What to Expect in Content Blogging Going Forward Into 2018
chad November 13, 2017

Content Blogging is always going through some awesome changes because it’s so popular. I remember when I first started blogging things were completely different. What it took back then to become popular and gain exposure is completely different then what it takes now. The internet is always changing and because of this, we need to highlight how things are shifting each year. What uses to matter when building your brand, traffic, and optimizing your website are beginning to decrease in value. For this reason, I have decided to put this content together and outline what I have learned over the last few months. So, what will we be discussing and talking about? Well…

Content Blogging

Content Blogging

We’ll be looking at the importance of keywords and using LSI keywords within your content. We’ll also be talking about the importance of outreach and guest posting. Be exploring consistency and how often you should be posting content to build your traffic and brand. Finally, Talking about the importance of research and why it’s important to take time to research everything in detail before you start writing content.

Let’s get started and if you have any feedback, please post it on the content. I’m sure they’ll be many strategies which I have not included in this list which you think in 2018 would matter.


If you’ve read my other Content Blogging, then you know the importance of research and how this can transform your entire content. This is why I encourage everyone whose writing content to take out the time to research. You’re trying to find out what type of content people want to read, and what type of content solves a problem. This may seem hard but this can actually be done very quickly if you use the following 3 ways.

Google Keyword Planner

An awesome free tool you can access with your Gmail username and password. Login and type in your target keyword. This tool will generate a list of keywords which are related to your main keyword. Go through them and see which ones are picking up volume within the search engine. You are looking for keywords that will be easy for you to rank for.

Google Keyword Planner Chad Arrington

Google Trends

Another awesome free tool which will give you a list of keywords trending. By using this tool, you’ll be able to find out which new keywords you should add to your Content Blogging. They don’t have a lot of search volume now but are trending so will have volume in the future. This will help you jump ahead of your competition and rank before them within the SERP’s.


Research your competition within your niche especially those who have been before you. See what type of Content Blogging they are writing because this will work for you too. Create a list of blogs and go through their website looking at the topics, comments, and engagement. You can then select topics to focus on based on engagement. When you create similar content, you know you’ll be able to achieve the same results.

Outreach 2018

This type of outreach will hold greater value because of social media. Now blogs are able to generate a lot more traffic to their websites because they can boost a piece of content on their social profiles. Since this is now possible, guest posting and sharing content will do the same for your brand too. Imagine getting published on a blog with over 100,000 followers? When this content gets published and shared, it will generate enormous traffic to your blog. This will help even more if you just started your blog and are looking for a certain type of exposure.

But, here’s the most important thing, it must be done correctly or you won’t see any benefit from it. Let’s explore some ways to do outreach and guest posting –

Outreach 2018

Start in Google by doing some targeted searches using keywords related to your niche. For example, if I’m building my blog in the SEO niche, then I would use a search command like the following “top SEO blogs”. This will bring up a list of top blogs in the SEO niche and you can then compile a list. This will make it easy for you to keep going back and review and the information. Next, go to each blog so you can collect some information like the following –

  • Blog name
  • Email information
  • If they accept guest posts
  • Or if they require a pitch from beforehand.
Once you have all this information, you can proceed to the next step by doing the following.

It’s time to start reaching out to the owners of all the blogs to ask if they accept guest Content Blogging opportunities. Some of them might while others might want a pitch from you on topics. Whatever the case, you need to stay consistent and persistent with the follow-up process. I’ll admit this can be tough in the beginning, but once you find a few opportunities, you can continue to build on them for further guest opportunities. Next, you’ll have to write content so you need to stick to the topic you submitted and consider the quality. The better content you submit, the higher the engagement and this will lead to more opportunities later.

Always think about long-term and how quality guest posting will open up doors for you to get published on other websites. When reaching out, you’ll hear some responses right away while other bloggers you’ll have to contact through follow-up sequence. When writing content, here are a few things to pay close attention to –

  • Length
  • Keywords
  • Topic
  • Spacing
  • External links

Don’t forget to add an author bio with two links to your blog when handing in your content. This will help generate traffic to your blog and build your brand.

Social Media

Another major contributor to your success when jumping into 2018. The power of social media has been seen and felt over the last 2-3 years. Every major social media platform has grown and it won’t be slowing down anytime soon. With that said, you need to have a social media presence online so it’s important to have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Slowly start building your followers by finding relevant people and following them. They will then follow you back. Make sure you add social sharing buttons on your website so people can start to follow your page and blog.

Social Media 2018

This is not hard to do since you have tools like AddThis and other solid plugins which set this up within a few minutes and a click of the mouse.

Get started now by doing a quick search in Google and reading resources on how you can get started and quickly.

Consistent 2018

Consistency is key when posting content and building your brand. It’s important to your readers and even more important to your brand. Because, as you start to write content more frequently, you start to get indexed and start to build loyalty with your readers. For this reason, you need to always keep a close eye on your content writing. But, to steer you in the right direction, you need to know what kind of consistency works best. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are getting started with your content writing particularly with content writing.


you want to be at least posting 2-3 times per week because this keeps the freshness of your website consistent. For example, a few years back Google introduced a freshness update rewarding online those websites which regularly post content. To get reward with higher rankings, you should be posting Content Blogging 2-3 times per week.


You want to make sure you are providing a lot of value because this will help you stand out compared to your competition. Keep in mind, you’ll have a lot of competition online and what helps you stand out compared to everyone else is the value you provide.

Consistent 2018


You want to make sure you share the content you have written because this will help you build engagement online. Social media is one of the greatest ways to drive free organic traffic to your website without doing a lot of work. You should have accounts on the top three social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google +.

In the end, you want to make sure your content is very easy to read and it’s very easy to share. Add social media sharing buttons to your content.

Final Thoughts

Each year in Content Blogging there are changes some for the better and some for the worst. Negative for those who are trying to cut corners to rank their content. But, if you have taken the time to write content and provide value, then you’ll do extremely well compared to everyone else online. Keep a close eye on all these changes and implement them into your blogging strategy going forward. Start now and leave comments below.


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