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You’ve done it. You’ve quite recently composed the most incredible, keen, moving blog entry ever to beauty your specialty or industry. You hit “Distribute” and after that kick back and sit tight for the remarks to come in.

… With the exception of they never do.

You check in the engine of your blog to ensure everything is filling in as it should. No specialized inconveniences or facilitating hiccups. Your post ought to be the theme of discussion on the lips of each specialist and web-based social networking whiz in your field, but your remarks are as yet stuck at zero.

What’s going on here, and how might you settle it? Give ‘s a chance to investigate:

To begin with, I’m accepting that you’re now getting a nice measure of activity to your blog, it’s recently the remarks area that resembles a phantom town. In the event that your movement is lukewarm, you’ll have to investigate where individuals are originating from, and if those are the general population you need to draw in to your blog.

In the event that movement is strong, it’s an ideal opportunity to take a gander at fundamental causes – to be specific, the substance of the posts themselves. Nobody is questioning your ability, in any case, on nearer investigation, your remarks could be flatlining on the grounds that:

You’ve Said Everything that Should Be Said

This is the most serious issue I experience with blogging. You’ve composed an incredible, inside and out, instructive, engaging and connecting with post. What’s more, in doing as such, you’ve said everything that should be said. Nobody adds anything to your piece because…they don’t have to. There’s nothing to contribute.

The most ideal approach to check this is to approach your perusers for their point of view, their experience or their suggestions. This is likewise where it can pay to keep something down and let them venture up to the plate and fill in the crevices. Not exclusively does it show modesty on your part, yet it additionally makes your perusers feel more required all the while.

Try not to Keep Down Your Enthusiasm

On the inverse end of the range are the general population who keep such a great amount down in light of the fact that they’re anxious or hesitant to share excessively data. In case you’re energetic about something, regardless of whether it’s perusing books or riding stallions, giving your enthusiasm a chance to indicate is the thing that associates you with your peruses. It lets them know, “it’s alright to ‘nerd out’ on this sort of thing. You’re with similarly invested individuals here – open up and share your story!”

Similarly, in the event that another person has composed a post that gets you started up, don’t go into a criticism in their remarks segment, accept it as an open door to compose your own post on the matter – and connect back to theirs all the while. In addition to the fact that it is great blog decorum, however periodically the blog proprietor will get a notice when another blog has connected to them, and their interest will constrain them to look at it.

The truth of the matter is, everybody needs to be preferred and feel invited. Ensure your remarks segment is where they can do only that.

What’s more, on that note, you might need to trench the outsider modules like Disqus, IntenseDebate and Talkatv, as periodically they oblige individuals to enroll all alone stages or generally go through the motions with a specific end goal to leave a remark. And keeping in mind that they affirm to help blog proprietors dispose of spammy remarks, the tradeoff might be that they’re restricting your clients’ capacity to leave genuine remarks on your blog also.

Offer the Spotlight

One of the best things you can do on your blog is to fan out. Not each post must be your feeling or your proposals. While it is your blog, here and there the best remarks come when you open up the stage a bit and offer the spotlight with another person. Who’s another blogger, item maker, or cutting-edge influence in your industry who you feel doesn’t get the consideration they merit?

Your blog could be the ideal place to highlight them. In case you’re getting moderate measures of activity, unmistakably individuals are seeking you for answers, suggestions and viewpoints – and the more and shifted these are, the better you and your group of onlookers will be for understanding them.

Try not to Modest Far from Contention

Presently, a considerable measure of these “how to get more remarks on your blog”- sort presents will let you know on blend up discussion to get individuals talking. I’d exhort against that immediate approach unless you have something worth getting disputable about.

For instance, if everybody is raving about this new online device or administration, and you simply don’t see the interest – discuss it. In the event that you think it will open up the conduits to something more terrible – discuss it. Don’t simply have a contradicting conclusion only for mixing the pot, generally your “contention” will seem to be shallow and feeble. To see genuine cases of this, simply look for “The Demise of _____”, where _____ is something everybody utilizes, as Facebook or Google or iPhone.


