5 Tips to Improve Search Engine Visibility with Content Marketing
chad November 21, 2017

Organic traffic brings a lot of free traffic to your website with Search Engine Visibility. It’s important for that reason that your content is fully optimized so you can attract as much free traffic as possible. It’s a great way for you to increase conversions without paying for the return traffic. With that said, you need to keep a close eye on the strategies you use to build momentum and increase your overall traffic. Why? Because there are so many methods you can use and it’s very easy to get confused along the lines.

You’ll also waste time by using techniques that yield no results and will eventually hurt your bottom line. Over the years, I have worked with many clients helping them set their content marketing strategies for optimal results. For that reason, I can provide great insight into what should be done, and what should be avoided. With that said, I’ll like to get started and go through the top 5 tips to improve search engine visibility using content marketing.

Search Engine Visibility

If you have any of your own strategies, then leave them in the comment box below. Let’s get started.

1) Embrace New SEO Techniques

That’s right! For you to succeed in SEO, you need to embrace the new SEO methods coming into the market. This means you need adjustments where necessary. Many times, you’ll get lazy when doing SEO and this slows down your progress big time. You need to keep a close eye on your competition also because they’ll be using the new SEO methods entering the market. Here are a few techniques you want to keep a close eye on –

First, study the new link building techniques entering the market and how the policies are changing. For example, you want to ensure your methods are helping your rankings and are accepted by Google. They might change policies so you don’t want to be stuck doing the old ones. Secondly, research competition and make sure the format is consistent throughout. You want to make sure the content has the keywords in the right place. Third, make sure you use the right trending keywords because this will help increase your overall search volume.

2) Pay Attention to Your Audience

If your audience can’t resonate with your content, then you’ll have a hard time building traction. For that reason, I recommend you do your research and write content which your audience will read. Do some searches on Google, and visit Google Trends to see what type of searches people are doing. Base your content on their search queries because this will help build engagement. Another good strategy is to visit competitor blogs and see what they are writing about and explore their topics. This is a great way to choose the right topics especially those which are high in demand.

The more popular the content topic, the more engagement you’ll receive which is amazing for your bottom line. Here are some places you want to check out to really help you create awesome content –

  • Google Trends
  • Competitor blogs
  • Google search
  • Quora
  • And other communities

3) Share and Create Buzz

Social media is a great way to create buzz quickly. Through social media, you’ll be about to promote your brand and gain influential links to your content. By simply providing the right type of value to your reader, you can ensure it gets in front of the right people and gets linked to. With that said, here’s the social media content marketing strategy I would recommend increasing exposure.

First, join the most popular social media platforms online because they drive most of the traffic to your website. Setup your account, and make sure to add all the important details to your account. For example, add your name, description, image, and details. Secondly, you need to have a consistent posting schedule so people see your brand and begin to get familiar with it. The more audience sees your brand, the easier time you’ll have building your brand. Third, as mentioned, by promoting your brand on social media, you’ll network with other big players in the industry which can lead to external link opportunities.

I know many clients who don’t take the time to share and this slows down their growth. Going forward make sure you share consistently and continue to build your brand.

4) Utilize the Right Tools

For you to keep a strong competitive edge, I encourage you to use the tools at your disposal that will make your life easier. For example, you have tools around to track your competition, build links, network, and even keep an eye on your growth. These are all important because your main objective is to remain ahead of your competition which means not to let them take you over in the SERP’s. Out of all the tools available, I would recommend, you utilize Google Analytics the most for the following reason.

Google Analytics will provide you location information, page engagement, bounce rate, and search queries. These will give you a great idea of how your website is progressing. For example, by knowing where your audience is coming from, you can cater to their specific language and needs. By collecting data on search queries, you can continue to build on search traffic and tweak anchor text to fit these queries. By collecting data on landing pages, you can focus on optimizing those single pages to fit your exact needs. For example, by knowing where most of your traffic is going, you can start to collect email subscribers on those pages.

Finally, bounce rate is a good indication of how well your customers like your design and content. The longer they stay on your pages, the better for you because it’s a great indication of how much they love to read through your content.

Install Google Analytics to your header and let it start tracking your audience movement throughout your website. It’s free to create an account, setup, and install.

Utilize the Right Tools

5) Networking Outreach

One of the best ways to build search engine visibility. By networking, you open so many doors to link building and brand awareness. If done correctly, you’ll be able to drive a lot of relevant traffic to your blog and this is awesome when building your brand. However, for this strategy to be effective, you need to ensure it’s done right so use the following tips to help you align with your bottom line.

Let’s start…

a) Do your research and find the most relevant bloggers in your niche. The most relevant bloggers will provide the best type of traffic for your bottom line. This will also help you gain high-quality relevant links to your content page.

b) Once you’ve done your research, you can start to reach out to each blogger asking them for posting or sponsored opportunities. Your main objective is to get high-quality content published on a high-quality website. This will increase your visibility and brand. You can find the contact information for each blogger on the bottom of their page.

c) If you have secured a guest posting opportunity, then I suggest you do research and work at putting together the best content possible. This will not only ensure that your content gets published but will ensure that you create the right type of buzz where possible. Write content like you would for your own blog because this will increase the likelihood of your getting published,

d) Hand in your content, but when you do you want to make sure you add your name and links to your blog within the author bio section. This will ensure when people reach the end of your content that you get the right click-through’s and these people are directed to your page.

Doing outreach, the right way is massive to increase exposure and momentum. When I first started online, I used this method to generate enormous traffic all of which were relevant and increased my bottom line. With that said, get started on Google by doing a search and creating a list of relevant blogs which you can start to contact for posting opportunities.

Final Thoughts

Your sire ranking high within the search engines is a great way for you to generate a lot of free traffic. But, you need to make sure you use the best strategies when implementing an SEO campaign. If you don’t pay attention to what methods you’re using, you’ll lose a lot of time putting effort without any significant results. Start now by reading this content again, and applying each strategy to your blog and/or website. Collect data on what’s working and what’s not and then going forward, stick to the methods which have provided the biggest results.

Your aim should be to increase Search Engine Visibility by using creative techniques mentioned above. This will help you outshine your competition too. Get started now and leave your questions in the box below.

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