Awesome Ways to Promote Your Business with Video
chad November 7, 2017

The power of video should never be under-estimated when referring to blogging. It has the power to make things happen and increase engagement within a short period. However, you need to know how to use it right if you plan on getting ahead using video. Over the years. I’ve been very fortunate because I’ve been able to work with many top bloggers within my niche. They have been able to prove to me that when videos are used correctly, you can make a huge difference in your marketing. Ever since the growth of networks like and others, it’s no secret that you can use these platforms to market your brand. It’s no secret that you’re able to grow your brand more quickly than ever before. But, again there are two major problems –

First, many new bloggers don’t know how to use video because they have no clue what they are doing. They are new to everything going on around them so need some guidance or will be completely lost. Next, video’s need to be used successfully or they can harm your brand. For example, you need to know when to create videos and when not to create them. I believe videos in marketing are like having an email campaign because too many emails can harm your brand. Especially, when you are sending low-quality messages to your followers.

Let’s get started and explore the power of videos and how to implement them the right way. I’ll walk you through how to conduct research and when you should be using them. Let’s get started and if you have any further questions, please leave them in the comment box below the content.

1) Research

If you’ve read my previous content then you know how much emphasis I put on research. By doing research, you save yourself a lot of time and headache. You are able to see where you need to be focusing and what you should be focusing on. So, what are you researching? You are researching your audience and trying to find out what type of content they want to read. You ate trying to find out what attracts them and how you can appeal to them so they convert on your website. But, for you to do this, you need to be able to conduct research accurately. Here are two ways I conduct research and these have worked very well in the past.

Google Trends –

This is a free tool which gives you a breakdown of the phrases people have been typing in the search engines recently. I love this tool because it allows me to see what keywords are rising so I can start to write content immediately. This will give me an edge on my competition. When doing your research, you need to always have a target keyword in mind. By using a target keyword, you’ll get related results with keywords associated with your niche.

Niche Forums –

Communities have been around even before sophisticated search engines like Google came around. This is why I love to spend so much time on communities because I can collect data. I look for patterns in what people are asking because this shows it’s a popular question. If I see a question being asked a lot of times by someone then it’s a hot topic and I can focus on creating content for them going forward. However, what’s better is that I can focus on creating a tutorial video for even more engagement.

2) The Platforms

For you to be successful when promoting through videos, you need to know where to promote. Don’t waste your time on networks which will not provide you with results. This is a waste of time. You need to know where you want to post and how much each traffic each platform is getting. I’ll cut the work for you and tell you there are two networks you should be focusing on right now. The two are: YouTube and Vimeo. Both control 90% of the video marketing space and these two are all you need to build momentum and market your brand.

Now that you have done your off-site research and know what platforms to market on, it’s time to examine your website and find the best content to create videos for.

3) Use Google Analytics

That’s right! To find out the best piece of content to create videos for you need to analyze the data you have. I like to go through my Google Analytics reports and see where people are skimming to on my website. This is a great indicator of value and what people love to read. Then, I can either do two things –

First, create content and then a video based on what my audience loves to read. This requires more research then the next one I’ll be explaining. You need to go through finding topics related to your popular content and write something else similar. Then after you can create a video to post on YouTube and Vimeo. Secondly, you don’t need to write additional content and just focus on creating a video based on the results from Google Analytics. What you can do in the video is be more in-depth and create a step-by-step tutorial. The reason this works so well is because you know the content already attracts visitors so you know you will be able to build momentum through your video too.

You can continue to analyze Google Analytics every few months because it’s a great way to find what content is trending on your website and find out what videos to create going forward.

4) Creating Videos

The reason videos have become so popular over the last few years is because creating them is so much easier. It no longer costs hundreds of dollars to create them. They can be done using affordable tools that everyone can learn to work with. Then you have platforms like Fiverr who will edit them for very cheap. I like to use Screen o Matic which costs no more than $25.00 (one time) to get started with, You need to go through the tutorials and can learn to work the program within a few minutes.

You even have space to optimize the videos which I’ll be discussing in the next section.

5) Optimizing Videos

Before you can start to optimize your videos, you need to have keywords in mind. I recommend always sticking with the target keywords you used with your content. These were obviously selected through research so will be perfect when uploading your video. YouTube is very smart because they provide you with an area to optimize your video. You will have a chance to add your title, description and keywords. With that said, you need to keep a few things in mind when optimizing –

First, use the target keyword in the title of your video. This will help increase the likelihood of a click-through. Secondly, use two related keywords in the description because this will help your CTR when people are reading through your description. Third, having the right keywords will help you when you decide to build anchors to your videos to help them rank higher within the SERP’s. You need to understand that YouTube videos have been known to rank within the SERP when optimized correctly.

6) Collecting Data

Hopefully you are using Google analytics because this is a great way to collect data. This tool will provide you with everything you need like: geographical location, bounce rate and what content or video people spend the most time on. This is important because knowing this information will give you a blueprint into what content you should be focusing on going forward. For example, if I know my readers are on my site reading one specific type of content over another, then I can focus on creating similar content or videos around the same topics. Google Analytics is awesome because it provides you with vital information. Another thing is does is tell you how well your content marketing strategy is working and what you need to change. If you have a high bounce rate then you know changes need to be made…right.

It’s a free tool so should be used no matter what. Play around with it and see what kind of valuable information you can compile.

Final Thoughts

Video marketing is huge and can completely change the entire ball game. For example, through video marketing you can enhance your brand and create something better. Videos are easier to create and they are very easy to follow. But, you need to make sure they are created on the content which is getting the highest engagement. If you don’t then your content will fail to engage and get shared. With that said, get started now by viewing what content gets the most engagement and think about ways you can make it better in video format.