What’s more, if most noticeably awful comes to most exceedingly terrible and you can’t get the remark needle to move, you can do what many yearning bloggers do, and influence your analysts with things like free giveaways, challenges, sweepstakes et cetera. In any case, don’t trick yourself. Individuals are there just for what you can give them, and not for your sharp mind or definite survey. That is the reason you should concentrate on following my unique recommendations initially, to ensure the chances are to support you, appropriate out of the entryway.

These are only a couple of the numerous approaches to get more individuals to remark on your posts, yet these recommendations are in no way, shape or form a thorough rundown.



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Such a large number of individuals come to me and say “Tai – is it better to work more quick witted or harder?” or “Isn’t it best to do both?” So I have an inclination that I have to make an elucidation.

Working Keen Involves a Measure of Buckling down

The objective is never to work harder. We don’t assemble fuel productive autos just to have the capacity to put more gas in them. We assemble them since we need to make them go more remote on less fuel. Warren Smorgasbord, the third-wealthiest man on the planet, says “our speculation system verges on sloth.”

He’s maxim is that occasionally it appears as though he’s languid. Yet, would he say he is truly? Did Warren Smorgasbord never need to buckle down? Obviously he did! The distinction between Warren Smorgasbord and the vast majority of us (except for cash) is that he doesn’t get befuddled on the contrast between working more intelligent and working harder.

Diligent Work is Not a Symbol of Respect

Working harder doesn’t qualifies you for put yourself up on a platform. It’s not a symbol of respect. Saying this doesn’t imply that, in any case, that you ought to keep away from it, yet rather know when to buckle down versus when to work shrewd. Buckling down ought to be utilized to enable you to come to the heart of the matter where you can work shrewd – not supplant it.

A standout amongst the most traditional scenes in the film Indiana Jones: Plunderers of the Lost Ark demonstrates this tremendous swordsman, swinging his sword around and seconds from killing poor Indy, when Indy breaks out a firearm and shoots the swordsman dead. The person with the weapon wins against the person with the sword – unfailingly.

For this situation, it didn’t make a difference how much that ace swordsman prepared or sharpened his craft. All it took was one slug to stop him.

Working Harder Doesn’t Ensure Achievement

On the off chance that you imagine that the harder you work, the more effective you’ll turn into, the wealthier you’ll be – I have news for you:

The main 10 wealthiest individuals on the planet profit than the last 3.5 billion individuals joined.


Give that sink access for a minute.

How hard would 10 be able to men work in a day? At most, 240 hours. What amount can 3.5 billion individuals work on the off chance that they just work one hour a day? 3.5 billion hours. There are totally individuals in this world who work harder – considerably harder – than the wealthiest individuals on the planet.

What’s more, on the off chance that I could backpedal in time, unmistakably, I’d instruct myself to be lazier. Since it wasn’t until some other time in life that I had the sudden acknowledgment that what you put in or how much time you spend doesn’t relate to the amount you can acquire. That is the place working more quick witted comes in.

Warren Buffett spends the lion’s share of his days lounging around, searching for circumstances. Over the most recent 50+ years, they’ve recognized two or three dozen of them, and that is the means by which his firm has profited.

Diligent Work Resounds with the Primitive Piece of Our Brains

Presently, you can’t blame somebody for disclosing to you that you’re going to go far by buckling down. That message reverberates with many people on the grounds that in our primitive personalities, 50,000 years prior, buckling down was the means by which you survived.

However, when man found he could get more fish with a lance or a snare than with his uncovered hands, all the diligent work on the planet wouldn’t keep his tribe or his family encouraged. So we bit by bit started to work more intelligent as a way to get the outcomes we needed (for this situation, nourishment), speedier. It was just a more effective utilization of our time.

Furthermore, in case you’re getting a handle on consumed with your work or at your occupation – then you’re working too hard. Working more quick witted will reignite that fire you once had for the work you do. You’ll be investing less exertion, yet having better outcomes to appear for it.

Consider it.


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The way you spend your day is dependent upon you. Regardless of the possibility that you hold down a 9 – 5 work, you likely have some adaptability in your approach and how you invest your energy.

