11 Interesting and Scam Free Ways to Make Money Online
chad November 21, 2017

There are so many Free Ways to Make Money Online through blogging and/or creating a website. However, not everyone knows how to do it successfully which is why many of them don’t succeed. Over the years, I have worked with many people helping them make money online through selling eBooks, affiliate marketing, and more. Some have worked better than others while others have completely failed. With that said, today we’ll be looking at 15 ways to make money online and I’ll be going through them quickly. They won’t be as detailed as my other content so you will need to do some additional research on your own. Some of the best research channels are Google search, YouTube, and even visiting competitor blogs.

Free Ways to Make Money

Free Ways to Make Money

Let’s start and your feedback will be greatly appreciated at the end of the content.

1) Amazon Kindle Books

Digital eBooks has made it so easy for people know Free Ways to Make Money online so why NOT publish your own eBook. You can do some searches online and learn how to exactly create a publish. The topic you choose should be based on your passion and experience. The more value you provide, the better for your bottom line. Amazon is a huge marketplace so you won’t have any trouble generate traffic and revenues. But, you need to ensure the eBook provides enormous value.

2) Google Adsense

Google has an awesome program and they pay you a lot of money depending on your niche per click. If you have a high traffic website in a niche with very little competition, then you’ll be able to make decent money through the Google Adsense program. Get started right now by signing up and filling out the details regarding your website. I suggest that you have a website with traffic and high-quality content because they are some of the things Google looks for before approving you.

I also suggest you taking a look at the guidelines so you don’t do anything which will ban you from their program.

3) YouTube Channel

Another great Free Ways to Make Money online if you are talented enough for videos. Many people don’t like creating videos because they are too shy or just are not comfortable in front of a camera. However, if you are great at making videos targeted within a specific niche, then you can make enormous money. Create a YouTube channel, add your details, and start to create targeted videos. Once you have a lot of subscribers, you can make money off advertising. You can even sell affiliate products through your videos.

Google Adsense will display their ads on YouTube so you might want to consider doing this going forward.

4) iTunes Application

Mobile applications are changing the world and you should make money if you have the skills to create applications. Obviously, you need a good idea “one” which will catch on with customers so you can generate money through your application. iTunes knows the importance of applications so has provided an open platform for people to create applications quickly. They provide tutorials on the requirements and have a developer hub too.

However, as mentioned, you need a solid idea so it’s attractive to people to purchase for the $0.99 price. Skim the current application store and see what’s available. Then, create something which you know people are looking for and is high in demand. For example, quick searches within Google is a great way to find out what types of applications people are looking for. Create something which makes their lives easier.

5) eBay Seller

Everyone has products to sell especially since many of them are old household items. Something that you don’t need can be of value to someone else so give eBay a chance. You’ll pay a slight fee for listing item, but with the right products, you can generate a lot of money. There are also a lot of distributors that provide products for cheap so I recommend you get a hold of them to negotiate a price. A small mark up with a lot of sales can generate you a lot of money.

Free Ways to Make Money ebay seller

Setting up an account is free and you pay a small fee for listing an item. When it sells, you pay a percentage of the sales price. Even with both these fees, you can make a great profit if you’ve factored in these small fees.

6) Freelancing

Platforms like Freelancer or Upwork will allow you to list your expertise and allow others to hire you. It’s a great Free Ways to Make Money if you have a lot of experience. People are always looking for high quality works to get started on a project to give these platforms a try. Setup your free account, and make sure you fill out all the required details. Don’t forget to outline your skills and take the online tests. I know people who are making $10,000-$15,000 on some of these networks, but they do high-quality work and have the right skills.

7) Fiverr

A great network where people are doing different tasks for $5.00. This can range from writing content, creating videos, editing, and creating company logos. It’s a great Free Ways to Make Money if you have NO other source of income. The cool thing about this network is that you can offer content upgrades and earn more money through your gigs. It’s free to setup and creates gigs. You only pay if someone purchases your gigs. The fee per purchase is $1.00 which is nothing compared to how much you can make through content upgrades.


8) Selling Banner Adverts

If you have a high traffic website then selling advertisements is a great way to earn money. You can outreach yourself finding people to advertise on your website, or you can join third-party platforms like BuySellAds.com to do the work for you. This network does take 25% of your earnings, but will make will handle all the tedious work. With that said,

Check out the network and understand how the pricing works. But, before submitting your website, I recommend you build it so you have a lot of traffic. This will allow you to make more money from your advertising.

9) Affiliate Products

An awesome way to generate huge amounts of money when done correctly. This method has to do with how much traffic you can generate to your website. It’s about having a relevant website and being able to sell products to your audience. When affiliate marketing, you want to choose a product which is high quality because the last thing you want to do is recommend a crappy product to your visitors. You will lose credibility doing this so make sure you focus hard on the topic you choose before getting started with affiliate marketing.

10) Sponsored Content

Once you get big enough, you can generate money online by selling sponsored content. For example, writing content for other people to publish on your own blog. I’ve seen rates of up to $1,500 per sponsored content which is a staggeringly high amount…right? Even if you write 2-3 per month, you can make $4,500/month just from writing content for other people. However, for this to be successful, you need to create your brand and have authority in your niche. This will entice people to connect with you and pay you to get published on your blog.

Do some search online visiting the blogs of others who are selling sponsored content. It’s a great way to learn how they set their pricing and what exactly is sponsored content. Take a look at pricing, word length, and other aspects of sponsored content so you know what you should present to your audience.

11) iStock

Creating images and selling them is a huge business now ever since blogging became huge and affordable. Everyone is looking for images to add to their content so will skim online. This became a huge business ever since copyright laws changed and prohibited the use of other people’s image within their content. Now platforms like Fotolia and iStock are all making money by selling images. They have given people like you a chance to create images and sell them too. It’s a great Free Ways to Make Money online if you are creative enough to create awesome images for content use.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the top Free Ways to Make Money online. You can see how you have various different options to choose from and the one you select will depend on your niche. If you have a blog or are starting one, then go through every option above and start to implement it into your blog. Do some trial and error finding which one works and which methods don’t. In the end, your main objective is to make money from your blog so you will want to choose the method which has the highest conversion rate on your blog.


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