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chad November 7, 2017

When blogging it’s very important to have the right Blog Image with your blogging content. Not only that but when you are designing your blog, you want to make sure the images you choose and the logo you design are all relevant. At the same time, they are high definition. Many bloggers fail to pay attention to the type of images they’ll be using and this stops them from reaching and engaging their audience. If you read my other content, then you know the importance I put on having the right images with your content. This will help you engage readers that don’t speak English as their first language. The good news is now online there is no shortage of finding quality images. Google has even made their search engine more precise so through a search you can find exactly what you are looking for in a short period.

Blog Image

However, it takes more than finding images and adding them to your content to get going in the right direction. For example, you need to have relevant images, high-quality ones and they should be optimized. With that said, here’s what I’ll be going through today –

First, we’ll be exploring some places to find the right images and how you can purchase them for a discounted price. Over the years many stock image sites have come up and they make things easier for you to find images and download them. Next, I’ll be going through how to add them to your content and what format you should be adding them in. Third, we’ll be going through how to optimize these images, so they get indexed. It’s no secret that images are being indexed by Google and can bring a lot of organic traffic to your Blog Image. You don’t want to miss out on these opportunities so make sure after you upload them that they have been named and a description has been put in the right place.

Now, let’s get started and go over these few topics. If you have any questions going forward, please add them in the comment box below the content. Let’s get started.


It all starts with research and this is even the case when gathering the right images for your Blog Image. You need to conduct targeted searches so you can find the right images and locations for images. By doing searches using the right keywords, you’ll make your life much easier because otherwise, things will be very tough. So, where are some places you can start searching for images? I would suggest using all the search engines. I would suggest using Google and Bing to start with because they have huge collections of images perfect for your content. These searches will also help you find solid stock photo websites. Next,

You can skim image searches and look for stock photo sites by typing this query within the search field. For example, a simple search doing keyword + stock photo’s will bring up all the sites offering stock photos associated with your search. Now you just need to narrow them down to find the ones which have an open reuse clause. This means they don’t have any copyright issues in place and will allow you to reuse their photos.

Purchase Photos

There are a few sites which are perfect if you are planning on purchasing photos. I have been blogging for years and have found some really cool sites to help me stay focused and make my content even better. For example, here are the two I would recommend.

Fotolia –

This is one of my favorite websites for stock photos and they have every niche possible. The search engine is awesome and gives you so many filters. You can narrow down by colors, image type, size and they even provide you with a downloadable sample of the image so you can test it on your website before purchasing. I’ve been on many websites and can tell you that Fotolia is a very affordable option for anyone looking to purchase images.


Shutter Shock –

A bit more expensive compared to the other options but you get a lot more images. This site can be compared to Fotolia but as mentioned you have more photos available. You can download a sample print to make sure the image looks good on your website before buying the final copy. A great site which I have used for years.

Uploading Format

There has been a lot of talk about the format you should use when uploading images. Before I continue, it’s important to note that if you’re using WordPress, you can install some awesome plugins which will make uploading much easier and compress the size even easier. You want to make sure you compress the images because this will increase the speed of your website. No one wants to wait for a website to be loaded and if your site is slow, then you should know that your readers will leave and go to your competitor’s website. Next, Google has stated several times one of their ranking factors is site speed so by formatting your images, you are going to be increasing the speed of your website. This is good for your overall rankings. Here are a few tips to consider when uploading images the next time –

The format –

Always use either.JPEG or.PNG when uploading because this is a great way to maintain the quality of your image. The other formats have been known to shrink the image and you’ll lose quality when uploading. If you are using WordPress, then install a simple image plugin because it will make the conversion for you.

Adjust Size –

Make sure you have cropped and resized the image before uploading. You don’t want to add an image to your content which is bigger than the page your content is on. This can be done in Photoshop or can be done using another awesome plugin available in WordPress.

No Color Limit –

When uploading an image always make sure you use color. Color has been proven to engage the mind and is very eye-catching too. It’s a great way to attract readers to engage with your content. Even though the color does make the image bigger, you don’t need to worry because when you compress it you will reduce the size. Keep in mind, if you are using WordPress, you need to know they have plugins which will help automate this entire process.

Finally, we will be looking at how to optimize your images for organic search. Let’s get started.

Blog Image Optimization

Just like you are able to optimize your Blog Image content, you are able to do the same with your images. When uploading, you need to have target keywords in mind to represent your images. This will help Google decide where they belong when getting index. For example, if I’m uploading content to my blog and it is based on “weight loss” then I’ll have certain keywords I know about and that I’m adding to my content. Now when I have images ready to add to my content, I’ll like to upload them with these same keywords. I can rename them by adding the keywords and I can even fill out a description before adding them to my content.

This is very important because Google does have an “Image” section and many people do spend time in it. This means you can generate a lot of traffic from the Google Image section. So,

Here are the steps again –

First, figure out what images you’ll be adding to your content and download them to your computer. Secondly, I would spend some time gathering the right keywords relevant to your content. For example, use either Google Keyword Planner or Trends to find out what’s trending in your niche. Then, create a list of these keywords so they are very easy to view when you need them. Take some time during this step because this is the most important and will bring a lot of free traffic when done correctly. Third, rename each image using some of the keywords you have. And use these same ones in the description section of the Blog Image. This will be visible when you are uploading it to WordPress. If you are using the WordPress platform, I recommend you install some awesome plugins to streamline your uploading etc.

Blog Image Optimization

That’s it! Once you have gone through the following steps, you’ll have an easier time optimizing the Blog Image.

Final Thoughts

Optimizing your Blog Image is very important when blogging. This will help you rank in search engines and create even more engaging content for your readers. Go through all the steps listed above so you are sure what need to do. Create a list of your target keywords for easier access when you need them. That’s it! You just need to have fun.


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