Avon Products MLM Review
chad October 5, 2017

Chad Arrington – Avon Products MLM Review | Multi-level- marketing programs have been around for years and become very popular. The structure allows for you to get paid in multiple ways which is amazing if you’re just getting involved. I know many of you have never been part of a multi-level marketing program so it’s time that I introduce you to what’s out there. MLM is very lucrative if you know what you’re doing. It’s even more lucrative if you are awesome at sales pitching because you’ll be able to drive enormous sales quickly. The cool thing is each person you bring into the program increases the amount of income you can make. You earn a share of their profits and this is amazing for your bottom-line.

Today, we’ll be starting with the MLM program by Avon. It has been around for a long time and produced enormous sales over the years. However, I want to go through some of the best points of the program so you know if this is something you’ll like to join or not. With that said, let’s get started and if you have any questions or comments, please post them in the comment box below the content about Avon Products MLM Review.

What Is Avon?

The Avon company operates all over the world and claims to have profits above 1 billion dollars annually. They are a leading global supplier of beauty products online and in stores. They offer beauty products in color cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, and fashion and home products. Their mission is to empower women all over the world and change the world of beauty.

The awesome thing about Avon is that they have been around for several years. Just like any other company which has been around a long time, the length has allowed them to build credibility and be known as a company offering top beauty brands to their women customers.

Having a company with such a big brand is good when you’re thinking about investing your money. The bigger the brand, the more people are willing to buy from you. This is not only good for the customer, but it’s good for you the investor. And Avon Products MLM Review is really so good by their customers.

Avon Products MLM Review Avon Products MLM Review

The Avon MLM Process

For you to start profiting from the Avon MLM program, you need to join the program. Once you join, you will be a consultant with access to the various products. Next, you can also start to invite others to join the program so you can get paid whenever they make a sale. As your team starts to grow, you start to earn more profits. But, just so you know, here are the ways you can make money from the Avon MLM structure.

Direct Sales

In this process, you are making the sale directly with the consumer. You’ll earn 20% to 50% commission after the sale has been completed. You’ll have different campaigns offered by Avon which normally last 2 weeks so you need to be in high gear during this time. The highest commission you can earn during a two-week campaign is 50%. Avon campaigns work by giving you products at a discounted price and when sold, you earn the commission.

Leadership Program Sales

You earn more money when you build a team and teach them what to do. These people are mentored by you so you get rewarded whenever they complete a sale. For example, each sale completed by a member of your team will earn you 1% – 5% commission. Now, you can imagine as your team grows and learned how to market, you will be earning even more from their sales. The only work you need to put in during this process is mentoring them, Let them know about Avon Products MLM Review so they know how to complete sales.

These are the two ways you can earn money from the Avon program. It’s not too different from other traditional MLM programs, but the brand itself differently helps skyrocket the product sales.

How Do I Join?

Avon has a very low cost when joining which is very impressive. Most other programs will cost you anywhere from $100.00 – $200.00 dollars. However, Avon costs $10.00 to join when face to face, and if joining online, it will cost you around $15.00. After joining, you will have access to the marketing material, products and some training courses in the backend.

The entire catalog of products is online so you simply have to direct people to the website and you’re ready to go.

How Much Can I Earn?

Here’s the thing you need to understand about MLM programs. The amount of money you earn will directly depend on the effort you put in. This means there is NO cap on your earning potential which is amazing because your hard work will pay off as you move up the latter. With that said, I would reiterate what your success will depend on –

First, you well you market the products to make use of the training material available to you. These days, you have the ability to make use of online marketing methods to accelerate your earnings. Secondly, how many people you can bring into your team helping them work for you. Each sale they make will earn you commission so building a team is very important to your overall success. You also need to know about Avon Products MLM Review

The Pro’s

It’s always a good idea to talk about the positives of every program. Here are the pro to the Avon MLM program –

First, this program is very cheap to join costing either $10.00 or $15.00. Other programs I have seen do cost more so require a higher investment then this Avon MLM program. Secondly, you are given a lot of training material which is great especially if you are new to MLM for Avon Products MLM Review. They provide you with training and marketing material. They also provide you with other coaching training online also for Avon Products MLM Review. Third, you have two ways you can earn from the program – direct sales or through your team. This means even if you don’t have the energy to keep pushing for sales, you can make it through your entire team. Fourth, the Avon brand is huge and the name itself will bring in enormous sales for you and your team. Finally, what you learn in this program is priceless.

I mean, can you really put a price on learning marketing and business skills. You’ll also learn how to manage an entire team.

The Con’s

Just like the positives of a company, you are going to have to deal with some negatives too. Avon does have some con’s which I’ll be exploring now –

First, the program has been around for years so it’s normal to have a lot of competition. To start moving up in the program, you need to put in a lot more work than years ago. The competition continues to grow each year and will not be slowing down anytime soon. Secondly, in some cases, you need to maintain a monthly quota which can be very hard in the beginning. For example, if you are just starting out, you need more time to ensure the monthly quota is met and completed. Third, you’ll sign up and understand how this business might not be for you. Sometimes the demand and meeting quotas can be tough. Other times having to compete against others will take a toll on you too. This is something you’ll learn over time.

The Verdict

I personally think that Avon is a great MLM program because they have been around for years and established themselves. Many times, you need to worry after joining an MLM program about them providing you with material and making sure your paid. This is not the case with Avon who over the years has established themselves as a major player in the MLM game. If you are looking for a credible program with awesome products that Avon might be the right choice for you. This program is a great way for you to start your own business and become your own boss. You have a lot of people in the program who will be more than happy to help.

Please check out their official website to learn more about their MLM program and how you can get started.

My Thoughts

Multi-level marketing programs have been around for years and some have become very popular too. I have played around with these programs but never lasted too long. I guess I never found a program I love to be a part of. If you feel MLM is right for you, then get started with Avon. They have a great line of products and provide the help you need to really build something special. I suggest you get started and do some more research so you know this program is right for you. There are other reviews online which will be good to read because they will provide you with more information. Get started now and post a comment in the box below once you have. Would love to hear about your progress in the program.

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