Creating the Perfect Lead Content Upgrade to Increase Subscribers
chad November 28, 2017

Chad Arrington | Email marketing is huge and has changed the way people interact with each other. It was top blogger Neil Patel who said it’s difficult getting 100,000 people to your blog without a solid email marketing strategy. This is because he relies heavily on return visitors to read and share his Lead Content. So, he has devised a plan to send out the right email marketing messages which push people to click-through and take action. However, the secret to his game plan is to offer the right Lead Content upgrade so people opt-in.

A content upgrade is special because it provides something free to readers in exchange for their email address. But, you need to make sure you offer just the right upgrade, or the strategy will go to waste. With that said,

I’m going to write a review on Neil Patel’s content upgrade strategy, so you can apply it to your blogging and content marketing. I’ll outline the exact steps you need to take so you can double or even triple your email subscribers. All you need to do is follow this game plan and you’ll notice a massive increase in conversions too. Let’s get started and if you have any further questions, please write them in the comment box below the content.

Let’s Start Learn About Lead Content

1) Identify Top Content

Thanks to Google Analytics this is very easy because all you need to do is pay close attention to the reporting. You need to pay close attention to the reports especially those related to behavior. When you log into Google Analytics, you just have to skim over to “Behavior” then “Site Content” so you can see where visitors are engaging. Here you are looking for the top performing content depending on visitors and average time on site. Don’t worry all the information will be written in the reports. Why is this important? Because, by observing the top Lead Content, you’ll know where to place your content upgrade forms and what type of content to create. You don’t want to place your upgrade on a form which isn’t getting any conversions right.

2) Locate Gap

Once you know what Lead Content is performing the best, it’s time to identify what’s missing. Take a look at your content and find what you can do to improve it going forward. The gap will translate into your content upgrade and will provide you with a suitable incentive to offer your readers. Read your content and identify what common problem it’s solving. You might want to find a way to make it easier to solve the problem for your readers.

Once you have identified the gap in your content, you know what type of upgrade you should be offering your readers. Remember, the main question you are trying to answer is “What’s Missing” in your content.

3) Select the Right Upgrade

You have so many options when selecting a Lead Content upgrade. You need to figure out which one will be the best for you and your readers. The better or more suitable your content, the better for you. Now you have many options like a course, or free eBook or even free trials for a product that you created. I suggest you visit some of your competitor’s blogs, so you can learn from what they are doing. They have been around longer or might know something you don’t so learn from them. Once you know what they are doing, you might want to make something better or put a twist on their system. Here’s a thought, webinars work very great so if you have the tools to create them then that’s always going to be a great option for you.

4) It’s Time to Design

Now depending on the type of Lead Content upgrade, you will be offering, you might want to think about hiring someone from the outside to help. For example, these days you have sites like or something where you can hire people from around the world to help you for cheap. However, if you do decide to hire someone make sure you are clear about your instructions. Next, if you have the tools and the skills to design your own products then you should because you can easily make changes over time without having to pay someone extra money to do it for you.

lead content marketing

I personally prefer to design my own products because it gives me complete control. Once I’ve designed the product, I can make changes whenever I feel and can continue to tweak over time. However, take your time and visit some of these awesome freelance websites so you can see what it would cost you to hire someone to get the job done.

5) The Call-to-Action

When designing your landing page and form, it’s all about the call-to-action. You want to know people know what action to take when they arrive on your page to get the awesome incentive or Lead Content upgrade you are offering them. The best way to find out what’s working and what’s not is to learn from your competition. Again, you will be surprised what type of knowledge you can gain from them. They have spent countless time understanding and testing different methods and have been able to find success.

Call-to-Action lead content usa

So, cut out your time and effort by paying close attention to what they have been doing and implement the same strategy. In the section, later on, I’ll talk about reporting and the importance of understanding patterns when building your content upgrade. By observing the reports, you’ll be able to save time because you will be able to stick with those strategies that give you the highest conversion rate.

6) Content Delivery

There are a few ways you can deliver your content so learn them all. You want to know which is the fastest way to get the content upgrade to the person subscribing. For example, Neil Patel mentions the following –

Hosting on Server – One of the best ways to deliver your content and save time is by uploading it to your server. If you are using WordPress, then this can be done by installing a simple plugin. When the content is uploading, it’s safe and can be triggered using any other method.

In Follow-Up Email – When people opt-in, you can shoot the person a message with a downloadable link if you like. This is the most common way, but if your message goes to spam, the person won’t get the delivery. For this reason, I encourage you to find another method which is safer and guarantees the person will get the content upgrade.

Through an Anchor Link – When the person opts into your landing page, you can redirect them to a page where they can click on a link and own the content. This is safer because the person is in control and will get the content upgrade for sure.

Shipping – This is an older method, but if you are charging some money and making a profit through the shipping then offer it. However, many people don’t like this method because there is a delay in getting the product after person opts in.

7) Understand Reporting

Hopefully, you took my advice and added Google Analytics to your blog. If you’re using a tool like Lead Pages, then you’ll be able to find additional reports on their backend. With that said, it’s important you take some time to view all the reports, so you know what’s working and what’s not. You don’t want to stay in the grey area too long which is where conversions are low. You want to make adjustments right away, so you can start to see all the benefits immediately. Head over to Google Analytics and look at where the visitors are going. They might be viewing another piece of content so you need to switch to your content upgrade. Next,

Understand Reporting lead content

Head over to Lead Pages or whatever tool you’re using to collect email address and see the response you’re getting. Hopefully, you have been split testing, so some landing pages are performing better than others. Narrow down the one which is giving you the highest return on subscribers. You will need to test out the pattern for a good 30-60 days before you can find what’s working and what’s not. The good news is you have all the reporting tools you need to find out what works well for your audience.

Final Thoughts

Lead Content upgrades is a great way to build readership. It’s a great way to increase your brand and conversions but you need to follow a process to get it done properly. For example, you need to know what people want to read and what they are looking for too. You need to have your landing page on the right page while offering just the right product to them. Use the steps above to get started and don’t forget to test everything out because this is the only way you’ll find out what’s working.


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