Common Blogging Mistakes to Be Aware of When Starting
chad November 15, 2017

As many awesome things they are about blogging, you want to be ready for the common blogging mistakes made by people too. I have made a lot of mistakes when I was starting and this cost me both time and money. But, I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to make the same mistakes going forward. Starting a blog nowadays can be tough especially with so much competition everywhere. You can lower the amount of pressure you have by not making the same mistakes that everyone else does.

Over the years, I’ve worked with so many clients and this means I’ve learned a lot throughout the years too. I’ve been blessed and I want to share some of the knowledge I’ve gained. Everything as normal will start with deep effective research so you know what others have written about the common mistakes being made.

Let’s get started and please leave some feedback in the comment box below.


That’s right! Everything I do starts with research because there is so much information available online and by looking in the right place you can learn from it. You need to take time to narrow down what’s out there and how you can stop and NOT make the same mistakes others have made. The process is very simple and it starts by heading over to Google so you can do a quick search. Here’s an example –

When you are in Google, type your main keyword and mistakes right after. This will bring up many of the mistakes a lot of people have made already. The reason I’m asking you to do this is because you can learn what mistakes others have made before even starting. It will save you time and head ache. Make sure you take the time to go through each one and make notes where applicable.

Once you have done the research, you can look out for the following mistakes which I know you want to avoid.

Not Using Keywords

This is another common mistake made by bloggers who are just starting out because they don’t understand the importance of keywords. Targeted keywords help people rank their content within the search engines, and this is important when you want to drive organic traffic to your website. Before writing your content, it’s important you take some time to do keyword research on the topic you are writing on. From my experience, you can do this in two ways –

First, you can use Google keyword planner to find new keywords which are being searched and easy to rank for. At the same time, you’ll find related keywords you can add to your content too. Create a list of them so they are easy to remember and follow as you complete your content. Secondly, you want to use Google Trends to learn what new trends are taking place in your niche. This will help you get a jump start on your competition. You’ll start writing on keywords which your competition has yet to write on and this will help you rank higher them then. Third, research your competition and create something better. By creating something better, you’ll be able to reach out to the same people sharing their content asking them to share yours (because it’s better). The tactic was introduced to me by an authority blogger and has worked amazingly well in building my engagement, conversion and increasing my bottom line.

No Outreach

Another huge mistake made by bloggers is they don’t spend enough time doing outreach. This slows down their growth and their overall campaign to build their website. Outreach use to be something that did take a long time, but it can now be done within a few minutes using some of the awesome tools available to you. So, what’s the purpose of a solid outreach campaign? Simple…

You are trying to find as many relevant people to share your content, and increase your overall traffic. By finding the right people in your niche, you have increased the likelihood that people will find your website. Start this part of your blogging by doing a quick search in Google using your main keyword. Next, you want to gather all their contact information so could run an outreach campaign.

When doing outreach, you want to be as genuine as possible and always do your follow-ups too. This will create and establish a routine with the other bloggers which will help you out in the future when you need to outreach for content. Head over to Google and get started now.

Not Writing Enough Content

Blogging is all about consistency and making sure you have enough content on your website. Having content published on your blog will help you in the long-run because it will help you generate traffic and loyalty. You need to keep in mind that blogging frequently will also help with your indexing which is important to rank for keywords. So, how much content do you need to be writing in order to be indexed and build loyalty. Let’s examine a few important factors –

Length – the content should be a certain length and it’s recommended to be between 2000-2500 words. This length of content has been shown to rank higher within the search engines. Having this length content will allow you to add value too.

Two Times – that’s right the minimum amount of time you should be posting new content is two times. This will keep your website updated with fresh new content and will allow your readers to build loyalty in your website.

Various Topics – choose topics which are based on your niche, but cover a spectrum of topics. Research keywords before, as mentioned, and base topics on them.

Forget Social Media

This is another common mistake made by bloggers and cost them enormous time and money. Bloggers end up devoting time and money on areas which could be free or more well spent. Social media is one of the best ways to build traffic, and increase your brand within spending any money. There are 3 major social media networks like Google, Facebook and Twitter which control most of the online web 2.0 platforms. You should be focusing a lot of your energy on these platforms because they can increase your overall engagement quickly.

When you are finished typing your content, I recommend you take some time to share your content and the images. This will not only get your brand out there, but it will allow people to follow you back building your profile on these social platforms.

Not Guest Posting

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to get your content and brand out to others. When guest blogging, you’ll be able to add a link in the content and in the author bio which is great to build momentum. Many new bloggers don’t take the time to outreach and look for guest blogging opportunities. They just get too lazy or don’t want to spend the time doing it so this slows down their growth. However, learn from me when I tell you that guest blogging is one of the best ways to get your brand in front of the right people.

Start in Google and find relevant blogs. You want to check how often they have been posting new content, and their social followers. This is good for you because when the bloggers share’s your content, it will drive extra traffic to your blog which is great when you are building your brand. Another tip is to NOT start with too many blogs because this will just overwhelm you. Start with 3-4 and work your way up as needed finding more blogs along the way.

Get started now and find all the top opportunities through Google. There are some websites which give you a breakdown of all the cool sites available in different niches which are available for blogging.

Final Thoughts

Some blogging mistakes will cost you a lot of money so you need to keep a close eye on what your doing. Always do your research before getting started because this will help you prepare for what’s coming ahead of you. With that said, it’s important you read through this content again and make a list of all the important points discussed above. This way you have everything you need right there on your desk and can easily be accessed.

If you need any additional information on the common blogging mistakes, then do a quick search in Google where you find so many awesome resources. Make sure each search has been targeted to fit your requirements. Use Google and what they offer to your advantage and learn from others. One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in life was not paying attention to the mistakes of others. This cost me both time and money. Learn from the mistakes and don’t make them when your getting started online.