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chad November 29, 2017

Chad Arrington |  Internet Business | It’s amazing how the internet is changing the way we communicate with everyone. It’s just as amazing how the online web has given us a portal to earn extra income. I remember growing up, around 20+ years back, and the web was non-existent. For you to earn any kind of money, you would need to create a resume and apply individually to jobs. To get to work, you need to travel 30-45 minutes which can get very tiring. However, things have changed dramatically, and you can now make money from the comfort of your own home. But, for you to make money from home, you still need to know what you’re doing and be great at it. For example, one of the hardest parts of making money online is finding the programs or niches that pay money. No point in spending time in money in something which doesn’t meet your bottom line…right? With that said,

top ten online businesses

Today, we’ll be exploring some successful online businesses and what I’ve learned in the 7+ years of blogging. I’ll be going over the top 5 businesses to start online and doing it with very little money involved. Let’s get started.


I always start my content by referencing the importance of research. Through research, you can find what’s trending and the factors you need to pay close attention to. In my opinion, you can find all the information you need about trending businesses by searching on Google trends, Amazon, and checking out targeted communities. Let’s explore each one quickly –

Google Trends – this tool will provide you a list of trending keywords and what people are typing into the search engines. It’s a free tool and great because you’ll have a clear indication of what’s becoming popular online.

Amazon – one of the best online shopping portals and it provides loads of free information. By skimming through the shopping categories, you can find bestsellers, new products, and customer reviews on products. This is great because we’ll be discussing how e-commerce is one of the best ways to make money online.

Targeted Communities – this method is amazing if you’re going to be promoting affiliate products through your website. It’s a great way to find out what products are popular and where you should be focusing your attention.

Now, we have looked at researching and the importance of it. Let’s explore the top 5 internet business to start. These are very popular and cost very little money to get started.

1) Affiliate Website

You can start a blog and purchase a domain for under $50.00. Domain names cost $9.99 a year and cost roughly $6.99 per month. Once you have purchased your domain and hosting, you can install WordPress for free from the backend of your control panel. The whole process should not take you longer than 10-15 minutes. Once you have installed everything, you can start to build your website around an affiliate product.

An affiliate product is an item or service which has been developed by someone else, but they pay you a commission for every sale you generate through your website. This can be very lucrative and I’ve seen some people making $30,000-$40,000 per month through their website. But, just to be clear to write content and market the market does take enormous time and effort.

Affiliate marketing is an awesome business because it’s cost very little money to get started with. You don’t need to purchase any of the products, don’t need to ship and don’t need to spend money on customer retention. This is all done by the product developer. Next, there is NO limit to the products available. With the internet growing, you have so many options available to you to choose from Internet Business. There are a few affiliate marketplaces you should check out like – clickbank and JVZOO.

2) An App

That’s right! If you have some programming experience, then why not develop an application. You can sell it through the app stores and your own personal website. Mobile phone use is on the rise and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. Mobile companies know this so have made it very easy for you to develop an application and add them to their stores. Imagine charging $0.99 for an application and having 2 million people buy it worldwide. You’ve just generated 2 million dollars from your application and can continue to grow your application or even add more of them to your brand. But, start with an application does require technical knowledge or you must have some money to hire someone with the skills to develop one.

internet business opportunities

The best example of how successful an application can be is Whatsapp. A communication application which was acquired by Facebook for 1 billion dollars after one year.

3) Product Reviews (Advertising)

Here’s another great online business idea for beginners who love to write content and share their opinion. Many people have done well by writing reviews online and sharing them on social media with others. If you are an expert within a then why not share your opinion and get paid for it through advertising. Some websites have made $100,000 per month by simply blogging about changes taking place within a certain niche, etc. Perez Hilton who runs an online Hollywood gossip blog has been doing it for years and has millions of readers. He writes about celebrity news and makes roughly $150,000 per month through advertising and Internet Business. What’s even more amazing is that he loves doing what he does, and started because it was his passion. So, the lesson is that if you have a passion then why not start your own blog so you can share your own ideas. Here are a few things to ask yourself –

  • What am I passion about?
  • Do I love writing content?
  • What do I have experience in?
  • What niche excites me?

Gather these answers and do some more research online. You might have a huge enough audience waiting for someone like you to start sharing some ideas. You can then slowly start to incorporate advertising into your blog.

Internet Business

4) E-commerce

In 2007, I owned and operated an e-commerce store. I sold electronics all over Canada and It was very lucrative until I hit a slight recession in 2011. This US dollar dropped and so did my business, but I learned a lot about the industry. Starting and operating an e-commerce website is a great online Internet Business because it’s very cheap to get started. You have e-commerce hosting solutions like Volusion, Shopify, and BigCommerce all providing an interface for an affordable price. Not to mention, you have access to China market’s which allow you to purchase, drop ship, and purchase items for very little. This just keeps all your costs down.

Head over to Amazon and do a quick search in all the categories to see what’s selling and what’s hot. Explore the “best sellers” section because you’ll see what people have been buying a lot of. Then, go online and try to find the same items for a better price. Touch base with the supplier and see if you can get the items for an even cheaper price. Set up your own store and start promoting your business. Acquire and retain customers and slowly start to build your online presence.

5) Freelance

One of the best ways to make money is through freelancing. As the internet grows, people need of high-quality content. If you write content and are an expert in certain niches, then this can be something perfect for you. There are sites which cater to those people looking to exchange services like Fiverr, Freelance, and Odesk. All these sites will connect freelancers and employers who need to have content written, programming done, or another type of work. After you have been freelancing for a while, then set up your own personal portfolio online so people can check out your work. I freelanced for 3-4 years and it can be very lucrative especially when you line up long-term work with major Internet Business. Some people are making $5,000-$10,000 by doing freelance work full and part time.

But, again, you need to think about what your good at because this business solely depends on the quality of your work. The better the work you do, the more jobs you’ll be able to secure going forward. If you need additional resources, then do a quick search in Google for “freelance work” and skim through the results.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to start a successful online Internet Business then utilize some of the strategies above. The best advice is to find one you enjoy and stick with it so you can devote your time and effort into building your business. Not staying consistent will hurt your bottom line and divide your focus. Read this content through again, create some notes and get started right away. For more information, do a quick search in Google and you’ll find a lot of relevant information.


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