Starting Blogging for First Time? 10 Blogger Tips
chad November 23, 2017

Chad Arrington | Blogger Tips |  It’s time you start a blog and make money online. Blogging can be very lucrative when done the right way. For example, many bloggers are making enormous money by selling advertising space, affiliate products, or sponsored post. It’s amazing how much money I’ve seen some bloggers make within a short period. But, for you to achieve those same results, I encourage you to follow the 10 tips which I’ll be listing below. These are the same steps I followed to create my blog and continue to follow them until today. Let’s get started and please leave your comments in the box below.

Blogger Tips

1) Topic Selection

Make sure the topic you choose is high in demand. Choosing a topic which people want to read will drive more traffic to your blog and allow you to increase brand visibility. So, how do you choose the right topic, especially, one which is high in demand? Simple, you do this through research and by visiting the communities, your competition, and forums. You can also find the best topics by doing a search on Google. Let’s talk about research by looking at competition and forums. Both have to use the same process which I’ve outlined below.

Blogger Tips Hot Topic

Start by doing a search focused on your main keyword. For example, type “top (your keyword) blog” and this will bring up the main keywords in your niche. I recommend going through the top 3-4 blogs and skimming through them looking at the types of content which get the most views, shares, and comments. All these would be a great starting point and awesome topic ideas of Blogger Tips. Skim through further and see what other information or topic ideas you can find which you know will be great topics.


Use the same search command when looking for forums and skim through looking for the top questions asked by people. When you notice a pattern in what people are asking, I would start to write each one of them down in a document. These will all be great topic ideas because they are being asked numerous times by people. I suggest visiting the topic 2-3 forums related to your keyword.

2) Think Keyword

When you start blogging, you want to make sure you have all your keywords in order. For Blogger Tips SEO optimization is very important because it will help drive enormous free traffic to your blog. But, you need to have the right keywords in the right places. We will discuss this a bit further, but in the meantime, I suggest having an idea of the main keywords you’ll like to use when writing content. This way you can make sure they are embedded as you write your content.

3) Frequency

Once you have collected your topic ideas and have your keywords, it’s time you think about writing frequency. For example, you want to think about how often you’ll be writing because this does matter. Many blogs fail because they fail to keep writing and provide new content to their readers. For this reason, ask yourself – how often can you write content? And how often would you like to publish content? From my own experience, writing and publishing 2-3 times per week is the right amount.

Blogger Tips Frequency

4) Quality

Another very important element of creating engaging content. What good is content if it’s similar or just like everyone else’s. Take some time to write content which stimulates people’s minds and provides enormous value. How do you do this? I like to learn from those before me and see what they have done before making mine even better. So,

Find a topic, study others who have written about it, and then create something better. This will NOT only stand out compared to everyone else but will give you a funnel of people to reach out to afterward. For example, reach out to those people who have shared similar content letting them know you have written something better. It’s a great way to build momentum on social media and drive enormous traffic to your own blog and content. It’s also great for your brand too.

5) Add Visual

Visual content ranks very well within social media and search engines. People are looking for information quickly and infographics provide that for people. Maybe once in a while put together an infographic for your readers.

6) Editing

You want to make sure people can read your content without any issue. If you don’t have the best writing skills then hire a part-time editor. The easier your content is to read the more value people can pull out of it. The connection will help build your brand and loyalty with your audience. Make sure every single piece of your content is edited before uploading it to your blog.

7) Enticing Headlines

These are what people see the search results to make them stand out compared to all others. Add keywords and a solid description. In short, use attractive headlines to sell your content to your reader which will eventually increase your CTR and bottom-line. Before writing your headlines, you can do the following to help increase engagement. Do a quick search on Google, and skim through the search results. Take time to look at what your competition has done then create something better. You should be able to sell your content to the reader within 60 characters.

Blogger Tips Analytics8) Analytics

As Blogger Tips You have a lot of free tools available to you which will help you keep a close eye on engagement. I personally like to use Google Analytics which is free and provides you with all the information you need. For example, it will provide you a breakdown of location, bounce rate, landing pages, and more. Use this information to find out what content performs the best then create similar content going forward. By understanding your audiences reading and skimming pattern you can tweak your content writing and marketing strategy going forward.

Get started with Google Analytics right now by setting up a free account.

9) Retention Email Marketing

Once you’ve built a following, it’s important you find ways to retain every customer it’s an important Blogger Tips. One of the best ways to do this is by email marketing and gathering subscribers. Add a few forms to your websites so you can collect email subscribers then shoot a follow-up sequence announcing new content which is being added to your website. Statistically sending emails Tuesday-Thursday is the best during the days. This has been known to have the highest open and click-through rate. But, I suggest you try different sending options until you find one that works best for you.

One thing I’ve learned about email marketing is that you need to try out different things until you find a combination that works.

10) On-page SEO

Another very important element of Blogger Tips and having the right keywords in the right place will help rank your website higher in the SERP’s. There are three areas you should be focusing on when doing on-page SEO. First, you need to make sure you have the main keyword within the title. Second, you want to make sure the main keyword is the URL of the page content. Third, you want to make sure the keyword is in the description of the content and within the body. This will again help with indexing making sure you do rank for the right keywords.

If you need help learning about on-page SEO, do a quick search on Google and skim through some of the awesome guides available to you. Before getting started with on-page SEO, you need to make sure you have a main (target) keyword and some related keywords which you can use throughout your content.

Final Thoughts

As you get started with blogging, you’ll be learning a lot of new things about the industry, especially, what topics to focus on and how to engage with your audience better. I have provided the top tips above to give you a fresh start when first creating your blog. My tips above give you a clear indication of the things you should be focusing on and what areas matter when ranking your website too. Over time, these things will become easier to implement and you can move into more advanced things going forward. With that said,

Start by reading over this content again, and taking notes because that will make things easier to follow. Start from step number one implementing each one and then tracking the results you’ve achieved. In terms of blogging platforms, I would encourage you to use WordPress as it’s very easy to install, setup and publish content. You also have handy plugins which you can install to make things easy for you while customizing your website. Depending on your hosting provider, WordPress is offered for free from within the backend and can be installed with the click of a mouse button. Start now and leave your questions in the box below about Blogger Tips.


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