6 Marketing Tricks for Your Growing an Online Business or Blog
chad November 15, 2017

Chad Arrington | Marketing Tricks | Blogging is a massive business but only if you know how to attract a following to your website. Marketing has grown enormously over the years and a lot of it has to do with how many channels you have available to you. For example, with so many social media networks, websites, PPC networks, and niche targeted websites, it’s easier to be able to market to the type of audience you are looking for. But, you still need to know what works and what doesn’t which is why you need to do all the research you can do. Without properly researching, you will waste a lot of time and money on things which don’t produce any results at all.

Anyways, today, I’ll be talking about some of the most important marketing tricks available to you. These are strategies which I’ve used to build my momentum online quickly and find a following. If you utilize each one of them, you’ll be able to save a lot of time and money just using Marketing Tricks. You’ll also be able to grow your blog quickly which is important to your bottom line.

Marketing Tricks

Let’s get started and start the top 6 marketing tricks to help grow your business and/or blog. If you have any comments on them, please leave them in the box below the content. Let’s get started.

Marketing Tricks


Always start with research because this is what will give you a better idea of what blogs you should be focusing on when networking. At this time, you can even take some time to find out more about the marketing options you have available to you. There are a lot of networks out there some you should be avoiding because they don’t produce the type of results you would be expecting. With that said, I would suggest you do the following when researching for marketing opportunities –

First, do a lot of searches in Google using different keywords so you can find everything you need. Different keywords will bring up different results so type in things like “marketing platforms”, “how to market your business”, “PPC networks”. With these search phrases, you’ll be able to find everything you need for marketing. Secondly, make sure your marketing research is relevant and niche targeted. You want to focus on other blogs which are relevant to yours so the audience will be as similar as possible. Third, collect as many statistics as possible on the other website so you invest your money with the best possible blogs and websites.


Another awesome way to generate buzz quickly is by networking with the right people in your niche. By networking, you are able to tap into their network of people and this can drive a lot of traffic to your website. However, you want to be careful when networking because you don’t want to be pushy when connecting with them. For example, it’s not going to help you if you reach out to someone in your niche and not offer them anything mutual in return. I like to reach out and make sure they know how I can help their business too. This opens the doors of communication more and allows me to build momentum quickly. Here are a few tips to utilize when you start networking –

First, always find the most relevant people in your niche because their traffic will be relevant to yours just using some marketing tricks. It will help increase your brand too. Secondly, make sure you run a follow-up campaign with the people you are networking with because some might not reply the first time around. Third, you want to focus on your end goal so make sure you keep that in mind when you network.


This is an awesome way for you to build momentum quickly because it’s free. You have so many niche targeted forums and this helps create brand awareness. For example, if you do a quick search using a few specific keywords, you’ll notice how you’ll find forums based on your keyword. People are always posting questions and answers so you should jump on board and help out. Don’t forget when you answer that you include a signature because this is a great way to link back to your website. Here are a few more tips to keep in mind when you register and start posting within communities –

Marketing Tricks

  • Don’t spam because this is a sure way to get banned
  • Take time to provide value because this way you’ll build a following quickly
  • Target niche forums because any other will drive non-relevant people to your blog
  • Always keep your bottom line in mind so you post strategically.

Speaking of strategy, in the next section, you’ll learn a lot about posting and how to do it correctly within forums and guest posting for marketing tricks.

Strategic Posting

By this I mean you need to post on blogs with the most value to your brand. You want to make sure you include the right keywords which will allow you to link to your other content. Also, whenever you write content, you want to keep your purpose in mind so each post you create represents specific keywords. I’ve found that many people don’t post with their brand in mind and so don’t end up ranking for the right keywords. You need to do your research beforehand so when you write content, you can rank and build your brand quickly. You will also drive a lot of targeted traffic through your organic traffic rankings. To find out more about writing content more strategically, you can do a quick search on Google and read what others have written. There is NO shortage of information available in Google or in YouTube.

My advice has always been to learn from those who have done it before you.

Try Different Marketing Channels

You will fail at marketing if you don’t try the different marketing channels you have available to you. Above I mentioned how so many new channels have been created over the last few years and they are more affordable than the other ones with marketing tricks. For this reason, I encourage all of you to try out the different marketing channels and see how they help with the growth of your blog and/or website. Find what marketing channels you have is not hard at all because all you need to do is ask people you are connecting with or even do a quick search on Google about marketing tricks.

From the top of my head, I would recommend the following –

  • AdWords
  • AdSense
  • BuySellAds
  • Direct Buy
  • MediaPPV

There are many others and the one you choose will depend on your budget and what you are looking to spend a monthly basis. Don’t forget with each marketing channel you choose, it’s important to collect all the DATA also because you’ll be able to determine which ones are working and which you should be avoiding. I’ll be talking about this more in the next section.

Collecting Right DATA

You cannot market your blog without knowing what’s working and what’s not. For this reason, it’s very important that you collect the right data whenever you are marketing. If you are using a marketing platform, then you can view all the reports from the backend of your panel. However, if you are collecting data from your website, then you can install Google Analytics. What is Google Analytics? Here’s a quick overview –

This tool will keep track of all the people arriving on your website and tell you about them. You’ll learn about their location, the content they read, and how long they spend on your website. This information is important because it will allow you to tweak your content making it way more engaging for them. Next, Google Analytics is free and will also give you a breakdown of the search queries used when they arrive on your website. How can you use this information? Well…

When you are building links in the future, you can focus on the same keywords to build anchor text. This means over time you’ll start ranking for these keywords and this will drive a lot of free organic traffic to your website. Google Analytics will also provide you with how many people are using those keywords to arrive on your website so you know which keywords you should be focusing on and which ones you should also avoid.

Final Thoughts

Use the information above to start a solid marketing campaign for your new blog and/or website. It’s amazing what you can learn online and how you can use this information to build your brand and credibility online. However, you must take some time to test out different things when getting started so you don’t waste precious time and money. In the end, you need to pay close attention to your bottom line and make sure you find creative ways to market and build your business. Use some of the strategies I have discusses above to get started.


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