foundation and possibly following. You don’t want to be in a niche with a small following because this means your limited in your audience. A small audience means you’ll have a hard time building your brand and making money from your blog if that is your goal. With that said, let’s look at a few ways you can find out if you’re in the correct niche for Making Money By Blogging.

  • Research your competition because if you have a lot of competition that means many people know there is money to be made. There will be very little competition in a niche where no money can be made or simply little audience.
  • Social media is a great place to find out if this is the right niche for you. Research how many groups there are based on your niche.
  • Ask some people you know with blogs because I’m sure they will be happy enough to tell you if the niche you plan on getting involved in is worth it.
  • Do research on Google and see how many sites come up. The more sites, the better for you. You can also research keywords and see how many searches certain ones are getting monthly. The more searches, the better for you.

Once you are finished finding the niche of your choice, you can start to purchase a domain and hosting which we’ll be discussing in the next step.

Domain and Hosting

Making Money Blogging

It’s recommended to keep the domain name as relevant as possible and under 8 characters. With a domain name that’s relevant, searchers will know exactly what to expect when they arrive on your website. Next, a short domain name is very easy to remember which is always a good thing for those people looking to come back to your website. Domains are very cheap costing no more than $9.99 for the year. You can purchase a domain from by simply doing a search and checking if it’s available. Next, during the checkout process, you’ll be able to purchase hosting which will not be more than $3.49 for the month.

I recommend starting with low-cost hosting because you can always move up at a later. Here are a few specs to look for when narrowing down your hosting plan –

  • The amount of space they are giving you.
  • The amount of bandwidth they provide for you.
  • The RAM
  • The CPU speed
  • The programs, specifically, you are looking for WordPress.

Installing WordPress

If you have no programming experience, then I would recommend you use WordPress to create your website. It’s easy to install and customize allowing you to create whatever type of website you want to create within a few minutes. This can be done from within your hosting control panel with the click of a single mouse button. The entire installation process should take no longer than 4 minutes. Once you have installed WordPress, you can continue to do the following –

  • Install a theme
  • Add the type of widgets you require
  • Layout adjustments
  • Create a few pages.

Pay close attention to where you’ll add the navigation bar, and sidebar. You also want to pay close attention to the font, clutter, and spacing. Make sure all the colors match that of your logo, and that the content text if easy to read. Keep in mind, if your audience is not able to read the content, then they will not share it which will lower your overall engagement. You can read about designing your blog by doing a quick search on Google and going through some of the free guides available to you. So For Making Money By Blogging you can depends on WordPress.

Writing Content Tips

This is the most important step of building a successful blog because without informative content, you’ll have a hard time attracting readers. Whenever you sit down to write content, it’s important to think about your readers and what they would love to read. Ask yourself – how can I help them solve a problem in this niche? What can I write about which will provide them with value and have them coming back to my blog? Once you have the answer to both these questions, you can proceed to write your content. Remember the following when your writing content

  • Always add value because this is what will have readers coming back and build your credibility.
  • Observe your competition and look at what they forgot to do when writing their content. Add images and videos if your competition has forgot to include them in their content.
  • Don’t forget to space out your content so it’s easy to read and internal the value.
  • Length does matter so try and keep your content anywhere from 1500-2500 words.
  • Add the right keywords in the right places because this will help rank your content in the search engines. This is important

To find ideas for your content writing, I would encourage you to visit online niche targeted communities to find what people are talking about. Look for common questions people have about your niche and answer them through your content writing. This will help create your brand and build momentum for your blog quickly and you will able to do Making Money By Blogging. It’s also stated, the more value you provide, the higher the engagement on social media.

Marketing Content

Once you are done writing your content, you need to find ways to start marketing it which shouldn’t be a problem at all. These days, you have so many awesome and free ways to get your content and brand noticed. For example, social media is one of the best ways for you to build momentum to your blog. Whenever you publish content, it’s important to post it to your social media accounts and ask others to share it too for Making Money By Blogging. This is why it’s important to add social media buttons to your content so when someone is done reading it, they can click the share button.


You also have the option of paid marketing which is totally optional and will depend on your budget. If you have money to spend, you can pay for FB marketing and even PPC marketing on Bing and AdWords. But, from experience, I will tell you that you should always keep an eye when marketing because it’s very easy for the budget to go higher than expected. Finally, to help control your spending, you should always set daily and monthly marketing caps to your campaigns.

Final Thoughts

Making Money By Blogging online can be very lucrative when done the right way. But, you need to know what you are doing or you’ll have a very hard time building your brand and credibility. With that said, I would like you to take some time to go through each of the fine points which I have listed above. By following the steps, you’ll spend more time growing your blog and less time doing the wrong things. Start from the top and go through each of the steps in order until you are done. I did forget to mention that when you are building your website, it’s important to keep an eye on the data so you know where to focus your attention.

For example, it’s a good idea to install Google Analytics to your website so you know where your audience is coming from, the landing pages they arrive on and what keywords they are typing into the search engine to arrive on your site.


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