As of late, a person connected and asked, “Would we be able to improve take a gander at how you function?” This was an incredible question, so I chose to make a YouTube video to share an inside perspective of my workspace.

It’s protected to state that many individuals were astounded at what they saw.

Indeed, I have a “genuine office” in the house where you take a seat and look proficient, yet learn to expect the unexpected. This isn’t the place I invest most my energy.

Rather, here’s my approach: you have to make your workplace as fun and agreeable as could be allowed. This will keep you centered. It will likewise make you more profitable.

It might sound incomprehensible, however it’s most certainly not. Here are some imperative purposes of exhortation:

Get a Treadmill Work area

Who said you need to take a seat when you work. This isn’t beneficial for you. There are times when you must choose the option to sit, however don’t make this a lifestyle.

Get at treadmill work area so you can walk a couple of miles for each day, at the same time doing your occupation

In the event that your organization can’t manage the cost of one, purchase your own. Keep in mind, this is an interest in your body and your cerebrum. It takes cash to profit, and a treadmill work area will build your profitability while profiting your body.

You Needn’t bother with Huge amounts of Space

I can hear you now, “yet Tai, I don’t have space like you in my home.” It doesn’t make a difference.

You can set up an office anyplace in your home. Utilize an extra room or the cellar. Get out some space in your carport. Discover a spot outside.

A little space can oblige all that you require, including a treadmill work area, TV, and perhaps some free weights.

Take advantage of Your Time

Individuals are continually disclosing to me they don’t have room schedule-wise to complete stuff since they’re continually working. Try not to give this a chance to be your reason.

I walk a normal of five miles for each day on a treadmill, all while chipping away at my portable workstation phone.

I watch donning occasions while I work, investing significant energy amid business breaks to lift weights.

Regardless of your identity, there are 24 hours in a day. The way you invest your energy is the thing that matters most. Make the most of consistently.

My Last Musings

On the off chance that you take after this exhortation, you’ll wind up resting easy, looking better, and working in a more gainful and effective way. Doing this, without rushing too much, can profoundly affect your life.

I’ll abandon you with this (and one of my most loved quotes):

Make your condition fun, notwithstanding when you’re working

Try not to sit unless you totally need to

Manage with what you have

“Everything comes to him who hustles while he holds up.” – Thomas A. Ediso


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There’s something to be said in regards to seeing somebody’s close to home library. Done right, it leaves an impact on you that reveals to you not exactly how taken in this individual is but rather it gives you a few bits of knowledge into their identity and inclinations also.

Still, periodically an individual library is tragically more for show than real utilize. Just having these intense and moving books is insufficient. You need to construct an individual library will utilize over and over. Here’s the means by which I do it, and how you can as well:

Does the Volume of Books Matter?

With regards to making your very own library, it’s not precisely about what number of books you have. We as a whole have dreams of bombastic individual libraries spreading over each possible point, yet I need you to have the capacity to manufacture an individual library you can ceaselessly allude back to and gain from.

Having an individual library of twelve or so books isn’t generally enough either – regardless of the possibility that you have them remembered from front to back. You should be more mixed about your decisions and spread them out with the goal that you ingest alternate points of view and foundations and coordinate their lessons into your own particular learning and experience.

There is no “right number” with regards to the volume of books in your own library. In any case, you can utilize my own particular proposals of 150 distinct books on wellbeing, riches, love and bliss as a beginning stage, on the off chance that you’d like.

Why 150? The number originates from Robin Dunbar, a social researcher who once said that the human personality can have around 150 distinctive interconnected connections – it’s what our brains are, basically, “wired” for. Could you have pretty much? Totally, however to me, this number is a decent, strong reason for building an individual library that you can keep on learning from.

Simply Having the Books is Insufficient

Building an individual library isn’t just about gloating rights for having “the most” books. You additionally need to peruse them – again and again. Not simply in the traverse of half a month or months or whatever other foreordained time allotment.

In any case, you’ll see after some time, as you re-read the books in your library, new experiences and revelations will fly out at you – things you may have skimmed over the first run through, or territories that you didn’t feel connected to your circumstance will all of a sudden progress toward becoming hyper-significant. What’s more, it will keep on working like that as your develop and keep on building your library.

