Common Beginner Mistakes in Content Marketing Examples
chad November 22, 2017

Chad Arrington | Content Marketing Examples | The concept of content marketing is new compared to all other aspects of marketing. It’s amazing how content marketing examples has warped into something which can build momentum to your blog and/or website very quickly. However, to understand the full benefits of content marketing, you want to make sure not to make the same common mistakes that others are making. It’s hard to NOT make the same mistakes if you’re just starting out so I’ve put together is content to help direct your focus. Today, we’ll be exploring the common content marketing mistakes made by those who are starting out so you can avoid them. By paying close attention to these areas, you will ensure you get your content out and read quickly. Here’s what we’ll be exploring –

content marketing examples

Content Marketing Examples

First, we’ll be exploring the importance of networking and connecting with the right people. By doing this you will ensure that you get the right social shares, those, which can build momentum to your website quickly. Secondly, we will look at the importance of research and how gathering the right data beforehand helps you put together a valuable piece of content. Third, we’ll look at the importance of social media and how posting on major social media platforms can help you build momentum quickly. Fourth, using guest posting on various high-powered blogs to drive traffic to your blog. We will look at relevance and how these forums are important for building your brand. Finally, the importance of having the right keywords in the body, title and URL. This is important for indexing and search engine optimization.

Let’s get started and your feedback will be appreciated so leave it in the comment box below. I’ll start with research as this is the MOST important role when writing content.

1) Research

One of the most important elements of content marketing because this will align you with your focus. Through research, you can learn the type of content marketing examples which is popular and that people want to read. For example, there is NO point in writing content that people don’t want to read. This will lower engagement and can poorly influence your brand too. With that said, you should focus on research relevant blogs, communities to find the hottest topics and then write about them. Other than visiting relevant forums, you can also use Google Trends and Planner to kind what keywords people retyping within the search engines. This will help you gather the right keywords which is perfect for optimization.

From my experience, the best way to gather all the information you’re looking for is through other blogs. It’s by visiting the blogs of your competition and looking to see what they did. It’s by looking to see what content gets the most shares and has made an impact on their readers. Going forward you can write similar content but by first observing what they forget to do and adding it to your content marketing examples before publishing.

Get started now by visiting your competition, Google Trends, and Google Keyword Planner.

2) Networking

The good news about the internet these days is that many people have come before you so they can shed light on what you should be doing and avoiding. I recommend spending 2 days out of the week networking and creating connections with others in your niche. This will give you a jump start on what you should be focusing on and they will even share some high-powered ideas with you going forward. Starting your networking process is easy so that’s another reason why it’s recommended by everyone for those who are starting off. The biggest mistake is not starting this from day one because it does take time to build a presence so get started right away. Here are a few tips to help you stay focused and do it right –

First, start by doing a search on Google with your main keywords and skimming through the results. You are looking for popular blogs who have enormous social followers and readership. You can visit their social accounts to find out which ones you should be focusing on. Secondly, find their content marketing examples information by scrolling to the bottom or about us page. At this point, you want to email them with your intention and how you can help each other. From my personal experience, you might want to focus on opening the doors of guest posting because this is a great way for you to get published and show them the type of experience you have in the niche. I’ll be talking about guest posting later, but in the meantime, I recommend you get started with your research and by creating a list of relevant blogs in your niche.

Head over to Google and get started by doing a search with your keyword included.

3) Not Utilizing Social Media

Another huge mistake made by those just starting out with content marketing examples. Social media is an awesome tool you can use to build your brand and drive free traffic to your website. However, for you to make full use of this channel you need to make sure things are setup correctly and you are constantly sharing your content marketing examples online. The first step is to know which social media networks will provide the most value to your bottom line. From my experience, I have noticed how Facebook, Twitter and Google+ would be the best options available to you. It’s stated how 75% of the worlds popular are on this network which makes them even more important than they were several days ago. When starting out, focus on the following:

  • Setup your account and add all the important information like company name, description, and image. This will make sure all your brand information added and people will start to learn about it right from the start.
  • Don’t forget to share all your content marketing examples because this will build consistency and people will get used to seeing your brand.
  • Add relevant people as followers because to build followers you have to follow. You need to give others the same respect you deserve from them,

Social Media content marketing

Once you have set up your social media account, you can start to write and share your content. You can also do the next step which gets your research start to utilize guest posting correctly.

4) Guest Posting

Another awesome way to build momentum when guest blogging because this can drive traffic to your blog within a short period. Imagine publishing on a blog with 10,000 readers a month? This can be huge for your bottom line and brand driving relevant people to your website. But, for you to utilize this strategy correctly, you need to know what factors matter when guest blogging. You need to know how to choose the best blogs those which fulfill your end goal. So, here are a few top steps to take when starting with guest posting. Also, just so you know, there are so many awesome resources available online which will provide you with all the information you need. I also recommend you do some research on YouTube too.

First, do some research online searching through Google because you’ll be able to locate awesome website through the search results. For example, I suggest doing a search with your keyword so only targeted blogs come up. You don’t want to post on blogs which provide no relevance because the traffic will do you no justice.

Secondly, skim through the website to find out if they offer any guesting posting opportunities. Many websites will provide a link to their website if they do.

Guest Posting

Third, shoot these bloggers and email and pitch your idea to them so they know what to expect. The last thing you want to do, write your content and if it NOT accepts because it doesn’t meet the standards of the other blogger. Fourth, don’t forget to read the guest blogging guidelines because some blogs are very strict about what they expect. Finally, write content and focus on quality because this matters a lot. Poor quality will make your content not approved and you can lose out on other guest blogging opportunities when you submit poor quality content marketing examples.

Start now by doing your research and writing out your content. The content should high quality like if you were going to publish it on your blog. It should provide the same value and you should put the same effort before submitting your content. It’s that simple!

5) SEO Optimizing

No matter what type of content or business you’re running. You want to make sure it optimizes for search engines. I can’t tell you how much free traffic generate through organic search. And how this will save you a lot of money and provide enormous relevant traffic. When writing content, it’s important to make sure the keywords are in the right place. You focus on creating links using the same type of keywords. With that said, here’s the best advice I can give you about optimizing and what 3 main things you should be focusing on when starting out.

SEO Optimizing

1) TitleMake sure you have the right keywords within the title of your content. This helps when people are searching for the results and when get index.

2) URL It’s important to have the right keywords within the URL of your content. This is very important when your content index.

3) The body – Scatter your main keyword and relevant keywords through the body of your content. This helps let search engines understand what your content is about. It helps these search engines organize your content marketing examples into the appropriate categories.


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