15 Quick Newbie Bloggers Tips
chad November 17, 2017

Chad Arrington | Bloggers Tips | If you’ve been reading my other content, then you know the importance of guidance and knowing what you’re doing. With clear cut instructions, you’ll have an easier time getting started online. However, it can still be hard when your overwhelmed with too much information so it’s always a good idea to have the right tips at the right time. For example, how cool would it be to know exactly what you should be doing from beginning to end when starting a new blog? How cool would it be to know what mistakes to avoid which would have cost you both time and money? Many people pay a lot of money to learn these tricks because it saves them a lot of time which is why I’ve decided to focus on the following today…

Bloggers Tips

I’ll be going for the top 15 quick tips to follow if you are a newbie blogger. These tips will help you stay on track and avoid the common mistakes made online. You’ll be able to build your brand more quickly and be able to start to generate traffic too. Let’s get started and your comments on the content will be appreciated.

Bloggers Tips

1) Research

Never start your blog without taking time to research and learn your niche. You need to know what you are going to be writing on and what barriers you’ll be facing along the way. It’s a learning process so always stay focused and be ready to learn new things which are new to a lot of people. Some people do not spend time researching so have trouble, but Google has made it very easy for you to connect with all the valuable resources. YouTube is also a vital source of relevant information to get Bloggers Tips.

2) Be Honest

Just like any business, you want to be honest when you’re getting started because this is the best way to generate a huge following. When online you want to be authentic in your approach, in your writing and when you connect with people. You want to help as many people as possible because that’s exactly what your competition is doing and they will steal your audience. Whatever you publish on your blog should be high quality, honest, genuine and should be done with the best intentions.

3) Uniqueness

Create your own voice online because you don’t want to sound like everyone else. People will think you are like everyone else and this will slow down your growth. The best way to create your own voice online is by writing like you would if you were not blogging. At the same time, you want to write to provide value and tell a story because everyone loves a good story. To find out more about how you can accomplish this, head over to the blogs of your competitors and see how they write content and what they are doing differently. Learn from them and implement what they have done and failed to do.

4) Interesting

You will only attract readers if your content is interesting and sparks a cord with your audience. For example, boring content will push people away while interesting content will have them coming back. Think about the type of content you like to read and what draws you to it. Apply the same concepts in the content you write going forward.

5) Be Original

Don’t write the same old content because people will get tired of reading it. Be original and build your own identity. This way you will stand out compared to your competition and this will make it easier for you to build a following.

6) Evidence

When you write content, it’s important to provide evidence where applicable. People want proof that what you are talking about works and they will be able to achieve the same results. No one wants to implement a strategy and find out the process does not produce any type of results. Always provide a reference, link to case studies and quote others when writing your content. This will provide proof and help you build credibility.

7) Connect to Others

Google has been very vocal about the factors which matter when ranking your website. One of the main factors is interlinking because this helps pass the juice from one page to another. Make sure when you write your content, you take time to link to other relevant content because it adds value and will allow your audience to pull out more value too. In the end, this adds to your bottom line of providing value.

8) Consistency

One of the main reasons why some blogs fail is because they forget about consistency. They will build a huge readership then fail to provide content on a regular basis. This hurts your brand and hurts your bottom line. You should develop a posting schedule and make sure you stick to it so your readers have new content to read when they expect it. You don’t need to post every day but I encourage you to post at least 2-3 times per day.

9) Read A lot

Online the trends are changing very quickly so you need to be on top of your game. If you’re not, your competition will end up taking you over and you’ll lose readers, For this reason, it’s important to read a lot and stay up to date on your niche. This will allow you to create even better content for your readers which will ultimately increase engagement. I think it’s important to subscribe to the top news channels and magazines so you find the latest news.

10) Awesome Headlines

These are the first things that people see when they are swimming in the search engines. Create catchy headlines so you will get a higher click-through rate compared to your competition. I think you can learn a lot from your competition about headlines because they have been around longer and know what work. You need to make sure your content has been optimized for search engines.

11) Accessibility

That’s’ right1 make sure your content is easy to find and read. After you have gone live with your posts, it’s important to share on social media and send out an update to your subscribers. This way they are able to find your content right away which is great for your bottom line too of Bloggers Tips.

12) External Links

The second part of optimization is having the right websites link to your page. The higher quality links you have pointing to your page, the better results you’ll get within the search results. Make sure you guest post where possible and build links where possible. This will help you gain traction slowly and boost up the search results. You can read a lot about finding the right types of links online or by watching videos on YouTube.com.

13) Add Images Bloggers Tips

Images and videos get indexed too so make sure you add them to your content whenever you can. The more images you add the better for search engines and engagement. Some people prefer to gain value from looking at your images and watching your videos. Whenever you can, I recommend adding images and videos to your content to help illustrate your point even better.

14) Posts Length

Some posts have been known to perform better than others. You need to keep a close eye on the length of your posts and see how each length helps with your traffic. Some prefer longer then shorter while others the other way around. I suggest trying different types of posts and keeping an eye on what it takes to get your point and value across to your readers. You don’t want to write shorter posts and then not add the right amount of value. You are better writing longer ones adding more value because in the end, this will be way better for your engagement.

15) Take Risks

You want to be someone who stands out through your blog. You want to try different things because you never know how one might stand out with your readers. This means you’ll build momentum more quickly which is amazing for your bottom line. In the end, some of the greatest businesses are built when the founder has taken risks when others decided not to. For this reason, I encourage everyone to take some sort of risk when building your business and share your own Bloggers Tips.

Final Thoughts

Above I have listed 15 awesome Bloggers Tips to help you get started on your blog. Implement them right away and you’ll see how easy it has become for you to build momentum and a following. Don’t wait and start using them almost immediately because these have been tested and proven time again. If you require any additional advice, then I encourage you to look online because you will find a lot of free information which will guide you in the right direction when you are getting started.


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