Presently, I prescribe that you isolate these 150 books into four distinct classes – in particular:

30-40 books on riches – procuring it, keeping it, building it, sharing it.

30-40 books on joy – self change, side interests, objectives, efficiency and character characteristics like bravery, genuineness et cetera.

30-40 books on social connections – not simply collaboration, but rather love and fellowship also

30-40 books on wellbeing – keeping your psyche and body fit as a fiddle at all circumstances

As to the books on social connections – it’s a smart thought to peruse the latest and forefront bits of knowledge on these themes, additionally some old-textbooks too, since a portion of the “blasts from the past” like How to Win Companions and Impact Individuals by Dale Carnegie are as yet referenced as a portion of the best works even in present day times.

A valid example – Amazon originator Jeff Bezos conveyed a worn out duplicate of Sam Walton (author of Walmart’s) book Made in America. Furthermore, Bezos would scribble down notes and thoughts in a little scratch pad as he read and re-read this book – to the point where they progressed toward becoming instinctual.

How much better would each part of your life be in the event that you fused the lessons of a portion of the most joyful, wealthiest, most beneficial and most minding individuals on the planet into your own particular life?

Produce Associations with Your Books

Envision having 150 affectionate companions from an entire host of foundations. These companions are representatives, fitness coaches, advisors and dieticians. Some may have even served in the military. Some went ahead to raise families. You dive deep with these individuals – you know their history, their experience and their battles.

Perusing these 150 books and taking in the writers’ bits of knowledge resembles getting a window into their lives. Yet, you’re doing a great deal something other than looking in – you’re strolling along a way – like having a fortune guide that you can take after, with snags indicated unmistakably. What’s more, the fortune in this guide is the learning you pick up and apply to your own life, bettering it in each conceivable regard.

So manufacture the sort of associations with your books that you have with your companions. You’ll frequently find that the correct guidance comes to you at the opportune time – on the off chance that you basically know where to look.

Don’t Simply Read Your Books Once and Put Them Down (And Never Lift Them Up Again)

Building an individual library means having the capacity to return to your books over and over, and gather significantly more from them than you did the first occasion when you read them. Since as you develop in life and experience new things and meet new individuals, you’ll returned to your own library, get a book, and find much more approaches to apply its lessons and counsel to your present circumstance.

Furthermore, the bits of knowledge will come to you on numerous occasions for the duration of your life.


Don’t simply read these books to wind up book-brilliant. Read them so that their lessons turn into a piece of you. The truth of the matter is, there will be times throughout your life where you need to settle on quick judgments and choices. What’s more, you won’t have room schedule-wise to go and pore over your books and locate the ideal snippet of data that correctly mirrors the circumstance you’re in.

In any case, when you read, re-read and truly let that data simmer for a while and hone it until it turn out to be second nature, you’ll see that the snap judgments and choices you make may appear to be brisk and possibly loaded with lament, however in all actuality they’re established in strong, legit truths and discoveries. You’ve recently fused them into your life to the point where they turn into a piece of you.

Keep on building off of What You’ve Realized

Indeed, even after you’ve gradually and relentlessly developed your gathering of books, and even after you wind up alluding to them over and over and proceeding to gain from them, despite everything you’ll be doing yourself the damage of “confining yourself” to the extent learning, procedure and ability. So don’t simply stop after you’ve achieved a specific number of books – continue learning and developing.

One of the most ideal ways I’ve found to keep the bits of knowledge and revelations streaming all the time is through MentorBox. MentorBox is a conveyance of the best self change and self strengthening apparatuses consistently and is intended to oblige learners of each style – visual, sound-related and even kinesthetic – so you can review and actualize what you’ve realized over each significant piece of your life.

The truth of the matter is, building an individual library is a long lasting procedure. Yet, even so, it’s never past the point where it is possible to begin. By working more brilliant and not harder, you’ll have the capacity to “redesign” such a large number of aspects of your life to wind up noticeably more joyful, wealthier and more beneficial than you at any point thought conceivable – and it can all begin with a solitary book.

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