Beach Body MLM Program and Review
chad November 8, 2017

Multi-level marketing companies are becoming bigger each year. They offer a great way for people to make money doing what they love. They offer people a way to get into business for themselves something which people have been dying to do for years. However, it’s my duty to tell you to be careful when selecting the right MLM company for yourself. I’ll admit, from what I’ve read there are many scams out there so you want to be careful. Over the years, I’ve been playing around with many MLM companies trying to find the best ways. I’ve always been interested in finding the best programs to join. I know I can make a lot of money with these programs as long as things are done right. However, the only way to make sure I am safe and don’t get scammed is by testing many of them out. With that said,

Today, we’ll be exploring the Beachbody MLM program. I was part of this program for several years. I stopped to pursue other programs. However, this is a legit program where you can make enormous money when the strategies are applied the right way. I’ll be going over some of the important things regarding this program and what they offer. I’ll also go over the things you should avoid and how they can improve their program even more. If you have any comments, please leave them in the box below the content.

What Is Beach Body?

If you are into working out, then you’ll know what this program is all about. The Beach Body program caters to those people who love to be in the gym. It caters to those people who are looking for ways to improve their lives and get better at what they are doing. What you will do is provide people with exercise plans and nutritional products to help them stay fit and get started. If you work out, then you know how some of the biggest brands are part of the Beachbody network. For example, programs like Insanity, P90 X and others have done very well using and promoting through the Beachbody network. Not only that, but this network has their own brand of nutritional products which are sold all over the world. The structure is very unique and I’ll be explaining it a bit later. However, for now I encourage you to head over to the Beachbody website and look around at the program. In short, you’ll be doing the following –

Signing up for the program so you can access all their marketing material etc. Then, you’ll be gaining access to all of their products for a lower price so you can sell them to your network of people. It’s amazing because you will work hard at building your network and they will come to you for products which will be a recurring thing. Not only that, but you will have access to the Beachbody network workouts for a lower price so you can offer them to your team too.

The Compensation

The compensation plan at Beachbody is very unique unlike other MLM programs. Many of the other MLM programs want you to bring others into the program to be compensated with commission. However, with Beachbody, you’ll be able to earn in two ways. For example, you can earn by bringing others into the program and you can earn by selling products which makes this program so much more unique. Let’s explore both of these ways a bit further.

Inviting Others to Join

First, you’ll be able to earn commission by inviting others to join your program and have them sell products. When they sell products, and bring others into the program, you’ll be able to gain 5%-10% commission from each person brought into the program. What will happen overtime is the following – you’ll have enough people on your team that each person to sell products will earn you money. You will not have to work as hard anymore because you have all these people sending money to you through the MLM structure You will have to spend some time coaching them and training them because many of them are new. These people have never been in business before so they will expect you to teach them since they have joined underneath you.

Don’t worry because Beachbody does offer you with enormous marketing material. You can take some time and go through all the marketing videos so you know exactly what you need to do and teach. However, if you are not ready to lead a team, then you can make money through sales and doing the following.

Strictly Selling Products

Yup…that’s right! Remember what I said above. You have the option to sell products that you’re getting at a discounted price. Once you join the program, you simply will need to go to the backend to get access to the store. You’ll see the regular price and your price. You can then create any type of market you like so you are making money doing what you love. Now before selling products, I would take some time to figure out what a competitive markup is when selling products. You don’t want to mark them up too high and lose enormous customers because they can go and purchase these products for cheaper somewhere else…right? Take some time and do searches online and Amazon to find out what these products have been listed for.

Marketing Products

When you join the Beachbody program, you get all the marketing material you need. This program understands how some people will be completely new to business so will like to provide them with everything they need to keep pushing forward. They don’t want new recruits to have a problem getting started in a world that can be very tough. For this reason, when you log into your backend, you’ll notice how so many marketing tools are available. You have training videos, banners and even information guides to help you sell to those looking to join the Beachbody program. You also get team and member coaching to help you out if you have very direct questions for the Beachbody team. The key thing you need to realize is that you have everything you need. Here’s what I suggest you do –

When you log into the backend, play around with everything you have available. Try different marketing methods to find out which ones work the best for you. You want to try out and collect data so you can find out which ones give you the highest conversion rates. In the end, it’s all about making sure what you pay for marketing is less then what you are earning through the Beachbody program.

With that said, it’s time I talk about both the pros and cons. Let’s get started.

The Pro’s

I always like to write about the positives of every program I know about. The Beachbody has a lot of awesome features. I’ll list them in point form –

Marketing – Beachbody offers a lot of cool marketing features so you have everything you need. They have tutorials, banners and other marketing things. This is unlike a lot of other programs I have seen.

Commission – you can earn commission in two ways unlike other programs giving you only a single way. For example, you can earn money by getting people on your team or by selling the products on your own.

Brand – the brand is awesome and pretty much sells itself. For example, I knew about Beachbody way before I join them. Not only that, but when you are selling the products it’s easier when you say that the products are that of Beachbody.

Credible – a lot of programs closed down after a few years but this one has been around for years. It’s not going anywhere so you are protected. With Beachbody, you are getting a solid brand one you can continue to build over the years.

The Con’s

With almost every program, you’ll have the positives and negatives. Let’s talk about the negatives of the program.

Information Overload – if you are just starting out then you’ll have a hard time learning about all the programs. There a lot of products you need to learn about and this can be overwhelming for those new to the program.

Competition – This is another thing I’ve noticed as a negative. This program is so popular that you’ll have a lot of competition. You’ll need to find creative ways to manage everything and build your customer list. Many of the new people find this very intimidating so you do need to put in extra effort to build your brand and business.

Final Thoughts

Beachbody is an awesome program full of awesome products and features. If you are going to start your own business and look to join a solid program then I would highly recommend the Beachbody program. Get started now by visiting their website.