Creating an Email Marketing Plan for Your Blog
chad October 5, 2017

Email Marketing Plan for Blog | Blogging has taken off and grown enormously over the last few years. Many people are becoming very rich off blogging and this is growing the amount of competition you have. You need to find ways to stay ahead of everyone and need to find ways to remain creative. With that said, you can learn a lot by being online and this is always good news for those who are just getting started. For example, I remember when I got started online, I had to do a lot of research and training on my own. This meant spending a lot of time and money researching things which I had no clue about. However, these days you have a lot of awesome case studies that have been published online for free.

You will be able to save a lot of time and money by going through them and NOT making the same mistakes as before. Next,

Email Marketing Plan for Blog

The growth of email marketing cannot be underestimated. This has changed the way which people retain customers and engage people on their blog. Email marketing is one of the most important things you should be focusing on when starting out. It’s important you start building your list right away and take the time to set up an email autoresponder. One of the first lessons I learned online was to start collecting subscribers from day one. With that said, today we will be talking about email marketing and how to set things up right away. We will be talking about what email marketing provider offers the most and what to look for when choosing one forward. You have a lot of options so it’s better to choose one which is easy to implement for Email Marketing Plan for Blog.

Let’s get started and if you have any questions, please post them in the comment box below the content.

Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a great way to build engagement and retain customers. By sending a message, you’ll be able to bring customers back to your website with the click of a mouse. Many people don’t know how important this is especially when you have so much competition in every niche. Your success depends on how many people are able to come to your website without you paying them to come back. Email marketing is easy because all you need to do is shoot a message and you’ll be ready to go To your Blog.

In short, having an email sequence being sent every week is a great way to get people who left your website back to it. It’s a great way to get people to come back to your website and re-engage with your content. It’s a great way to build momentum and a great way for readers to become loyal to your blog. So Do Email Marketing Plan for Blog.

Choosing Email Provider

For Email Marketing Plan for Blog, You have so many options when choosing an email service provider. I recommend not going too far out to choose a provider and stick with the basic functionalities. For example, don’t get too fancy with the features because all you really need are the fundamentals. When setting up an email marketing campaign, you need to design a form, write email messages and be able to schedule them. These processes should be very easy and it should not take you longer than a few minutes. I know many people who opt to choose a provider which makes this entire process very easy because this way you can be set up and ready to go within a few minutes. With that said, here are the things you should be focusing on when choosing the right provider –

First, you want to choose a provider who provides you with easy to design forms to Email Marketing Plan for Blog. I recommend choosing a provider where they allow you to drag and drop forms into place. Secondly, you should have a drag and drop interface when it comes to writing your messages and newsletters. Third, you should be able to schedule your messages to go out when you need them. There are a lot of providers who expect you to send messages right away and this is not good especially if you want them sent at a certain time.

Email marketing can be a complicated process but only if you decide to make it complicated. This is why I recommend always choosing a provider which makes it easy for you to drag and drop the features you need into place. Once you have chosen your email marketing provider, you can start to focus on the other stuff like –

Creating the Right Form

Don’t make your forms too complicated because this will make it hard for your readers to subscribers. Only ask for the information which is necessary so readers can opt-in quickly. From my experience, only ask for the name and email address because this is very easy. Next, make sure the readers know what they are opting into. You don’t want them opting in expecting to receive one thing, but they end up receiving something completely different. This will form them to opt out and not trust you when you send out content to read, Trust and loyalty are the two most important things when building your blog so make sure you stick to your word and build on them its really important for Email Marketing Plan for Blog.Email Marketing Plan

Adding Forms to Your Blog

For you to start collecting subscribers, you want to make sure you have your forms in the right place. The easier your forms are to find, the easier chance you’ll have to get people to opt-into your newsletter. Here’s what I’ve learned from my experience of shifting and adding forms –

First, I would recommend you add forms under your content so people can opt-in right after they are done reading your content. By now, they have read your value and will opt in knowing you will be able to provide more value going forward. Secondly, if you are using WordPress then I recommend adding forms to the sidebar as a widget. These will appear on every page so will give people a chance to opt-in as they scroll through the pages.

What to Write in Newsletters

To create a certain level of engagement, you need to know what to write within the newsletters. Creating engaging newsletters is key to building engagement and loyalty. You want to ensure when people open newsletters that they find value. If they don’t find value, they won’t open messages again or even opt out. I have done a lot of research on the best newsletters and here are a few tips I can offer you when creating them –

Email Marketing Plan for Blog 2018

First, only send through your best content because this is the one which will get the most engagement. Every week, you should be posting one solid piece of content so should ensure it is included in your newsletter. Secondly, you want to make sure you don’t send too many messages per week. One thing people are trying to avoid is too many messages, especially those which do not provide value. I like to send one message containing all the content I have published for that week. This way the reader can choose what message they want to read and what topics to click-through on. Third, you want to make sure your message is designed for all types of inboxes. For example, some messages do not open well in HTML form so you want to send out a plain text copy too.

This way those who cannot read HTML will not miss out on your message.

Once you have created your message, you want to send them out on the right day and time. This will increase your overall open and CTR.

Schedule Your Messages

After doing months of research, I have learned a lot email sending and what times are the best to send messages. For example, by sending when people are checking their inbox, you can dramatically improve your open and CTR. Here’s what I have learned about email sending and what you should be paying close attention to –

Try to send messages from Monday to Thursday because this is when people are checking more emails. For example, Monday people get to work and will check their inbox for the new messages which were delivered. On Friday, you want to avoid sending because people either take this day off or they leave office early not checking email messages too much.

Timing matters so it’s important your messages are within the subscriber inbox by 730AM. This means they’ll get it first thing after logging into their inbox. Sending messages anytime later than this can be bad for open rate because it will be lost with all the other messages which come in throughout the day.

Final Thoughts


Email marketing is huge for your bottom line, but you need to make sure things are done correctly. For example, if you don’t create the right forms, messages, and be smart about sending times, you won’t make too much of an impact. It’s All about Email Marketing Plan for Blog.

Marketing Plan for Blog 2018


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